Friday, July 14, 2006

Fabrizi Gives up Raises

Mayor Fabrizi of Bridgeport is slapping himself on the wrist as part of an effort to repair his damaged image:
Mayor John M. Fabrizi, who tearfully confessed last month to occasional cocaine use while in office, said today he will forfeit two years worth of raises worth about $5,400.

Fabrizi, who is up for re-election next year, also said he directed the police to implement a plan to rid the city of drug dealers.

The move was part of a reform plan Fabrizi announced in an effort to restore trust with voters. (AP)

Great! He can start by telling the cops who sold him his cocaine, right?

He would not say who sold him the drugs and has said he has no plans to leave office. (AP)

Never mind.


"Fabrizi Forfeits Raises After Cocaine Admission." Associated Press 14 July, 2006.


ctblogger said...

This is rich!

Wew have a mayor who won't tell the POLICE who sold him the coke.

One word: resign.

The Architect said...

He should be charged with obstruction of justice.

bluecoat said...

Did the police ask him yet? and don't you think the feds already know? Poor John Fabrizi, how could someone do this to him? He is the victim in all this, don't you get it yet?

ctblogger said...

Yeah, I get it...just like Marion Barry was a victim.

He's the mayor AND using coke for crying out loud!