Sunday, November 19, 2006

2nd District Commentary

It was nice to have a few days away from things. My wife and I painted our kitchen wall. Seriously, someone left avacado green paint underneath 70s-era wood paneling in there. Yuck. I'm amazed we were able to eat for all those years.

I also got a chance to write another piece for the Courant on the 2nd District's close races. Go check it out and, since you can't comment on articles there, come back here and tell me why, exactly, I'm wrong.

I should have more maps, including the U.S. Senate map, up this week.


wtfdnucsubsailor said...

Your article is a good commentary on the 2nd district. The district is also fortunate in having candidates from both parties that actually make outstanding representatives with different approaches to the problems and the willingness to let the voters decide what approach to take. This year Joe was able to tag Rob with the "supporting Bush and Republican national goals" despite a mild independent tendency. For once, the vote for Speaker of the House had an impact on the voter in Eastern CT by a very narrow margin (now just over 80 votes). I hope that Joe and the other Congressional Democrats are successful in the next two years despite Bush still being in the White House.

Anonymous said...

What a nice little editorial.

I almost began singing Kum Ba Ya when done reading it.

cgg said...

You are becoming far to respectable to be a blogger.

Anonymous said...

Genghis... good stuff as always. But while "sprawling" is appropriate for CT... our entire state is dwarfed by some of the districts out west. I think Nevada has 3 CDs... two or which are Vegas... and one of which covers the balance of the state... and area probably similar in size to NY state and all of New England.

Again though... good stuff.

Anonymous said...

A great number of the native 2nd district voters are upset that the stretch limo voters at UConn and Eastern tip the balance to Courtney. The problem with the UConn and Eastern students is that they really don't live in the district and are not likely to live there after they graduate. They tended to be one issue voters who care little about what happens within the second district.

way2moderate said...

This was a very good piece about the second CD.

In a previous life I actually worked this district for statewide races. In those days the district was 54 towns, Middletown was in the mix, and the casinos were in their infancy. I thought then that the district was immense and incredibly diverse.

An important part of the brew is that, for right or for wrong, the people in Woodstock and Chaplin and Willington long ago grew tired of hearing that the future of the free world rests on what happens to the SUBASE. So a great deal of self-congratulation by Simmons about the role he played in saving it probably seems tiresome to many of those voters.

Other factors that make campaigning difficult is that there are five daily newspapers that circulate in the district and many of the voters watch either Rhode Island or Massachusets television. It's awfully hard to manage the media. Simmons accomplished a Herculean feat by beating Gejedenson in one election effort in 2000.


Way2Moderate mentions something very interesting... The casinos. Does anyone have a thought on the role they play, or the Congressioal influence they still peddle. Is the Asain population in southeastern CT somethig either candidate noted or paid attention to? Other than the suitcase toting students @ ECSU & UCONN, what other ethnic enclaves are found within the 2nd and how did they vote? Were they courted at all?

Anonymous said...

Two words as to why Simmons lost - Ned Lamont. Dont beleive me? Wait till the US Senate map comes out.

As a UConn student who lives in Tolland and went to my voting district in Tolland to vote (that was your benefit Anon 548 - and even though I vote for Courtney, I was pissed about the limos too) I can tell you first hand that the Senate race is exactly what tipped Mansfield, and thus the election so far for Courtney.

And to that extent I agree - those at Uconn not living in CD2 while not at school shouldn't be voting here. It is really a shame that people who are here only for school can decide things of this nature for the district.

Eddie said...

I don't see the problem. UConn and ECSU students spend more of their lives in the 2nd District, on average, than people who live here and commute to Hartford or Massachusetts. If voting was predicated on where you will live, rather than where you do live, every Nutmegger who owns retirement property in the South could conceivably be disqualified.