Sunday, July 09, 2006

Open Forum

Ray Hackett calls blogs and bloggers examples of "vigilante politics."

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am... Blogman!

I really need to get my cape back from the cleaners.

More seriously, Scarce at My Left Nutmeg reports on an accident at Sailfest in New London and the heroism of a Lamont staffer.

The Moderate Voice comments on the Lamont/Lieberman race and its implications for moderates and centrists. Some of it I agree with, some of it not.

Site News: Comments are still moderated (although there was a moment after the debate and this weekend when they were not). I'm pretty pleased with the way comment moderation has worked so far. Even when comment moderation was off, people kept their conversations (mostly) civil. I've only had to delete a handful of posts.


MikeCT said...

Obscure candidate of the week

If Lamont, Lieberman, and Ferrucci still don't float your boat, you have yet another option. Connecticut voters may be faced with the prospect of two independents running in the U.S. Senate election.

John Mertens is running as a candidate of the "Independent Party of Connecticut." He describes himself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. His first suggested step to supporters: "Tell pollsters that you are going to vote for me. "

This West Hartford resident is reaching out to youth with his own MySpace page. Among the appreciative comments of his fans:
* "cool tie! u have my bfs vote... he said so. :)"
* "you are a genious for making a myspace page to try and attract younger voters out there...just on that alone, i will vote for you."
* "whats up yo"

Among the other candidates of the Independent Party is horse vet Scott Merrell, a Gubernatorial candidate who first skyrocketed to prominence through his exposure in the DVM Newsmagazine and the Thoroughbred Times. Merrell recently objected to hurdles that the DMV (no relation to DVM) has put in the way of his signature gathering efforts. He has to fill out a form, which qualifies Connecticut as a "police state."

Other Independent Party hopefuls include: Waterbury resident Michael Telesca for lieutenant governor; Vernon resident Robert Gonzalez for secretary of the state; and Waterbury resident James Shine for state treasurer.

bluecoat said...

Hackett probably doesn't use anonymous sources or polls either to run down stories...

Anonymous said...

A newspaper that recently reported that Joe Lieberman is running for President this year should exercise some restraint in denouncing the journalistic standards of others, particularly those who don't pretend to be journalists.

Love the graphic, GC!

ctblogger said...

You should of wore the mask and suit yesterday.

BranfordBoy already wacked Hackett over the head in his post at MLN, ctkeith breaks down the whole Hackett/Lieberman realtionship in the comment section of MLN, and I was going to write a rebuttal until I saw your post and laughed my ass off.

What's wrong with asking Democratic politicians whether or not they'll support the Democratic nominee for senate. Seems like a fair question to me. Shouldn't the Democratic voters in Connecticut know where their represenatives stand in this important issue?

cgg said...

The Hackett piece was something. Notice how he uses the exact same writing style that he claims to find so repugnant.

Patricia Rice said...

If you are really looking for Democratic State Senators or Reps to committ to suporting anybody else other than Joe Lieberman you should prepare to remove nearly every Democrat in the house and senate. I know some of you may want to do that but most of us don't.

Anonymous said...


No one expects any incumbent dems to endorse Lamont in the primary (well, some might, but they're being fairly unrealistic). What any and all Democrats have a right to expect is that other Democrats will support the winner of the primary, whoever the winner may be.

Chris MC said...

No elected Democrats endorsing Lamont? John Geragosian has been on TV and in the papers at Lamont events. Peter Terzyak is out there without apologies, and a number of others are too, but I'll undoubtedly get someone wrong, so I'll stop there.

Give people credit for making their decisions honestly will you? And let them speak for themselves.