Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Larson Supports Murtha For Majority Leader

Read it at Huffington Post:
Traditionally, Jack has shied away from publicity. But last November, he felt compelled to publicly denounce the War in Iraq and offer a plan that will bring our troops home and promote stability in the Middle East. His efforts infused enthusiasm in Democrats across the country who opposed the war because one of our party's foremost authorities on defense issues was speaking out for their cause. I believe that Jack's outspoken opposition to the war during his travels across the country resonated with Americans and resulted in a Democratic victory on election day.


Jim said...

This is awful. Murtha is a conservative to moderate Democrat (that's a good thing). But he's only known nationally for being strongly opposed to the Iraq War (not such a bad thing). The truth is, though, people lump him together with Kucinich. They think he's a hippy. Whether it's accurate or not, that's the perception. Why on earth is he going to be Majority Leader when we're trying to build a lasting majority?!

TrueBlueCT said...

This is terrific. Steny Hoyer represents the Corpocrats, the DLC/K Street crowd that has weakened the Democratic Party.

Where does DeLauro stand? And what about Dem rookies Murphy and Courtney?

Bottom Line is we need strong leadership. Pelosi has been impressive to date, and I hope House Dems honor her choice for second in command.

Murtha is one of the few Dems who can speak with real authority on the war. Our Generals love Jack, b/c he's always had the military's back. The only way we leave/lose Iraq gracefully is with military men in the lead.

Shadow said...

Murtha is SUCH a better alternative than the DLC crowd; those people have been the reason the Democratic party lost so many national elections, and are the reason for the negative stereotype that Democrats are just Republicans-lite when it comes to putting the needs of corporations above average citizens.

I commend Congressman Larson for making the right decision here. Americans clearly voted for populism over corporatism in this year's election, and they will be keeping tabs on whether the party they put into power listens or not.

Anonymous said...

john larson is in the cat bird seat ---- murtha is a 50 - 50 chance...... so how is he the savior I think John Lrson is cool but can he deliver ---one more term will allow him to do his majic... then its up to to do the deal....love you john make us proud of you ......

Anonymous said...

are people ignoring because of the war that Murtha is right-wing? he stood up against the war, but he is terrible on choice and has a 92% rating from the NRA!

Anonymous said...

"Our Generals love Jack, b/c he's always had the military's back."

He-he! Don't fool yourself, they like Jack because he spends taxpayer money like it's run off a press.

Shadow said...

> are people ignoring because of the war that Murtha is right-wing? he stood up against
> the war, but he is terrible on choice and has a 92% rating from the NRA!

I'm not canonizing Murtha, he's a pork barrel king with several positions I disagree with, but it's either him or Hoyer. Is Hoyer really more progressive than Murtha when you take into account the issues of corporatism, foreign policy, the economy, and our need as a democracy for at least TWO strong parties in the future, not just one?

Murtha has military credentials and a tough persona that is helping the Democrats
redefine itself as the stronger party on defense; it's an opening that needs to be taken now, with the Republicans looking so ridiculous on the issue after years of creating more terrorists, all the while having accused everyone who questions them of being a terrorist sympathizer.

As to Jim's point, anyone dumb enough to perceive John Murtha as a "hippie" is so vulnerable to Republican propoganda that they will never vote Democrat anyway. And to whatever extent there is such an erroneous interpretation, Murtha as House Majority Leader would be the best opportunity to make him a more visible figure, and reduce some of the ignorance concerning his policy positions.

AnonAndOnAndOn said...

The long knives are out, kids!

It's the kind of hot Dem-on-Dem action that we all knew would return... but thought it would be in January when they actually take over first.

"I'm being Swiftboated," thunders Murtha. Don't get me wrong. As a Republican, I like him. He'd be a kick-ass leader.

But the long knives are out...

On the eve of the vote, MSNBC shows the grainy video from the old Abscam days... Murtha offered a bribe. Says "No thanks, but keep in touch."

And on the day after Jack Abramoff goes to jail, this new Democratic Congress, elected on ethics moreso than opposition to the war (just ask Chris Shays), is poised to pick a leader whose brother got a lucrative lobbying contract for a company that Murtha supposedly helped, among other ethical issues swirling about.

I still think Murtha makes it, with Larson bringing Murphy (who Hoyer recruited and funded) along. That oughtta tell us a thing or two about Murphy and this new Dem majority.

But I still would not be surprised if he announced in the morning that he reconsidered "so as not to be a distraction" to Pelosi and the Dems.

Keep watching, America!!