Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blumenthal, Nappier and Wyman Endorse Malloy

Earlier today three of the top Democrats in the state endorsed Dan Malloy:
"After every convention, I have supported the party's nominees and this year I do the same, beginning at the top with Dan Malloy for Governor," Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. "I am proud to have been Dan Malloy's constituent and friend. He is a great family man with rock-solid principles and commitment to public service."

"As Stamford's mayor, Dan Malloy has a record of accomplishment in two vital areas of citizens' lives that I care very deeply about -- the economy and health care," Comptroller Nancy Wyman said. "I believe his vision and leadership are worthy of electing him to the highest office in the state of Connecticut."

"Dan Malloy has demonstrated tenacity, perseverance, and determination throughout his life -- admirable attributes that have brought personal and professional accomplishments," State Treasurer Denise Nappier said. "His substantial record of innovative policy success and effective leadership was instrumental in his Democratic convention victory, and with that he has earned my endorsement."

Susan Bysiewicz, who dropped out of the governor's race last year, apparently had nothing to say on the matter.


"Constitutional Officers Restate Their Support of Malloy for CT's Next Governor." Dan Malloy for Governor. Press Release. 27 July, 2006.


BellwetherDem said...

Good media hit for Malloy. Though I am not sure if the "Party Endorsed" tag is as valuable in this primary race. And didn't Blumenthal, Nappier and Wyman all want to be governor at some point. I wonder if the average primary voter will perceive them endorsing Dan out of self-interest?

Anonymous said...

The real question here is not whether Malloy has these endorsements.

The question should be- who is best positioned to carry the key Willington battleground in the general election?

Anonymous said...

Malloy is really racking them up lately. I think the NYT helped, but I know some on here didn't agree. It's hard to argue that Blumenthal won't sway a number of undecidedes though. I think this primary is going to be close.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say....

Aren't the Dems totally screwed up?

They are going in so many different directions this cycle, the GOP couldn't have dreamed.... and while they historically come together, I just don't see it happening this year.

Anonymous said...

Malloy should follow Joe Lieberman's lead, and start collecting signatures for an Indy run. We all know he is best for Connecticut, and ALL of CT's voters should have the opportunity to vote for his Centrist candidacy.

Chris MC said...

It speaks very highly both of these three party leaders and of Mayor Malloy that, despite the polling numbers, they stood up and said this.

Blumenthal, Nappier, and Wyman are all highly respected within the party by people across the philosophical spectrum, and they represent different parts of the state geographically as well.

This will definitely matter to the majority of party faithful who have yet to make up their minds, but will be at the polls on August 8. And it might even change a few minds that had been made up.

Three HUGE gets for Malloy.

Janet said...

Nice pick-up for Malloy. I can see him benefiting from this. All three of them are well respected by the Democratic base.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that special.

Hold the press!!!

Dem constitutional officers endorse dem convention-endorsed candidate.

I am shocked!!

Sure to be first page above-the-fold news story tomorrow. Maybe WTNH will break in with special report tonight.

Anonymous said...

Who cares that Malloy got these endorsements, and why is Willington so important? Not knocking Willington, just curious to why you say it is.

The bad thing for Malloy is that no one is paying attention to this race. Everytime something good happens to him, it gets drowned out. DeStefano was smart to get out early to make sure people knew who he was. Malloy, not so much.

I don't think it'll be 20 points, but I think labor and the progressives will come out hard for DeStefano on August 8.

Chris MC said...

In related news, another elected leader - this time from New Haven - endorsed Dannel Malloy today.

This isn't run of the mill stuff. For a State Rep from New Haven to publicly endorse his Mayor's competitor is a very big deal. As Malloy's press release indicates, there is a real difference between these two candidates.

State Representative Bill Dyson (D-New Haven) today endorsed Dan Malloy for Governor, citing the gubernatorial candidate’s leadership on many critical issues, including crime prevention and youth development programs.

“Dan’s record as Mayor and as a former prosecutor serves him well and makes him the best candidate for Governor,” said Dyson. “Dan understands the impact crime is having in our communities and has the experience and ideas to tackle this important issue head on.”

In announcing his support for Malloy, Dyson was joined by former New Haven Mayor John Daniels and Alderwomen Migdalia Castro in praising Malloy’s proposals to combat crime, including his plan to hire more law enforcement officials and to strengthen the state’s gun control regulations. They also applauded Malloy’s focus on prevention, noting his calls to expand statewide the successful Youth Development Initiative which he launched in Stamford and the Justice Reinvestment program being piloted in Connecticut.

"For too long Connecticut’s towns and cities have struggled without strong partnership at the state level," said Malloy. "It takes constant vigilance to effectively support our youth, make them valuable members of the community and give them hope for the future. It starts with a strategy, effective programs and tireless implementation to make a difference. It doesn't happen over night; it doesn't happen with a press release; it doesn't happen with one high profile meeting. It happens by leveraging experience, committing resources and continually working hard for the future of our youth. That is what I will do when elected Governor of our state."

Malloy also called for the importance of accurately reporting crime statistics. He urged his Democratic challenger New Haven Mayor John DeStefano to commit to the same timeliness in releasing New Haven’s criminal activity to the state who then sends that information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Consistent reporting of these statistics will allow us to effectively asses and combat crime in Connecticut. It would also afford the states’ Democratic primary voters with a level comparison of the two mayors’ track records on this issue.

- Malloy campaign press release.

Anonymous said...

Ah Willington, the keeper of the flame, the kinda not really red town, the travel stop of Kos and all his mighty troops, where Fedex rumbles and cow's moo. Pity the mere mortal who ignores the might, the wisdom, the very essence that is...Willington.

