Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Possibilities at Norwich Hospital Site

Now that Utopia Studios is apparently (and finally) dead, new offers are starting to come in:
First Selectman Robert Congdon told members of the Norwich Hospital Advisory Committee Wednesday night that in the past week he has received at least one formal letter and phone calls from three real estate brokers and a previous contender to develop the property.

Since the advisory committee and selectmen voted last week to terminate their development agreement with Utopia Studios Ltd., Congdon's office has been contacted by Northland Investment Corp. of Newton, Mass., JHM Financial Group of Stamford and three real estate brokers representing unidentified developers.

In addition, Lebanon developer Mark Fields has said he is interested in reviving his proposal to build his $500 million Thames River Landing project at the site. (Bard)

The idea of some sort of entertainment complex is a good one, especially considering the site's proximity to nearby casinos. A more reliable developer like Northland is probably a good idea, too.

Bard, Megan. "With Utopia Out, The Offers Roll In." New London Day 30 November, 2006.


bluecoat said...

I am surprised CT has yet to buy swampland in Florida with all their ingenious approaches to funding projects without regard to the true bottom line costs.

Anonymous said...

Good point bluecoat. Afterall, there are plenty of CT residents who "move" to Florida; why not own property there?

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Now bluecoat is a budgeting expert as well. Truly a great human being.

bluecoat said...

Jodi says it's just like the "family budget" so anybody can do it. Even you, 2:52!!!!