Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Conservative Commentator

I'm pleased to announce that we've selected a new conservative poster. Thanks to everyone who applied.

Our newest poster has been a frequent and respected commenter at Connecticut Local Politics, who has opted for a change of handle for personal and professional reasons. He has been posting under his real name (TSCowperthwait), but will now be posting as The True Gentleman. Welcome, True Gentleman!

He will be making his first posts over the next week.


LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...


TrueBlueCT said...

Only Cowperthwait hasn't been one.

Good to know where he's coming from, though. Obviously he's adopted the Fox News/Republican ploy of pretend marketing. Kind of like a certain incumbent Senator saying he's stood up to President Bush.

And no, I don't believe in being collegial to those folks who are wrecking this country.

TrueBlueCT said...

From the Courant,

"Who's Lieberman Representing? Not You!"

"A look at Lieberman's record shows he is most decidedly the latter - a senator who has "gone Washington" and forgotten about the people who elected him. Lieberman may call himself a centrist, but the record shows he has used his platform to push policies that are far out of step with what ordinary Americans want from their government." --David Sirota.

TrueBlueCT said...


Got my right-wingers mixed up. I have to apologize to Scott. I had you confused with a couple of the haters here. (although I'll never refer to him as, ick, "True Gentleman").

A quick review of some of his postings shows Cowperthwait to be both educated and polite. my bad.

cgg said...

Congratulations. And I love the new name!

The Architect said...

LOL @ TrueBlue. LOL

BRubenstein said...

TSC..which strain of conservatism do you represent?

Chris MC said...

Congratulations TSC, er, TG!

Don't embarass us.

Chris MC said...

Hopefully you represent that "strain of conservatism" that doesn't think in labels.

Chris MC said...


cgg said...

I just realized that we now have Gc, CGG, and two TG's.

Chris MC said...


well, we're going to have to come to an accommodation here and quickly, before this becomes a bru-ha-ha.

I propose that Turfgrrl be shorthanded as Turf, Turfie, your Turfness or Turfiness (not really shorthands), or Trfgrrl. OK that last one doesn't help. Hey, tg (lowercase) means turfgrrl, and TG (upper) means True Gentleman. Only the cogniscenti will be able to figure it out. Oh wait...

I know, we'll call TSC "Quinn".

TrueBlueCT said...

Chris Mc--
Do you think Turfy will be back? She's still going to have to answer questions about her Fusco relationships. Frankly, I don't think she is on her town's Zoning Board for the fun of it, and I would bet business trumps blogging in this instance.

For the rest of you, I'm not on a complete witch hunt. I just think that as participants on this blog, we have the right to know how close Turfy is to the Lieberman campaign.

Chris MC said...

Yep, Keith, I think she will and, judging from one of her last posts, she intends to make a splash... She doesn't seem to be afraid of a scrap, ya know?

I'm not real comfortable with the outing practice. I think it is GC's call and I think he's made it. It's his blog, after all.

Frankly, I don't think she is on her town's Zoning Board for the fun of it, and I would bet business trumps blogging in this instance.
Keith, all kidding aside, those kinds of insinuations shouldn't be made unless you've got something in hand. And that sort of substanceless allegation goes on too often around here.

You know, like asserting that you believe a crime has been committed and then naming a staff member as the perpetrator? That sort of thing is ill-advised, I suggest.

I just think that as participants on this blog, we have the right to know how close Turfy is to the Lieberman campaign.
Well, maybe we do and maybe we don't. In any case, unless you've got something of substance, then you probably ought to be satisfied with the answer already provided: no, she isn't. And on the similar charge about Fusco, she's answered it.

You should either come up with something factual to refute her or keep your suspicions to yourself, if you simply can't accept her answer as honest.

The True Gentleman said...

Thank you all for the kind comments (well, most of you at least). I look forward to representing the "conservative" voice on this blog along with Disgruntled Republican. I'm not quite sure what TrueBlueCT's initial comments are about, but that's probably not going to be the first or last time that happens. And quite frankly, if you are going to question my status as a gentleman it may force me to question just how true blue you are...

TrueBlueCT said...

