Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Open Forum, National News, Links, & More...

  • DIARY on the Daily Kos: Tim Tageris looks at what really happened.
  • VIDEO on Crooks and Liars: Stephen Colbert to Bush 41: "Back off old man".
  • COMIC on Slate: Jeff Danziger looks at the Senate's two independents. Lieberman: "...some of my best friends are corporations..."
  • VIDEO on Crooks and Liars: John Stewart on "the spirit of bipartisanship"
  • VIDEO on Think Progress: Bill O'Reilly declares war on Christmas...again.
  • POST on TPM: "Capitol Police fail to identify senator-elect Jon Tester. Luckily, no one gets punched..."
  • POST by Colin McEnroe: Lieberman has a lot of friends. Mostly fictional. And in giraffe suits.

Anybody got an update on the Courtney-Simmons recount? What else is happening in CT? The world?

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