Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday News and Polls

Rasmussen Poll
As Republican Governor Jodi Rell continues to glide to reelection, the U.S. Senate race has tightened.
Rell has largely escaped the troubles plaguing many of her GOP colleagues and now leads Democrat John DeStefano 57% to 35%. DeStefano has been gaining, but too slowly to matter on November 7.
In the Senate race, Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman leads Democrat Ned Lamont 48% to 40% (see crosstabs). Early this month, Lieberman led 50% to 40%.
Gov. M Jodi Rell is pushing for stiffer penalties for contractors who make a mess out of state projects, such as the bungled $65 million project to widen Interstate 84 in Cheshire and Waterbury.

On Monday, Rell announced legislation that would make it easier for the state to fire negligent contractors, and lengthen from two to five years the period of time contractors can be barred from state jobs.
Journal Inquirer
A new poll shows a another veteran Republica member of Congress from Connecticut falling behind a Democratic challenger, but by a slim margin that is within the poll' margi

The latest poll in the bitterly contested and closely watched race for state's 5th Congressional District seat has state Sen. Christopher S. Murphy leading U.S. Rep. Nancy L. Johnson by 3 points, 46 percent to 43 percent, with 11 percent undecided.

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ken krayeske said...

The Q-Poll is a joke, particularly for Governor. It is dishonest and a disservice to democracy for Douglas Schwartz to disinclude people on the ballot.

The results of his polls cannot be trusted because people who are on the ballot, like Cliff Thornton, he leaves off.

Ridiculous, and it is one of the many things we need to change in our culture of governance if we ever want to have fair and free elections.

Anonymous said...

What are the latest thoughts out there on the State Legislative races? Who is up...who is down...who is in...who is out?

Gabe said...

Even Alan Schlesinger thinks that Lieberman is putting cash on the streets...

Anonymous said...

KK, you are absolutely right. Time to get the Government regulating what questions we can ask and what news we can have reported. Go Big Green!

Shadow said...

Here, here. Doug Schwartz is an embarassment to democracy and to polling, I have never seen a pollster so blatantly try to manipulate elections with his methods, numbers, and comments.

It's bad enough that third party candidates aren't featured enough in the media; they aren't even considered an option in polling? If I got polled by Q for Governor and said Cliff Thornton, would they have said no, you have to pick one of the two? I guess I forgot to read the instruction manual to Duopoly.

You win two equally terrible candidates in a beauty contest - collect $15.

Anonymous said...

Reuters/Zogby Poll Results


A new Democratic ad attacked Republican Rep. Rob Simmons as "a rubber stamp" for Bush on energy policy, while Democratic challenger Joe Courtney said Bush and Simmons "have taken our country down the wrong path."

Simmons, a Vietnam veteran, said in an ad he had "seen the ugly face of war" and he would "do all I can to keep our soldiers safe."

Simmons' lead has widened from the Oct. 4 poll.

Republican 47%
Democrat: 42%
Not sure: 11%

Anonymous said...

The polls in CT-5th (and elsewhere) have been wildly erratic. And the latest has a huge percentage of undecided voters. I don't think the polls are at fault as much as our over-reliance on them and the fact they are revealing voter uncertainty. Smurph's latest ad is good: not a bad person, just part of the problem. Problem is, NJ has represented a lot of people in CT-5 very well over 12 terms. They chose her over Maloney not too long along. Now, they are struggling with the notion of turning the reins over to an unproven commodity because of a war just about everyone initially supported, and now no one likes.

Anonymous said...

The Hew Londo Day reports that the CT National Guard is taking issue with Simmons latest ad where a mother says her kid was going to go off to Iraq without the weapons he needed to do the job before Simmons straightened things out.

Anonymous said...

Rell screws up on I-84 so now she calls for new legislation as if the lack of legislation caused the problem. Don't think so.

Anonymous said...

The front page of today's Stamford Advocate has a great article about the battle between the CT Family Institute and Love Makes a Family to Stack the legislature their individual ways. You'd think with both of these groups ffocusing on the family they could get together on the issues but apparently not. And on the editorial pages a Georgia Supreme Court Justice weighs in on the importance of family to child rearing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:41,

Yes I saw that add... Without question Murphy is a very good speaker. But as usual he talks without saying very much. Just how exactly is Johnson part of the problem he speaks of? More importantly if we assume he is asking us to vote for him, just how will Murphy be part of the solution???

Maybe here in Connecticut we think under funding the teacher's and the state worker pensions by billions is a great way to get a budget surplus.

Maybe also we actually enjoy a bond debt, and tax burden that is highest per capita in the country.

Maybe we are happy with one of the worse job markets in the country. Are these signs that he is a solution to anything ??

Sure there are a lot of problems in Washington. But if we follow Murphy's convenient logic that somehow she is responsible for those problems just because she is a Republican member of Congress, then is it not just as logical to blame Murphy for the mess in Connecticut, just because he was a Democratic member of the General Assembly from both houses over many years as that mess was created?

Anonymous said...

Smurph is a young and likable guy, he has just bought into the career politician schtick. He needs to get out of the CT Legislature before someone realizes HE is part of the problem there. He says NJ is the problem in DC, but not Larson, Delauro, or Dodd. When you add the Smurph into that mix, it all gets better, right?

Anonymous said...

Why have the CT polls been so wildly erratic?

Ned Lamont, the clear democratic candidate, is behind in the polls -- thanks to Lieberman's dirtiness.

And I just DO NOT understand how Rell is even in the race let alone leading DeStefano in the polls by 22 points! Give me a break here. None of this is making any sense whatsoever.

What is going on in CT?

Anonymous said...

And I just DO NOT understand how Rell is even in the race let alone leading DeStefano in the polls by 22 points! Give me a break here. None of this is making any sense whatsoever.

Very simple/Malloy is like Lieberman/he's not a team player and his people haven't accepted the results of the primary and gotten behind the winner/Malloy,like Amman, wants Rell to win.

Anonymous said...

There has actually been quite a bit of consitency in the polling numbers for the Governors race, Senate race, as well as the 5th Congressional District race. The numbers have moved very little this month.

I think Lamont missed an opportunity to share more about his stance on issues after the primary, and therefore missed many opportunities to grow his support base. Lieberman did well to change his message and hire new help.

Rell has done a great job of being herself, never ruffling feathers and coasting to a win. DeStephano has done a better job than before the primary, but his message changed. Maybe if he had more consistency with both he would have had a better shot.

Nancy Johnson has spirled out of control and aired ads that seem to go too far, most likely energizing her base but pushing away undecided voters. Murphy has done a great job responding to the negative ads, and by showing the voters who he is, gives a sharp contrast. I think Nancy would have been better off if she attacked the issues with the same passion she's attacked her opponent.

Anonymous said...

The Shelton Huntington Herald endorsed Chris Jones today for the 21st State Senate seat being vacated by longtime Senator Doc Gunther.