Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fun with Ned and Joe

Chapter #27,493: Debate Week

It’s Fourth of July week. Everyone is tuned-out, taking off and basically in a mood for baseball, hot dogs and hitting the beach.

In other words, it’s a perfect time for what may be the most crucial and fascinating debate of the year: Lieberman vs. Lamont.

Yes, this Thursday at 7pm, Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman will face one another in the eerie, otherworldly stillness of a television studio, with a few news anchors and the cameramen as their only live audience. Even reporters will be sequestered in a different room. The debate will be broadcast live on WVIT (Channel 30) to them as well as to the rest of us.

Joe Lieberman is an old hand at high-stakes debates, although the jury's out on whether he's ever actually won one. Lamont, as is the case with just about everything else, is untested.

Lieberman's been off-balance for the entire campaign so far. There's a good chance he'll try to use the debate to regain his footing. The best case scenario for Lieberman is if he essentially has one of his better debates, and Lamont makes a couple of rookie mistakes. That gives Lieberman a chance to define Lamont for voters, while looking like the seasoned statesman his campaign wants him to be.

The worst-case scenario for Lieberman is if he comes off as an angry, bitter, self-important jerk--which is exactly what he's been doing for most of the campaign. If this happens, all Lamont has to do is keep his head above water and hope his weird charisma translates well to live television.

I'm betting on a polished, gracious and wise Joe Lieberman to show up at the debate. Note that I said that he'll show up that way. Where he'll be by the end of it is largely up to Ned Lamont.


Ebpie said...

I agree that this debate has the potential to change the dynamics of the race. If Lamont beats or holds his own against Lieberman than his momentum will only increase. This will inevitably tighten the race. On the other hand if Lieberman brings his A game and doesn't try to portray Lamont as the world’s only conservative communist Republican than he might regain the upper hand and cruise to a comfortable win in August.

All that being said, however, many people have already made up their mind on this race. Unless something major happens (Lieberman comes across as arrogant, Lamont stumbles verbally) I don’t think it will drastically change anything. As GC correctly pointed out few people care and even fewer people are watching. This seems like a debate more for the Sunday morning talk shows than for the people of CT. I have no doubt that the day after it is all over people will be on this blog praising their candidate and mocking the other.

Genghis Conn said...

I have no doubt that the day after it is all over people will be on this blog praising their candidate and mocking the other.


TrueBlueCT said...

I want to know more about how someone could have graduated college in 1964, and avoided Vietnam. How many deferments did Joe get? Does Matt Lieberman know he was a "keep me out of the war" baby? Does our uber-hawk Senator regret not having had the moral courage to enlist a la Kerry? And did he ever encourage Matt to enlist? Will a grand-kid step forward to atone for Grandpa's failings?

I also want to know how much Hadassah is getting paid as a Hill & Knowlton corporate lobbyist. With $300,000+ salary behind them, are the Liebermans "up-sizing" in DC at the same time they are "down-sizing" in Connecticut. (their New Haven home is under deposit.)

And does Joe feel guilty about having attacked Weicker on speaking fees, when in the last five years, the Lieberman household has raked in $570,00 in speaking fees! That's from just 44 appearances, meaning an average of almost $13,000 any time Mrs. Lieberman graced a group with her presence.

And I also wanted to ask Mr. Lieberman if his politics are to the right, or left of Ned Lamont's. I mean that's a very fair question, isn't it. Particularly when he is spending big $$$$ to mail low-information voters glossy campaign literature implying Lamont is a closeted Republican.

And why doesn't the Bush Doctrine apply to Iran? I mean, unlike Iraq, the Ayatollahs have a real nuclear program.

And I'd also like to know why Houston Republican Philip Burguries maxed out to Joe with two $2100 contributions. In fact, I'd like to know about all of his out-of-state huge dollar contributors. What motivates a couple to give $8400 to our CT Senator?

These are the fun questions our press should be asking. Heck, I'd ask them myself, but of course Senator Lieberman isn't holding any public forums. I guess accountability isn't one of his strong suits.

cgg said...

Lieberman has little to gain and everything to lose here. High stakes.

TrueBlueCT said...

Other way around GeekGirl.

Lieberman has debated live many times before. Against Cheney he was watched by 28 million Americans. As long as the WVIT hosts avoid the tough questions, he has absolutely nothing to lose.

Lieberman will be agressively trying to put Lamont back on his heels, hoping Ned will ramble on, or stutter, or make a gaffe, --and come off less than Senatorial.

Ned needs to be ready for Joe's assault. When Joe fires away, he needs to take a deep breath, count to three, then smack the crap out of Revoltin' Joe in his trademark Jimmy Stewart way.

Any show of cajones should give Ned a huge jump in the polls. Plenty of Joe's 55% are disappointed in Lieberman. What they need is to see Lamont's inner strength.

And I hope Ned questions the "man of integrity" on his low-road politics. No real commitment to our Primary, nasty attack mailings, and push-polling this early in the game?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... "
I want to know more about how someone could have graduated college in 1964, and avoided Vietnam.

History's not your long suit eh?

Hardly anyone over 22 was getting drafted in 64; the war was just warming up at that point.

By 67 (I graduated high school in 69 an remember the era well) if you weren't in college you were in boot camp.

Not everyone was out to dodge either; I had several friends enlist and I tried to too (I wound up 4-F (asthma, not a big deal they should have taken me)).
Some people thought that fighting tyranny was a good idea.

It still is.

TrueBlueCT said...


Honestly, wasn't asthma your excuse? (and why the heck are you still smoking?)

Some wars still aren't worth the sacrifice. Others were. I hAve no beef with anyone who skipped Vietnam, although my sympathies lie with those who trusted their leaders, and actually risked their lives.

Stupid elective wars should be things of the past.