One it's me. And two Turfy hasn't answered anything about her Fusco relationship.

1) When was the last time she communicated with Lynn Fusco?
2) When was the last time Fusco Corp. paid her any $$$$. (Her "I haven't done much in terms of that site in years response" was less than vague.)

Also, is it true she worked on a Norwalk Republican's campaign? And if she even votes, is she a registerd Dem, Rep, or unaffiliated.

These are all fair questions, for any of us.

In terms of her zoning board membership, it's a fact. And I stand by my assertion that such a position is a strange way to get involved politically.

Given her anti-Lamont agenda, and her relationship with Lieberman Campaign Treasurer Lynn Fusco, the only way for Turfy to put this stuff to bed is via the same kind of honest disclosure that most of us would be all too happy to provide.

TrueBlueCT said...

Initially, I had you confused with some of the hate-filled Republicans that blog on this site.

After a review of your postings, I discovered that I was wrong, and that you weren't from that wing of your own Party. So I apologized.

Can you tell us why you are a Republican? And do you approve or disapprove of George Bush?

The True Gentleman said...

First, I approve of President Bush. This does not mean that there are decisions he has made that I might not have made differently, but I support him nonetheless.

I believe that the federal government was not created to over-govern the citizens of this country and, as such, I am a supporter of states rights. I support a strong national defense (inlcuding the deployment of a missile defense system) and encourage a strike-first policy against terrorism (militarily, financially, psychologically, etc.). This is just a sample of some of my opinions, but I am sure that many others will come out during my future posts.

TrueBlueCT said...

So we should continue with the Bush Doctrine and strike Iran before they go forward with their nuclear program?

And in terms of over-governing, does that include Schiavo-like interventions by Congress, and outlawing abortion?

The True Gentleman said...

IF intelligence (and our allies agree) that Iran is enriching uranium and building nuclear facilities for military/terrorism purposes, than YES, I would support a military strike on those nuclear installations. (Please keep in mind that I find it VERY difficult to answer this question without having first-hand knowledge of what our intelligence actually shows).

As for you second question, I'll put my positions out in the open immediately. I do not support congressional intervention into Schiavo-like situations. I am not from the religious right. I think many people get confused about the difference between being conservative and from religious right.

Chris MC said...

Ooops, sorry 'bout that mistaken identity, TB & Keith.

Being on PZC is a strange way to get involved? Is Board of Ed OK? How about Legislative Council? If you are going to make an allegation, make one substantiated by facts.

When was the last time she communicated with Lynn Fusco?
When was the last time Fusco Corporation paid her any money?
TB, you can't be serious. This kind of question is what the expression "mind your own friggin' business" was invented for. We are not entitled to that kind of information.

if she even votes,
TB, what the hell?
is she a registerd Dem, Rep, or unaffiliated.
Now that is a reasonable question, because it is of course a matter of public record. If Turfgrrl wants to save you a trip down to the Norwalk registrar of voters, that is up to her, however.

I think that if GC is satisfied with her response to whatever questions he has, that is enough. I trust he is not a Lieberman staffer, don't you? And in any event, it is his blog.

Just because some of us are eager to drop our drawers (Bruce), doesn't mean anybody else must or even should.

If you really think that kind of information is fair game, you should at least have the courage of your convictions and start by posting under your real name.

If you really want to show us you mean business, post some very compromising stuff about yourself so any unscrupulous nut who happens to stroll by can avail themselves of it.


TrueBlueCT said...

C'mon Chris--

Turfy's postings about Lamont/Lieberman ring completely FALSE. The majority of us think she has some sort of hidden agenda. And her business dealings with Lieberman Campaign Treasurer Lynn Fusco are a giant flag. You aren't so naive as to imagine a world without paid shills, are you?

Personally, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Despite my pseudo-anonymity, I don't think anyone here has any doubt as to where I'm coming from. Ask me a question, and I'll respond honestly. That's a promise.

OTOH, Turfy is anything but straight-forward. She won't even admit to her support for Revoltin' Joe. Instead she pretends to a faux impartiality. It's fundamentally dishonest.

