Monday, July 10, 2006

Malloy Leads Gubernatorial Fundraising

The fundraising numbers for Q2, according to each campaign:

Dan Malloy: $650,000 (approx.) - $1.3 million on hand
Jodi Rell: $641,226.25 - $1.74 million on hand
John DeStefano: $340,002 - $1.25 million on hand



BRubenstein said...

We all knew that DM would led the quarter..he lives in the " gold coast" and isnt shy about hitting up folks who use the Mayor's office for money...i still think he will not beat JDS in the primary and i am willing to put my money where my mouth is...and wager takers?

Janet said...

Go Dan! He's got the momentum and will take the primary.

HealthcareNOW said...

Are you joking? Nobody knows who he is. I'm telling you, going on the air less than a month before the primary is a bad idea...I try to give some attention to this race, but I mean as a Lamont supporter this is not a race I'm focusing on at all.

I suspect that this is what most progressive Democrats feel right now. Lamont's new ad is amazing (why hasn't it been posted here?) and I just saw Dan's new ad. It's a nice ad, but I mean doesn't it get drowned out by everything. The Ned/Joe race is taking anything resembling momentum from these two candidates, and I don't either one of them to have any.

So it comes down to name ID, and name association. DeStefano's pretty much got the progressive vote/universal healthcare issue locked down. And he's got labor. The lack of fundraising probably comes from the fact he doesn't live in Fairfield and lost the convention. We'll see how that Malloy dough translates into votes on election day.

Anonymous said...

I wish DM would spend some of it - I haven't seen any TV commercials yet - what is he waiting for?

Genghis Conn said...

Actually, I just received word today that Malloy has released his first commercial. Here's the link:

The dialogue:

Dan's Voice: "Lost jobs, expensive health care... People in Connecticut are struggling.

"I know something about that.

"With help from my Mom, Dad and teachers I overcame severe learning disabilities, to go on to law school and become a prosecutor.

"And, as mayor of Stamford, for the last 11 years I've turned my home town into one of the 10 best places to live in the country.

"So when people ask me if we can make Connecticut a better place to live, I tell them, 'I'm not worried, I've been overcoming obstacles all my life... and I've gotten pretty good at it.'"

Micah Heftman said...


Please head over to our website -

to view the campaigns first commercial.

Anonymous said...

Nice ad - it gives you some feeling for who he really is - a nice guy who gets the job done. A refreshing change from some of the over the top negative ads that have taken over politics (not just in CT) But he needs to follow this ad up with an ad that focuses on his positions. I agree with HCNow, he waited too long to get on TV.

Brass Tacks said...

Good quarter for Dan... but

Take away his lobbyist and contractor money, and then show me how he or DeStefano are outpacing Rell... She has done very well for staying away from that money.

Wonder if anyone will write that story.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

That was a good spot for DM. I do agree with B-Rube that the gold coast is driving the boat.

Lamont and Malloy are trying to provide the country-clubbers the access and influence in Washington and Hartford that they so lack and do crave.

And I agree with B-Rube that JDS will win. But this contest is in the "if a Democrat falls in the August primary and nobody hears it" category.

The reality is that in a state with about 1 in 4 Republican registration, Democrats will have lost the gube in CT in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, and yet again... Do hold out hope for 2010, when it appears the field will be pretty well open.

Speaking of the great John M. Bailey. If he were indeed to suddenly grace us today, he'd say "You're focused on this Lamont thing? Jiminy Christmas- why in the world are you focused on that when you can't get your act together in the corner office at the Statehouse!"

Chris Dodd, call your office. Run in 2010- you'll never be majority leader, you'll never be President. Come home, travel less.

And one last thing. Gary Franks had the best music in his ads, didn't he?

Rell is going down said...

Maybe Jodi's numbers are down because she doesn't have Lisa Moody shaking down state employees for contributions.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

I'd also be interested in seeing the numbers of individual donors to each campaign. Thats an always interesting stat to me.

Anonymous said...

In thirty days Rell will have $2M COH and the winner of the D primary will be on fumes

Chris MC said...

Chris MC said...

"As you know, I was formerly a supporter of John DeStefano. Since the convention, I have consulted with the town committee people in my [Democratic State Central Committee] District. Over two thirds are supporting Dan Malloy. After careful reflection and consultation with my fellow Democrats, I am proud to endorse Dan Malloy." Audrey Blondin officially announced tonight to a crowd of party activists and supporters as Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Mary Glassman and Gubernatorial candidate Malloy looked on. "In politics, your word is everything. Dan Malloy is a man of honesty and integrity, who keeps his word. That is what the Democratic Party needs to lead it, and that is what the State of Connecticut needs in its Governor."

Taking the floor, Malloy said that Litchfield County's support will put Malloy/Glassman over the top on August 8th, and on August 9 Democrats across the state will come together, and the people of Connecticut will elect a new Governor, because they know it is time for a change. "And come November 9, Jodi Rell will wake up and read the paper and say how shocked and dismayed she is to find that she is no longer Governor." Malloy finished, to loud laughter.

Financial numbers are out, too. DeStefano/Slifka raised approximately $380,000 in the quarter just ended. Malloy/Glassman raised some $650,000. "We have $1.2 million dollars to spend winning this primary over the next four weeks," Malloy said.

(sorry for the repost - didn't see this thread last time...)

Brass Tacks said...

And a grateful nation thanks Audrey for showing the way..."to loud laughter."

Anonymous said...

I'm no lawyer (but I have worked on campaigns), but it looks like both Destefano and Molloy may have run afoul of campaign finance law. Both of them took contributions from their respective LG candidates. The law is pretty clear:

"(a) A candidate committee shall not make contributions to, or for the benefit of, ... (5) another candidate committee except that ... (B) after a political party nominates candidates for election to the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, whose names shall be so placed on the ballot in the election that an elector will cast a single vote for both candidates, as prescribed in section 9-181, an expenditure by a candidate committee established by either such candidate that benefits the candidate committee established by the other such candidate shall be permitted." The section is 9-333r.

