Monday, November 06, 2006

The Weather Tomorrow

Cloudy, with a chance of rain late in the day.

Somewhere, Nancy Johnson is doing a rain dance.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. She wants it to rain because Democrats in CT-5 don't go out in the rain?

Genghis Conn said...

Higher turnout is not her friend.

Anonymous said...

Dems vote in the morning and Repubs vote late.

I can't believe MSNBC has Ray Hackett on national TV,LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. There's much about this I don't get.

Anonymous said...

Is it that broad, or do younger working people vote in the morning, and older retired people vote later? In my town, at least, it doesn't seem to break that way.

Anonymous said...

The theory is that rain supresses urban votes, which tend to be Dem.

Shadow said...

Nancy Johnson just has to hope that the Native American tribes who would be needed to teach her the rain dance haven't seen her commercial identifying all marijuana smokers as automatic Murphy voters.

Billy said...

Shadow, are you saying that Native Americans are pot smokers? More racism, from the Dems. It goes nicely with all the gay bashing youve all been up to lately.

tessa said...

We received a Nancy Johnson flyer in today's mail.

Funny thing, though, is that we are in the 3rd CD.

Wasting money, paper, postal delivery vehicle fuel, etc. GOP = Get Outta Power

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
Dems vote in the morning and Repubs vote late.

Get real - just visit a DMV branch before 10 am and then stop by sometime in the afternoon.

Welfare recipients (rapidly becoming the last major voter block for the Dems) have no reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Wow this thread became nasty very quickly.

I would like to also express 1 or 2 stereotypes, because it seems like such fun.

Nancy Johnson also offended all of WCSU with her pot-smoker ad, thankfully young people don't vote even when offended.

Last I checked most welfare recipients were corporations, and their influence on elections extends mostly pre-election day so I don't think weather will harm their turnout (right, Nancy and Joe?).

Anonymous said...

ACR showed his real colors with that remark.

Democrats were known to vote in the morning because most were blue collar and started work earlier than white collar workers and usually had a longer commute.

This is still true today.Most constuction jobs start at 7am and most white collar jobs begin at 9am.

Democrats make up over 35% of this country and are the biggest of our major parties.ACR's comment is disgraceful and obviously that of a bigot.It's obvious he should be removed from the front page.

Anonymous said...

"Last I checked most welfare recipients were corporations"


Last I checked corporations provide people jobs while people on welfare only seem to benefit dems.

Shadow said...

> Shadow, are you saying that Native Americans are pot smokers? More racism,

I don't mind that you're an idiot, but do you have to advertise it?

For those who have never gone to school or read a book, marijuana is a part of the tradition and culture in many Native American tribes. Is describing that fact racist? Or do you get the word racist in your head from stifling me from describing the true nature and rich history of their culture?

Also, I am the son of legal immigrants from across the globe, so good luck calling me a racist.

> from the Dems.

Wrong again, I'm not a Democrat; I am an Independent voter, and have been one for all my life (except briefly to vote in August's primary). I'm a progressive moderate who believes in conservative issues such as fiscal restraint in spending, being tough on crime (mandatory federal penalties for egregious examples of child abuse, violent crime, and drunk driving), and focusing our security and military budget on fighting terror cells, providing better benefits to the troops/vets/families, and securing our ports and borders.

> It goes nicely with all the gay bashing youve all been up to lately.

Um, what?

If I recall correctly, the only post regarding gay issues I made on this blog was to mention that Schlesinger, Lamont, and Lieberman's unanimous support for reevaluating the Don't Ask, Don't Tell requirement was a sign of CT becoming more progressive on these issues. Is that the "gay bashing" you're referring to?

Anonymous said...

Hey look all you Murphy groupies. Rain, shine, who cares?? Get your vote out, and so will the Johnson team. The only voice we are voting for tomorrow is Nancy Pelosi's anyway.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

I think someone in Bethel on Route 6 said it best...

Nancy is TOAST.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Most constuction jobs start at 7am and most white collar jobs begin at 9am.

Know a lot of people in the building trades that are Democrats do you?

I find that a little hard to believe; I'm often out around 5 am and frequent a few little breakfast operations - the guys I hear sure don't sound like Democrats to me.

Anonymous said...



Wolcottboy said...

So if my prediction for rain around 4 pm are correct, I won't be working for The Onion? Man...

I guess I'll be spending my day making chalk outlines for the rain dance class at 6. (Republicans and Independents only are invited.. Unless of course the Dems want to bring the beer...)

note: do not bring alcoholic beverages onto public property, or any polling area which of course is a violation of law and a poor example for young people and our political process. The above was only a joke.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Anonymous said...

Who's angry?

Rell wins, Sam Caligiuri wins, Eddie Pocock wins.

Odds are we keep Nancy & Rob too.

Meanwhile my kid has a full boat to college & my wife of 1438 days (but who's counting?) is gorgeous.



Not a chance.

You need to realize I never post without my tongue firmly embedded into my cheek.

Taking ACR seriously could be a sign of a pending mental breakdown.