Friday, November 03, 2006

Supporting Our Troops: Afghanistan & Iraq Vets Group Rate CT

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterand of America is a 501c3 group founded to follow legislation that affects troops and veterans. They naturally, focus on Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans. They also released a grade on legislators, (The A-Team and the F-Troop) to note which legislators really support our troops. The Connecticut delegation is graded below:

Rep. Rosa DeLauro A-
Senator Christopher J. Dodd A-
Rep. Nancy L. Johnson C+
Rep. John B. Larson B+
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman B+
Rep. Christopher Shays B
Rep. Robert R. Simmons C+

More about the group, it's methodology and all sorts of info can be found at their website,, and be sure to check out the A-Team's new Mr. T, our own Chris Dodd, here.


Anonymous said...

Looks like these ratings come from a moonbat organization, Rosa DeLauro an A- while Simmons gets a C+ in "Support Our Troops", haha, right.....The Vet gets a lower rating?

Dream on Liberals!

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMM interesting..... Maybe we should ask our troups if they agree????

MikeCT said...

Nancy Johnson got an abysmal 23% rating from the Disabled American Veterans- the worst in the Connecticut delegation. (Simmons & Shays also did poorly, though not as bad. Larson and DeLauro had near-perfect ratings.) Enough of Republican cynicism and hypocrisy. All the more reason to help get out the vote for Chris Murphy this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Instead of making stupid uninformed comments why not click on the link?

Anonymous said...

Turfette: Your tri-lateral tag team helps?

Anonymous said...

Rosa for senator. Watch out, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary, Rosa is on the ascent.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I am a Vet... Disabled Vet to boot.(Though it is a "minor disability", especially compared to what most Iraq Vets are coming back with)

Let's see? There are many issues I could tear Republicans a new one on.

Telling everyone they increase the VA budget, BUT only after they had already cut it by even more.

Sending out sub-par equipment to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not sending enough of it as well. (There are still soldiers and vehicles there that don't have the proper armor OR have defective/ineffective armor)

Cutting Beds in VA hospitals.

Cutting services to Vets returning with serious problems.

Finding any reason they can to deny claims on the insurance policies for widowed spouses.

Backdoor draft.

Charging Vets for equipment that was broken or destroyed or lost when the stuff got broken, destroyed or lost while they were seriously injured.

Denying Hazardous duty pay.

Allowing Mortgages to be forclosed on soldiers while they are overseas serving our country even though it is against the law.

Denying services to soldiers with PTSD.

Lying to them over and over.

Serving them sub-standard food (and plastic turkeys to boot!)

Not giving them enough soldiers to actually do the job.

Refusing to redeploy the soldiers when they know, because they are there, that they are causing more problems than they are solving in Iraq.

Touting the fact that less soldiers are dying in this modern war... But forgetting to mention that this is only true because of field medical advances that can help to keep the mangled parts of the human body that are left on the battlefield alive now. Ain't that just grand?

I can go on and on all night doing this. All of these things AND MORE, and all under the direct control of those faux-patriot-chickenhawk Republicans that have LITERALLY broken the military.

It is so serious right now that we don't have the soldiers or the equipment to send ANYWHERE if we really need them. And anywhere includes here at home.

Yep... Don't ask a vet what they think because they will tell you. And you might not like what they have to say. Especially if you specialize in supporting the troops the republican way: by slapping a bumper sticker on your car. Effing flag waving losers.

There is no doubt that some of the soldiers agreed with the idea of going into Iraq... But not the republican way. Those soldiers wanted to win it, not half-ass it on a shoestring budget.

Then there are the rest of us that know we will never win this one. The one chance to win this collosal mistake of a war was lost the day after we captured Saddam and didn't leave Iraq. But we never should have been there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The only 2 on that list that were smart enough to vote NO in the Iraq War Resolution were Larson and DeLauaro.

The others all deserve defeat in this election as does Dodd in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I see John Kerry is back insulting soldiers. Nice Job John. No wonder you lost to Bush

Shadow said...
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Anonymous said...

The real insult to any soldier is to be sent to a war with no exit strategy and no plan of action to secure the place after you've won the military battles.

If you have an R after your name today and you're not embarrassed to admit it you have no conscience.

Anonymous said...

If you are a D and think insulting the whole military and half the voters is a good idea you have no common sense

Anonymous said...

"The real insult to any soldier is to be sent to a war with no exit strategy"

Funny, I don't recall there was one for WWII either when the US joined the fray.

Care to trot out any other talking points?

Anonymous said...

the exit strategy for WWII was unconditional sureneder from the enemy - and we got it.