Friday, November 03, 2006

A meaningful vote.

Seldom do voters get an opportunity to cast a truly meaningful vote.

Too often the choice is between an inexperienced and unexceptional individual, and one so “seasoned” that they are deemed unassailable. Fortified with the financial resources incumbency brings, such politicians routinely carpet bomb the electorate with television ads, direct mail, and robocalls that aim not to convey the sterling record of the incumbent, but to destroy her opponent. The prospect of such a beating normally succeeds in discouraging truly promising individuals from entering the ring: it can end a political career.

For once, things are different. For once, we have a true alternative. For once, we can send a man to Washington who will not only represent change, but a meaningful upgrade in the quality of our representation in the Congress of the United States. That man is Chris Murphy.

Murphy is an accomplished legislator, among the most respected – on both sides of the aisle – in Hartford. A tireless campaigner and extraordinary retail politician, in this campaign he has taken on the very best that the Connecticut GOP has to offer – and the very worst that the national GOP could throw at him – and shown that it is possible to meet negative attack ads and sound byte politics with a substantive and thoughtful articulation of issues and answers, and a genuine interest in the concerns of his constituents.

Next Tuesday, if you live in CT05, you have a truly meaningful opportunity to do something of lasting value for our communities and for our families.

Cast your vote for Chris Murphy for Congress.

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Anonymous said...

You say..."Murphy is an accomplished legislator, among the most respected – on both sides of the aisle – in Hartford." Can you tell me one Republican who believes that? Every Republican AND many Dems I have talked to in Hartford believe the guy is a tool!

Anonymous said...

Too many empty slogans, not enough meat. I'm willing to be convinced, but you're not there yet.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with liking Smurph because he is a Democrat. But that doesn't convince Republicans and Unaffiliated. He just sounds like a career politician to me. We already have enough of 'em. At least Lamont ran a business and got some real world experience before he tried to take on DC.

Anonymous said...

I do not know Murphy personally, but have heard many stories about the man. I have never heard he is exceptionally bright but have heard numerous times he is a tireless campaigner who works as hard as anyone on the campaign trail. He obviously also knows something about running a campaign as the past 6 months could not have been scripted better and he has not made any major mistakes. That being said, the district would be much better off continually being served by Nancy Johnson. She has been an independant voice in Washington for over two decades and isn't afraid to stand up to the R leadership.
PREDICTION: Johnson by 2-3 points.

John said...

Nancy Johnson has experience. And a bulldog ability to get things done. She has worked in a Congress controlled by both Democrats and Republicans. I just don't think Smurph measures up yet. It could take him (and us) ten years before he is taken seriously in DC. When Lieberman and Nancy Johnson are re-elected, they will work together for CT.

Anonymous said...

Don't go around saying he's "respected" by people in Hartford when you obviously have no clue that he is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Murphy might be respected by the bar tenders in Hartford...

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of jealousy in Hartford of Chris Murphy because he is so respected by legislators and activists and because he is a rising star in the State. Look for him to be in Congress for a long time and a future Governor of Connecticut.

Pragmatist said...

It'll be tight, very tight. NJ by one/half of a percent. But Smurph is not down and out. We will all hear from him again.

Anonymous said...

This post must be a joke that obviously no one so far is falling for....

I'll give Murphy credit for being a good campaigner, and absolutely nothing else.

Red Raider said...

I agree with Pragmatist. Rove doesn't waste votes. He gets only as many votes as he needs to win, and no more. Smurph will endure a long winter wondering how he fell just a few votes shy of victory.

Anonymous said...

Chris is a bit liberal for my taste. I'm a moderate to conservative Democrat. He works just as hard in the State Senate as he does on the trail, and the sky is the limit for Chris. What he lacks in moderation, he makes up in character. I'm not sure Congressional Dems realize just how great one of their newest members is.

Anonymous said...

The Courant says Murphy is winning in the Farmington valley by like 10 points. Those are republican and independent voters, and they are voting murphy.

