Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I dragged my poor wife out of bed early this morning so we could go vote before work. Hazardville Memorial elementary school was pretty lively for 6:30am, with all three old lever voting machines working and a steady stream of voters. The usual cluster of poll standers with signs stood beyond the 75 foot limit, including several for Lamont. Charles Woods was there to greet voters. Someone had turned a massive election sign from last year's municipal elections into a big, red "Vote for Alan" sign (I could tell because it still had the URL for the town GOP's website on the back).

Ballot Position

I voted for Jodi Rell, Alan Schlesinger, Joe Courtney and everyone else I said I'd vote for. I did take a look for Joe Lieberman's name, just to see how hard it was to find it. Incredibly, on the machine I was using, the chunky blue lever partially blocked his name from my perspective. If I had been a few inches taller, I might not have seen it at all. His position is really, really terrible. I still think that most of his voters will find him, but it's going to be a challenge.

The poll stander for Lieberman didn't seem to be aware that he should be telling people how to find Lieberman's name. "Should I be doing that?" he wondered when my wife asked.

It took about 20 minutes to vote. As we stood in line, listening to the satisfying clunk-ding! of the old machines whenever someone voted, we talked about the fact that we wouldn't ever hear that sound again. Next year, we'll all have optical scan machines.

So that's that. Now all we have to do is wait for the results.


Anonymous said...

I missed the old machines this morning. I vote in Vernon where we've had the electronic scan machines for the past few referendums and elections. While I didn't have to wait in any line for a machine, it was difficult to keep a hand on my 14 month old daughter while I was filling in bubbles.

brickbat said...

Long lines in Hamden this morning.

The ballot position is indeed a major issue for Lieberman.

I continue to feel he loses today (though my brain continues to tell me otherwise).

My guesses: Lamont, Rell, Farrell, Murphy, Simmons.

I'm wondering if anyone on the G.O.P. underticket will get 35%.