Sunday, November 26, 2006

Connecticut Political Maps

This post will be the central location for all Connecticut political maps created and posted on this site. I'll be adding a "maps" button to the navigation on the top of the page.

Governor 2006

U.S. Senate 2006

1st Congressional District 2006

2nd Congressional District 2006

3rd Congressional District 2006

4th Congressional District 2006

5th Congressional District 2006

State Senate 2006

State House of Representatives 2006

Democratic U.S. Senate Primary 2006

Democratic Governor Primary 2006

Democratic Lt. Gov. Primary 2006

Older maps are in thumbnail form

Presidential Election 2004

1st Congressional District: 2002, 2004

2nd Congressional District: 2002, 2004

3rd Congressional District: 2002, 2004

4th Congressional District: 2002, 2004

5th Congressional District: 2002, 2004

State Senate 2004

State Representatives 2004

Governor 2002

Town Council Control 2005

Municipal "Top Office" 2005

Town Council Control 2003

**these maps were created for reference purposes by Genghis Conn, and are based upon a map of CT town boundaries found at the DECD and information on election results from the Secretary of the State's office or other official sources. Email for more information.


Anonymous said...

Farrell won westport by less than 10% and lost fairfield. Ouch.

DeStefano couldn't even win west haven or east haven. He's done.

I never saw the stomping murphy gave johnson coming (not sure anyone did until a week or two out), but your map illustrates just how thorough it was.

As for the second, this makes me uneasy for a Courtney-Simmons rematch in 08.

What do you think, Genghis?

Genghis Conn said...

A Courtney-Simmons rematch would be a great one to watch, no question. It all depends on what Simmons decides to do with himself now, though.

Anonymous said...

Farrell did much better overall in '06 than in '04. She made some progress. Her big mistake was spending too much time on Iraq. Shays took a trip to Iraq and came back home with his song and dance co-opting her postion. She wanted benchmarks while he changed to a timetable. Then in his victory speech he defended his position on Iraq but I have no idea what it really is. I wonder where he'll be next session on Iraq. Watch the winds blow.

Anonymous said...

The maps are real helpful. Thanks! Just goes to show that voters think and respond to lots of messages/candidates.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the maps!

Man, Murphy was the only real win for Democrats (sans Liberman). God, he killed her. And she was the toughest race!

I worry for Courtney, though. He's already limping and we're not a month out.

Genghis Conn said...

A5:33 - It never ceases to amaze me how carefully most voters in this state weigh their decisions. Voters here are very smart.

A6:33 - You're right, Courtney is certainly in at least some danger, especially if Simmons runs again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Those are great.

Murphy should be brought up on assault charges after that thumping.

Anonymous said...


Hampton went for Joe Courtney this year 53% to 47%.

Please recolor your 2nd district map from red to blue!