Guess they believe in him. Or maybe they just hate nancy johnson's disgusting ads.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what makes people think Johnson is going to win this race. The only non-partisan polls out right now have Murphy leading by three or four points. He's clearly doing exceptionally well and if anybody can beat a 24 year, entrenched incumbent, it's Chris. Anybody who has ever seen him speak before can see what an inspirational and sincere person he is. He really does seem to be different than the same old politicians. I think you should give him a chance.

JTD said...

Looks like the Johnson staff is finally on the blogs. Took 'em a while, but better late than never!

Murphy worked a job, worked a state legislator and went to law school, all at the same time. Before he turned 30. To say the man is not intelligent or capable is a bit of stretch. And, despite the best effort of the Johnsonites 'round these parts, Murphy has kept this campaign away from character smearing-- how many other challengers go on the air to say their opponent is not a bad person?

Also, I love folks calling Murphy a career politican as an insult. You looked at Nancy's resume recently?

I mean, he's ahead in the polls, he's netted every major paper endorsement thus far, outraised her by two to one...are we really questioning where the momentum is here?

Anonymous said...

The only thing I have against Murphy is that Chris MC is backing him.

Anonymous said...

Listen!!! All I said was that he is not respected on both sides of the aisle. That is a complete lie by Chris MC. I don't care if he wins or not, but please don't say he's say he is something when he is not!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris MC,

Did you read today your good freind,Ed Marcus, comment in the NYT in favor of your favorite Ct. Senator,Joe Lieberman?

The Slime in the CT Democratic party all loves Joe.

Anonymous said...

does anyone really think any member of congress should be allowed a 24-year tenure? isn't that what everyone complains about with lifetime judicial appoitnments?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone taken into consideration the fact that like her or not, Johnson does get stuff done for the 5th district? Murphy, regardless of how good he may look now, will have no pull, no influence and no way of luring money and resources back to CT, a state that wouldn't garner any attention from the federal government without influential Congressmen beating the drum. I'm sure if Chirs does win, Nancy Pelosi will have a water dish and nice, warm basket for him to use at the foot of her bed.

Anonymous said...

And what type of pull will Johnson have in a Democratic. controlled House, should this wave come to bear, as the pundits are predicting? Murphy, I think will be great, he has the energy and is quite accomplished for one so young. This man is 33 and the sky is the limit for him. One thing that bothers me and you have to ask yourself why has Johnson resorted to such negative ads (am thinking the drug dealer one) in terms of combating Murphy? Why can't she run on her record? Or is she running from her record?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Win or lose; pay attention to Murphy's numbers in his current senate district where he will do poorly.

That will tell those of you that just don't get it, the kind of guy he really is.

Chris MC said...

To answer the question/assertion (A4:39), I have personally been told by two Republican House members and two Republican Senators that I can think of off the top of my head that Chris is a good legislator and a colleague they respect. Not surprisingly, nobody is speaking up here and now.

To somebody else's point, anyone paying attention to the early going in the nominating phase knows that Rahm Emmanuel and Steny Hoyer both took him seriously enough to actively support him with cash and personal appearances here in Connecticut from the outset.

There is broad dissatisfaction with Nancy Johnson, has been for at least three years, which is as long as I've been focused on the issue of her misrepresentation of the people of the Fifth CD. The table scraps she sprinkles around the district are meaningless in the face of the first vote she casts each Congress, the vote for Speaker.

And they are meanlingless when you consider how utterly beholden she is to the out-of-state HMO's and PhRMA interests who own her seat and dictated the MMA '03 law, a boondoggle of historic proportions.

That isn't to say that she is a bad person, it is to say she is badly out of her depth, and we deserve better.

I know literally hundreds of politicians, from local appointees to United States Senators. A year and a half ago I knew Murphy not at all. Since then he has impressed me three or four times over in ways large and small, and he's earned the seat.

It is a very clear choice.

MikeCT said...

Chris MC for Chris M! Good call.

Murphy updates:

Rothenberg Political Report now lists race as "Tilt Democratic"

CQ Politics moves from Leans Republican to No Clear Favorite

5th CD residents have filed FCC complaints against the NRCC robocalls on behalf of Johnson, which violate federal law

Murphy recently got the endorsement of the Danbury News Times and Meriden Record. Add those along with the Hartford Courant and NY Times.

