Monday, November 06, 2006

Lieberman Says he won't Owe GOP

From the Associated Press:
Though Sen. Joe Lieberman expects to win a lot of Republican votes Tuesday, he said he won't feel especially beholden to the GOP if he is elected to a fourth term.

"I'll owe everybody and that's the point," Lieberman said Monday as he pressed for final votes at a senior center in Meriden. (AP)

We'll see.

Okay, campaign: END!

"Lieberman says he won't be beholden to Republicans if he wins." Associated Press 6 November, 2006.


disgruntled_republican said...

Yet another reason for GOPers to vote for Schlesinger tomorrow.

Genghis Conn said...

It does seem like he's giving Republicans nothing in return for voting for him.

He may sing a different tune after tomorrow. We'll see.

cgg said...

What he's really saying is that he'll owe nobody.

Shadow said...

Yeah, this is one of the unfortunate problems facing all party identified members of the "Lieberman coalition". Whether you're the majority of Republicans voting for him, or the minority of Democrats voting for him, inevitably one of you MUST end up getting stabbed in the back by him if he wins. Welcome to Joemanji.

Anonymous said...

Oh, like a promise from a politician is something you can take to the bank? I'm for term limits. One term and your gone.

turfgrrl said...

What he actually said "At every occasion I'm going to try my best to build bridges instead of walls between people in both parties," he said.. Which means that he, like many of the serving senators, know that working together to solve problems is better for the country.

Shadow said...

Who has a better record of working together, allegedly "centrist" Democrats like Zell Miller who challenge people to duels, or Senators like Russ Feingold, who was a chief architect of McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform?

Who has more effect on the party being able to serve the country? Neutered unappealing centrist-framed candidates like Gore and Kerry that couldn't inspire their own base, or campaigns like Dean's and Lamont's, which despite all their critics, have been vindicated as the head of this emerging national wave against the Iraq war.

Joe Lieberman recently worked with the President and the Republican Congress to pass a law saying that any of U.S. Citizen can be deemed an enemy combatant without being informed of the charges, and be imprisoned indefinitely in secret, and tortured (depending on how the President feels like "interpreting" the Geneva Convention).

How can a bipartisan attack on over two centuries of American democracy be consdered "working together to solve problems" in this country?

brickbat said...

Oh, he'll owe someone alright.

He'll owe the lobbyists and special interests who gave him his wads of campaign contributions.

As for being "bi-partisan", it's idiocy for a member of the minority party to parrot that line. Actually, maybe it's revolting, if what it means is that he'll trade votes on things like war and the Constitution in return for earmarks.

Anonymous said...

as long as he doesnt win tomorrow everything is alright!

this stupid lying idiot...

everybody who thinks the same about him, dont miss this site:

Billy said...

Awwww look at all the angry liberals. Its ok guys... you can vote for the green candidate in 08 for president, that will show those democrats ;) hahahhaha.

Shadow said...

Damn liberals, trying to conserve the Constitution, and getting all mad when people mess with it. Ha ha, what a bunch of losers.

Hey Billy, remember when conservative used to mean individual freedoms and small government? What I am saying... of course you don't.