Right now, either Destefano or Molloy could win, and the other's LG candidate could win. Since the primary doesn't involve a single vote, I don't see how they can take the money from the other candidate committees. Right now, the Democratic party has endorsed a candidate, but hasn't completed the nomination process.

I could be missing something, and would be happy to be corrected.

Guy that never posts said...

Someone check the Audrey Blondin Tally; did we make it 10 days without mentioning her name? I am still trying to figure out what she does and who she is. I know she was running for Secretary of State but didn’t quite have the juice to challenge the B E L O V E D Susan Bysiewicz. I think she is on State Central (I seem to have some recollection of Bruce not agreeing with her support of Joe, or the war, or the war on Joe). But I am serious, who is she?

I am pretty sure that she isn’t a king maker. Her endorsement doesn’t matter (unless the primary comes down to one vote). And the Q Poll that came out after the convention showed John Destefano with a 12% lead.

GC, I think it is great that the candidates are sitting down with the blogging community. Any plans in the works for any of the congressional candidates or the other constitutional officers to participate in this kind of forum?

cgg said...

Malloy's first ad is nice. It's a nice introduction, though a bit late I think.

Rell is going down said...


I have never "worked on a campaign", as you clearly you point you have, but I don't see either candidate saying that they shared finances with their LG running mate. The release I saw from both simply stated their combined finances, which I took to mean each committee's reporting figures. But then again, you have "worked on a campaign", so I wouldn't dare confront you on this issue. Maybe BRubenstein can shed some light on this issue, since he has consulted so many of such races.

Anonymous said...

Ahem...Rell's fundraising is on fumes. This quarter's showing can't be spun as anything other than an utter failure. The last republican who won the governor's office having raised less than Rell at this point was Tom Meskill.

Don't feed us the line on "we're not taking lobbyist dollars." You can blame it on zero appeal among bigtime donors, a self-righteous/holier-than-thou attitude, or a bumbling and inexperienced fundraising crew. If you can't kick-ass in fundraising with an 80% approval rating in your first quarter and a 70% approval rating in the second quarter, then how's Rell going to do as the campaign rolls on and her approval rating continues to dip?

Any way you slice it, this is just another showing of the Rell campaign's bungling--her campaign manager is brokering deals between government officials, her chief-of-staff is handling the fundraising, her approval is sky high and she's losing the fundraising battle to a candidate who has been running for over a year and is involved in an intraparty fight. So much for her crack political team.

The True Gentleman said...

Anonymous...what about the line that there has been no reason for Jodi Rell to aggressively fundraise at this point because she is not in the midst of an August primary? Does that suffice?

Chris MC said...

The numbers posted are aggregated, but the LG fundraising is separate. I believe Slifka brought $50,000 of the reported $385,000 for DeStefano.

No matter how you try to spin it, the fundraising tally has been Malloy 4, DeStefano 0 over the last four quarters.

JD's early TV buy, needed to secure the lifeboat AFL-CIO convention endorsement, doesn't appear to be reflected in his reported cash on hand. I'd have to sit down and figure it out, but his real available $$ should be significantly lower. He may even be close to running on fumes.

Even using JD's numbers as reported, Malloy/Glassman has now surpassed DeStefano/Slifka in Cash on Hand, and will almost certainly have two to three times better cash flow over the next four weeks than JD/SS, especially given this news.

JD's much higher burn rate suggests the campaign is throwing a lot of resources around, but it isn't paying off. Malloy keeps doing things right and adding mass to his victory at the convention, and money to his coffers. His campaign is being run smart and efficiently.

He'll finish strong from here.

Rell is going down said...


I will disagree with you there. There is never a quarter that is not important. If she is taking this lightly, that is the best sign for democrats that I've heard all year. She had the chance to bury the winner of the August 8th primary by pounding them for a month while they refilled their war chest. She had to know this. No matter how you look at it, there are 3 months until the general. What would she be waiting for?

Anonymous said...

TG: I appreciate your insight and posts, so I'll try not to sound too much like BR when I say you obviously don't have much experience around campaigns. No matter what office you run for, you always raise funds early. Always. But go ahead and try peddle the "Jodi isn't really trying hard to raise money now because she wants to raise it in the fall" line...don't think you'll find too many buyers.

Anonymous said...

not to mention that malloy and destef are drawing from the same pot. rell should be free and clear among her folks...unless there's another republican running for governor.

Anonymous said...

Well If John DeStefano had picked Audrey Blondin instead of The West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka Maybe he would of won the primary.I am so sick of hearing about them morons in West Hartford especially that Woman Town Chairman who needs to go away and get a life.West Hartford Democrats think the world revolves around them NEWSFLASH There are 168 other towns in Connecticut.

Mary Glassman will be a Great Lt Governor for Connecticut while Scotty Slifka will have to be satisfied to be West Hartford's Ceremonial Mayor.

The True Gentleman said...

Anonymous, I don't try to hold myself out as something I'm not. I have been around several campaigns (at the state/federal levels) but I have ZERO campaign fundraising experience. After I typed (albeit sarcastically, but that never shows in written prose now does it) that Rell hadn't started to aggressively fundraise because she isn't in the midst of a primary, I realized that that is a poor counter-argument. I don't mind being lectured on how things work as long as the person lecturing knows for a fact that I actually need a lecture on how things work.

John Fahan said...

I am helping to organize Stratford for Malloy and I guarantee he will
take Stratford. Dan has other surprises coming. Stay tuned.

John E. Fahan
Fmr. Rep City of Stamford (D-6)