Saturday, July 15, 2006

U.S. Senate Primary Fundraising - Second Quarter

Here are the raw numbers (thanks to MikeCT for spotting them):

Lieberman: $1.3 million ($4.3 million on hand)
Lamont: $1.9 million ($276,976 on hand)

Two pieces of information from this article are very relevant to these numbers. First (boldface mine):
The campaign, which is not accepting Washington lobbyist money, was left with $276,976 on hand at the end of the most recent reporting period that ended June 30.

And the second:
[Lamont] received $829,936 from nearly 15,000 people and contributed $1.1 million himself. (AP)

The fact that Lamont can forego lobbyist money and still raise over $800,000 from supporters is pretty decent. However, it's worth noting that only 30% of Lamont's money comes from Connecticut, and that his campaign warchest will essentially be empty by August 8th if he keeps up this pace.

It'll be interesting to see if Lieberman's breakneck fundraising pace slows down at all now that he's gathering petitions for an independent run. His massive war chest also gives the lie to the idea that Lamont is going to simply buy a Senate seat. He'll have to pony up a lot more dough if he wants to equal what Lieberman has on hand. There is no information as of right now about how much of Lieberman's financial support comes from in state.

No information on how much Alan Schlesinger has raised.

"Lamont raised $1.9M in latest reporting period." Associated Press 15 July, 2006.


GMR said...

Lamont can afford to eschew money from "Washington lobbyists", as they rarely give money to challengers of incumbents in primaries. If Ned wins the primary, look for him to change his position on that issue.

Anonymous said...

why would you assume that he is going to break a promise he has repeatedly made?

GMR said...

I don't know for certain of course, but in a primary against an incumbent, few Washington lobbyists and PACs are going to give money. However, if he wins the primary, Ned's likely going to need a lot more money, as Lieberman has a nice war chest. I don't know how much he wants to give to his campaign himself (if he gives too much, he'll trigger the provision that will allow Lieberman's supporters to double the maximum contribution).

Anonymous said...

Schlesinger has raised approximately $3,000.00. I believe Dick Foley just had the donor send him the money directly and skip the middleman.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont is just trying to buy the seat out from under Joe Lieberman.I still would never support a left wing millionaire who supports a cut and run policy in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Wow gmr, you don't think he could have possibly made it on principle?

Anonymous said...


What about the fundraising for the state legislative races? Some impressive totals...Schlossberg and Meyer for the Democrats, Caligiuri and Debicella for the Republicans....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:37, are you completely insane? Has it not yet dawned on you that Lieberman spent 3 million more this quarter than Lamont?

no said...

"His massive war chest also gives the lie to the idea that Lamont is going to simply buy a Senate seat."

Well, you kind of proved it wasn't a lie when you stated that Lamont contributed $1.1 million to himself. That seems like trying to buy into the Senate to me.

"No information on how much Alan Schlesinger has raised."

He doesn't raise money...he just wins it at the casino.

Anonymous said...

The only Dems with a plugged nickel in their coffers on 8/9 will be the house candidates. I also notice that Simmons and Johnson picked up the pace on FR. Evidently the "inevitable Democratis landslide" memo didn;t make it to their contributors in-box

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:20- If Lamont wasn't in this causing all this trouble Joe wouldn't have to be raising and spending all this money.

Days until Ned Lamont goes away as does DFA...23

Joe Lieberman wins, the Real Americans win and no more dorky Ned Lamont Commercials

Quarterly Prophet said...

why would you assume that he is going to break a promise he has repeatedly made?

How many times did he say he wasn't going to release his returns? More than once.