Again, if she was a partisan Liebercrat I'd be much more forgiving. But instead she blogs falsely.

Ask me any question you want, McArdle. Please go ahead. I know where I'm coming from.

Chris MC said...

"Hidden" agenda? I dunno. She seems to be pretty undeniably out there with it.

Ask me a question, and I'll respond honestly. That's a promise.
So post your real name and a brief but substantive bio, TB. Far as I know we don't really know each other outside the blogosphere. So far, I know a lot more about Turfgrrl than I do about you.

She won't even admit to her support for Revoltin' Joe. Instead she pretends to a faux impartiality.
While I'll admit I haven't always followed the conversation blow-for-blow, her support for Lieberman, whether it is because he lines up with her beliefs or because of some commitment to him, seems real. I don't get the sense Turfgrrl is, say, a self-described "leftist" whose only real interest and area of endeavor is whatever is best for Turfgrrl. Like her or not, she appears to have integrity.

So, if you can establish that she is on the payroll, that is absolutely fair game. Hurling unsupported allegations, not so much.

bluecoat said...

turffy supports Lieberman and decries what's going on in Iraq just like Farrell does; and she lost credibility just like Farrell has with lots of folks from the 4th; Farrell promises to be an independent thinker if she gets to DC and then toes the DLC line...

TrueBlueCT said...

Chris Mc--

Self-employed ex-Dean person. Became a Dem partisan after it became clear Bush was going to take us into Iraq, and the DC Dems were going to roll-over.

White, male, closing in on 40. Unlike most, I want nothing in return from my political activity.

New Havener, DeStefano-booster. (Despite the fact I was the whistle-blower on the LCI loan scandals in 1998. John's earned my support through many long hours on the job.)

Part of the original DumpJoe crew.

I went to Iowa and New Hampshire for Dean, was on TV during the NYC GOP convention. (long story there.)

Held the sign in Windsor asking Joe to "Please rule out an Independent Run."

Was one of only two Nutmeggers to attend the YearlyKos convention where I had fun meeting Wesley Clark, Tom Vilsack, Kos, Jane Hamsher, Atrios, Dave Sirota, Bob Geiger, and oh yeah, Mark Warner.

your turn.

Chris MC said...

TB -
I post under (pretty much) my real name, and occasionally share tidbits about myself. Despite feelers to you some time ago when you claimed here that we were acquainted, and a direct request above, I still don't know your name, nor specifics of the kind that have been exposed here about turfgrrl.

My political biography you know already, I've posted pieces of it from time to time along the way:
I'm pretty well informed and have posted about the issues and particularly about the neo-cons at some length here over the past year. I have been in business for most of my career. Very little money has ever come in from political or government work.

For a little over a year, I actively maintained the Fifth District Watch site, which I suspended once we knew that we had a Congressional candidate. The blog was the final project in a five-year effort to develop a grassroots campaign and draft, if necessary, a viable candidate to run against the supposedly unbeatable Nancy Johnson. That began when Jim Maloney was defeated by Johnson and really picked up steam coming out of the '03 municipals and the effort on behalf of Dean in the Fifth CD, which is how I met Swan and all those folks, including according to you and Keith, you guys - sorry I don't recall it. I don't take credit for the outcome, but I am damned happy to say that effort is complete.

I've been involved in municipal politics since the mid-seventies when I did door hangars and such for family members and friends who were running for local office, the state house and state senate. That was when I first became acquainted with Joe Lieberman, then running for the AG nomination if memory serves. A looong time ago. I've since run municipal campaigns and worked on a variety of other campaigns here and out of state.

There's lots more, but none of it less boring than all that. Just a DTC member and grassroots activist, and blogger (since before we called it blogging). So I envy your trip to yearly Kos! And I hope you found Warner an interesting possiblity.

Chris MC said...

That said, I think that anybody who thinks outing turfgrrl is an OK thing to do, other than matters of public record (and even then the practice is highly questionable), should have the courage of their convictions and volunteer the same information about themselves. Where do you work? Who are your customers? What is your real name? Where do you live?

Feeling the chill yet? If not, you're not taking this seriously enough.