Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Courtney Declares Victory

According to WTNH, Joe Courtney has declared victory in the 2nd Congressional District.

However, a mandatory recount is underway, so the results are still in doubt. Don't expect Simmons to concede anything yet--especially given that apparently some ballots are still outstanding.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. So the Courtney race, which had nearly 240,000 votes cast and a difference of 120 is over...yet the Herlihy/Berry race that had approximately 40,000 votes cast and a differece of over 350 votes is still in play? What gives?

Anonymous said...

simmons lost, Johnson lost, and Rell won. George Gallo is a genius as long as we lower the standards.

Anonymous said...

If the 170 vote edge holds the New London Day may long rue their editorial lauding the accomplishments of a local Congressman only to endorse his opponent from the Hartford area for no other reason than disgust about George W. Bush, who will be leaving office anyway in two years.

By the time NL County elects another congressperson Disney will be running the sub base as a theme park

Craig Dimitri said...


I left a comment on a post back on Nov. 2 (I can no longer find it), in which I noted how well-done your site is. I'm from Pennsylvania, and obviously, I'm not an expert on Conn. politics. I wrote the following post on the 2nd CD:

Note: due to a bug, you have to scroll down for a long time, about halfway through, to read the rest of it. You can contact me at


Craig Dimitri