Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ruling: Civil Unions Not Discriminatory

A ruling today by a superior court judge in New Haven has gone against eight gay couples who say that the state's civil union law is harmful and discriminatory:
"Civil union and marriage in Connecticut now share the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law," Judge Patty Jenkins Pittman in New Haven wrote. "The Connecticut Constitution requires that there be equal protection and due process of law, not that there be equivalent nomenclature for such protection and process." (AP)

The matter will be appealed to the state supreme court.


"Judge Rules Gay Couples Not Harmed By Civil Unions Law." Associated Press 12 July, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Awsome, a victory for those of us who don't want to be forced to accept things against our will.

Anonymous said...

Wow...for all the hemmin' and hawin' libs do about this issue, you'd think that there would be more comments on this post. I guess this means that we're all homophobes.

ProgCT said...

I think the first poster is pretty clearly a homophobe. "forced to accept things against our will." No one is forcing you to accept anything. If you don't like gay marriage you wouldn't have to marry someone of the same sex.

That said I agree with this ruling 100%. We did the right thing in introducing civil unions although I would support the legislature allowing gay marriage as well.

Anonymous said...

Too bad religious people want to force rational people to abide by nonsense, aka, religion, thought up by a bunch of vicious, Bronze age, goat herders. Yes that sounds like a great way to make public laws - consult some invisible sky god/ daddy, and his virgin mommy (also invisible). Makes a lot of sense, no?

Chris MC said...

LOL A8:31. That is perhaps the most sophorically ignorant criticism of Christianity I can remember.

Chris MC said...

sophomorically ignorant, too