Murphy had a great interview this week with WTIC.

Murphy has run an extraordinary campaign, turning around what some felt was an unwinnable race. His campaign is canvassing this weekend, and can use your help to get out the vote!

Anonymous said...

I have only lived in the 5th district for a year, but in that time I have met Chris Murphy on three separate occasions. He has a talent for communicating with people that is hard to quantify, and an impressively broad understanding of the issues. To suggest that he is just a slimy, unintelligent politician is outrageous, even in this over the top season of mudslinging. The first time I met him was in his capacity as a state Senator, and he was incredibly helpful and personable. And, as I have seen him campaign over the last six months with astounding success, I am consistently impressed by his continued approachability. And, while I am disappointed to lose him as my Senator (I live in Cheshire) I am excited that he will be my next Congressman. He is right in that new commercial, Nancy Johnson isn’t a bad person, but it is time for some fresh blood in Washington.

Anonymous said...

The Johnson people have lost all hope and are reduced to attack, attack, attack.... They will do some nasty stuff this weekend and into Election Day, just watch.

Anonymous said...

Authentic Connecticut Republican, I hear his numbers will be close to zero in his Senate District in places like Southington....which isn't in the Fifth.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand where people get off on calling Chris Murphy a bad person. All that I've seen of him is positive, truthful, stuff. I mean Nancy Johnson has attacked Chris Murphy's character from the very start with misleading ads about taxes, drug dealers, sex offenders, terrorists and just the worst of the bunch. Chris has never attacked Nancy Johnson's character but only her record. Yeah, he put out an ad saying that she didn't respond to a certain constituent... which as the Hartford Courant tells it is completely true- and which her campaign ADMITTED to being true.
Chris has always maintained a respectful position in this campaign- Nancy Johnson and her supporters have been slinging mud and lies from the very beginning. It's disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow everyone suddenly knows Chris Murphy. Well so do I..... I will not call him lazy, or unintelligent, I will call him at age 33 already classic politician. Easy to like at first glance, and a great talker. However every bit a party guy. Also:

Maybe if he was a parent he would know all the worry, and expense, that it takes to raise children these days and safely get them through college.

Maybe if he was a home owner for more than a year or so, he would have a better understanding of what drives property tax increases.

Maybe if he had to pay for his health care benefits like most of the rest of us, and didn't have solid gold state benefits, he would better understand why his talent for adding more and more mandates on insurance companies only drive costs higher, and makes that insurance cost more for those of us who actually do pay for our insurance.

Maybe if he lived in the 5th district for more than a year or so he would understand the real needs of the people living there.

Maybe in two more years, but right now he has a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy has a proven record of bipartisanship in the Connecticut State Senate. During this polarized period in American politics, Chris has demonstrated a willingness to reach across party lines and enact meaningful legislation for his constituents. Connecticut needs this type of representation in Washington. Chris has voiced his commitment to universal healthcare, a living wage, improving public education, preserving the environment, and protecting social security. Chris is the type of leader our great state deserves.

Fenix said...

Anonymous 8:34

Whoa, nice but of hollow rhetoric. You didn't attack him on one issue there you just took a bunch of cheap shots because the man isn't old enough. So you're telling me that Nancy Johnson, who has been in Washington for 24 and married to a wealthy man all her life knows about the struggle to pay for health care or what life is really like in the 5th district? Seriously dude, seriously, you criticized him for having good benefits from the state health insurance when Johnson undoubtedly gets GREAT insurance from the US Congress?

It's nice the Johnson staff has finally found the you guys doing? Are you upset that when you took the job on this campaign you thought it'd be a cake walk, and now you're losing to some upstart guy? Really, I'm wondering, are you all stewing over in HQ wondering how all the mud slinging didn't slow down Murphy. It's pathetic that after all these years and all this money spent Johnson isn't even up in any of the polls, so they've resorted to frantic attacks on blogs. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Murphy has represented a State House and a State Senate district he's not from, then moved to Cheshire to run for Congress. Unfortunately for Chris, CT does not have alot of electoral college votes. The next time he decides to move up the political ladder, he should probably move to New York.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy is exactly the type of person we in the 5th need to represent us. He's honest, intelligent and a hard worker.

