Friday, November 10, 2006

Courtney Will Attend Orientation for New House Members

Recount Continues--Simmons Seems Resigned

Rob Simmons and Joe Courtney are certainly both acting like Joe Courtney is the winner in Tuesday's election, despite the fact that the recount is ongoing. For example, Courtney is heading off to D.C. next week for new House member orientation, and the Simmons campaign isn't crying foul:
Courtney, who has already declared victory, announced Friday that he plans to attend a weeklong orientation for new House members starting Monday in Washington, D.C. He will vote for the new Democratic majority leadership, choose an office on Capitol Hill and discuss potential committee assignments.
Chris Healy, Simmons' campaign manager, said he agreed with Courtney's decision to attend the orientation.

"He should. We're just proceeding with an automatically ordered re-count and we hope that the re-count will continue in an open and fair manner," he said. "So far it has and we're very grateful to that." (Haigh)

Unlike Courtney, Simmons hasn't declared victory and he has disappeared from the public eye, leaving to take some time off with his wife. In essence, he's all but conceded the race to Courtney while allowing the process to take its course.

At least he's not doing what Ed Munster did:
The last re-count in the 2nd District was 1994, when then-U.S. Rep. Sam Gejdenson, D-Conn., narrowly defeated Republican Ed Munster by a mere 21 votes. That race eventually dragged on for five months, becoming the longest contested election in Connecticut history. Munster took the case to the state Supreme Court and eventually asked Congress to order a new election before dropping his challenge. (Haigh)

Simmons has already picked up at least one vote (from Hebron), but the margin is probably large enough to hold up--and both campaigns know that.

Then again, stranger things have happened. We'll just have to wait until next week to find out the end of this one.

Haigh, Susan. "2nd District Re-Count Continues." Associated Press 10 November, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Only a change of one vote in enfield for simmons..

Anonymous said...

"Unlike Courtney, Simmons hasn't declared victory and he has disappeared from the public eye, leaving to take some time off with his wife."

And that would be the prudent way to act- The results of the recount are out of either canidates hands... Best to wait and not make a fool out of ones self.

P.S. As I understand it absentee ballots are not counted in a general election unless there is a very close race like this one... So it is very possible for Simmons to win this one.

Anonymous said...

You understand vey little anon7:26.

Absentee ballots are always counted and reported in the first set of numbers reported to the Sec.of State.

wtfdnucsubsailor said...

The above comment - Absentee ballots are not counted is not correct. Results that are forwarded to the Secretary of the State include all absentee ballots. I don't expect a significant change in the vote total. Congressman Elect Courtney can take the nickname "Landslide Joe."

disgruntled_republican said...

Rob has taken time off with his wife after every election GC so don't read into that.

I took part in the Enfield recount yesterday. One vote pick-up for Rob. Basicly hoping for a transposed number at this point.

Courtney's Got It said...

Anonymous 7:26 is thinking of provisional ballots, which are not included in the first set of numbers, but which are examined individually pending a re-canvass.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:26 thanks you for clearing that misconseption up.