And let's not forget Chris has represented Wolcott and portions of Cheshire and Waterbury for 4 years.

I believe Nancy Johnson doesn't even vote in Connecticut, and uses a DC address as her primary residence.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fenex,

Let's be clear some of us who are not comfortable with Chris Murphy are not from the Johnson HQ.

I think we should put the non sense about mud slinging aside because both these two have thrown far more than their fair share.

It may surprise you to find I agree with one point you made. I am sure Johnson like Murphy has solid gold healthcare benefits as well. It would be good for both of them to live like the rest of us for a while.

You say my post is full of hallow rhetoric..... No problem I am sure many agree with you. I for one however find those "hallow rhetoric" points to be significant issues for me, maybe other's do as well.

On this thread alone it appears that about half the posts are for and against both candidates.... Are the ones against Murphy all attack posts coming from Johnson's HQ? Are the ones attacking Johnson just from average everyday voters and not from Murphy's HQ?

So to sum this up. I am not from Johnson's HQ, never even met the woman. I have met Chris Murphy. I am just an average voter with kids, high property taxes, and significant concerns about the politics both parties play with my kid's future.

If I felt Murphy was a start to a solution I would happily support him. Respectfully, for the reasons I posted, as well as others I did not, I simply do not think he is.

If that is hallow rhetoric to you, sorry. I guess that's why we have elections. At least I've taken the time to study both canidates and form my opinion. I do not need Ben Affleck to help me do that.

Jed said...

Ah yes, where Chris bought his house, THAT'S what's at stake on November 7th! Never mind the fact that he just got engaged. God, give me a break! Nancy isn't event FROM CONNECTICUT!

Please people. Tell me about Nancy's vison. Tell what she plans to do when she gets back to D.C. Tell me her goals, her hopes. Forget the 27 times attacks and the "Murphy loves drug dealers" attacks and let me know why Nancy deserves a 13th term.


[Crickets chirping]

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hallow Rhetoric... Are we talking about what all the details Murphy has given us how he change Washington??.....

I'd love to know why Murphy deserves even one term in Congress. I'm listening, as I have been for 6 months now.

Yes, I hear those same Crickets.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jed,

Nancy isn't even from Connecticut?

Well I guess your right.... Not that where either of them was born matters, but the last I knew Murphy himself was born in White Plains New York, not Connecticut.

Does that mean according to your logic we shouldn't vote for either of them??

Chris MC said...

Just watching the debate between Murphy and the incumbent from the fourteenth of October. I was wrong. Nancy isn't badly out of her depth.

She is wildly out of her depth.

Health insurance and small business.
Terrorism and FISA.
Medicare Part D.
Deficit spendind and the ballooning National Debt.
Minimum wage & living wage.

Strident and shrill in tone and straining to articulate her thoughts, she demonstrates a weak grasp of the facts; and Murphy utterly overwhelms her on the ins-and-outs of the arguments and logic on issue after issue. Murphy knows not only his positions, but her positions, better than she does. Relying on notes to demagogue on Iraq; and to recite facts that a member of Ways & Means should have at her fingertips? Reading off index cards on education? After 24 years in Congress, this is inexcusable.

Murphy, meanwhile, demonstrates a depth of understanding and a grasp of the subjects that belies accusations that he lacks the experience necessary to command the respect of colleagues in Washington. Based on this debate, you'd have to conclude that he will start his career in Washington ahead of where his opponent is leaving hers.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy is a very polished, and very articulate young man. He is also at least book smart. I will also add he is very likeable. On the surface it is very easy to understand why he would appeal to so many people.

My problem with him is he listened to all my concerns when he sat in my living room. He empathically agreed with all of them. He pledged he would deal with them if I voted for his election to the General Assembly. I kept my part of the bargain. He didn't.

So frankly I don't care how good he may sound now. I've heard his promises all before. Sorry, I'm not voting sound bites. Nor slogans, I'm voting from experience.