Anonymous said...

ChrisMC has spoken. The election goes to Malloy. These three votes put him over the top.

It's all about organization, organization, organization, organization. Unless Denise, Nancy, and Slicky Dick have some volunteers and staffers who are going to pound the pavement in the next 10 days, endorsements at this point in time don't mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Is that all Malloy's got? Come on Dan, give me a real reason to vote for you, besides all the party insider crap and your claim to "electability".

Wrath of Conn said...

Haha nice try anon 8:20. If you dont think there are some SERIOUSLY ticked off people in New Haven tonight you have another thing coming. How many people do you think will see tomorrows paper and think "well gee I dont know a whole lot about these 2 candidates, but if Dick says he's okay then he's okay by me"?

CC said...

This seems premature and elitist. In coming out for Malloy, doesn't this show that the "Big Three" value the convention delegates over the Democrat voters who have yet to have their say?

Wrath of Conn said...


No, it only shows they value Malloy over DeStefano.

Chris MC said...

No, CC "elitist" isn't a word you can apply here.

All three of these very popular and respected Constitutional Officers are rubber chicken and ziti, press the flesh, supported by Labor, progressive Democrats.

If you want to believe that people in the Second Congressional District don't care what Nancy Wyman says, go right ahead.

If you want to believe that the African Americans in this state don't pay attention to what Denise Nappier says, by all means dismiss her.

If you don't think that Democrats of every persuasion place real weight in what Dick Blumenthal says and does, be my guest.

What I am certain of is that in a battle of endorsements, Nancy Wyman trumps lying Sam G. every day of the week.

Denise Nappier trumps whomever DeStefano wants to trot out from the African American community. Oh, wait....

And Dick Blumenthal trumps anybody you've got.

Anonymous said...

Are there any democrats in New Haven who support DeStefano?? Dyson, Daniels, Candelaria and others are out for Malloy, plus Sen. Harp and Rep. Dillon are taking no position at all. Looney is on the "endorsement" list, but you know he is voting for malloy, as are all his supporters. And, West Haven, Hamden and East Haven are all going for Malloy. DeStefano will lose his own 3rd CD

Anonymous said...

Dick Blumenthal trumps John Larson and Rosa DeLauro?

Until he has the balls to run for a higher office - and he hasn't shown that yet - Dick plays a lowly second to Connecticut Dems like Larson and DeLauro who have become nationally respected. All Dick's become nationally respected for is being Elliot Spitzer's little friend.

Anonymous said...

The Malloy spin machine is in full gear tonight. The party endorsed candidate is endorsed by 3 other party endorsed candidates. Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Definitely not a "HUGE get". And Rep. Dyson??? Great guy, but ever since he lost his battle to be Speaker and was stripped of his post as Chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, he has been just a bomb thrower. Again, a New Haven State Rep (if you actually know anything about New Haven and the legislature's politics) is NOT a surprise.

Are any of them doing robo calls, radio or TV spots? Perhaps that would mean something. I doubt it.

CC said...

By the same logic, then, Dem faithfuls shouldn't feel the need to stick with Lieberman should he lose the primary vote. After all, he (overwhelmingly) won the convention! You either value the primary result over your personal views or you don't. The "Big Three" have shown that they aren't at all constrained by the primary vote.

Anonymous said...

my question is haven't they been with malloy since well um the convention.... i think they are worth while endorsements but not news... and i don't know what type of organization they bring. What they would bring would be money, but it seems late in the game for that, and labor - but wait destefano already has all of that (i think).

Can someone maybe BR knows - is there any labor group still sitting out??

stamfordpartisan said...

Oh, yes, this is huge. Bill Dyson?!? I love Dan, and this is a surprise to me. The next thing you know, the New Haven City Hall unions will come onto the Malloy bandwagon, if for no other reason than it will save them each $2500 not to be shaken down again.

DeanFan84 said...

WOW! Tomorrow! Joe's schedule just hit the blogs.

Can you imagine if regular Joes started showing up, and asked Lord Lieberman some real questions?

My bet is that Joe can't handle a truly public forum. He sure hasn't held one yet. Can you imagine if he had to start answering questions, like if the Bush Doctrine of pre-emption should be applied to Iran?

Or if he believes his wife's job as a corporate lobbyist is a conflict of interest? Or if he regrets never having worn our country's uniform? (How many deferments, Senator, sir?).

What if people asked him if he regreted his unusual vote for the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, what in light of the record high gas prices?

Or if he thinks Israel is more or less safe since we invaded Iraq?

What if he had to defend his differences with Chris Dodd on the Bolton appointment? Or his controversial vote to confirm Atty General Alberto, "Torture is Legal" Gonzales?

Of if he had to account to women's groups for his rolling over on the Alito filibuster, and his "short taxi cab ride" comment?

Not to mention his decision to risk a safe Dem Senate seat via his selfish "CT for Lieberman" play.

Or to be asked once again if he would send his sons off to War in Iraq. Oops! My mistake. Has he ever been asked that question? One can only dream....

BRubenstein said...

This is no big deal...the constitutional officers support the party choice...and....what will they do for DM anyway? They are more concerned about themsleves.They wont give him any money nor do they control votes...all it is is a press hit for a day.

john said...

BR you really are a jaded pessimist. To think Wyman, Nappier, and Blumenthal’s endorsements don’t count for much speaks to the possibility that you have been hanging out way to long in Hartford County. These three dems traveling the state week in and week. And whether they give dollars to Malloy, be assured that at every political stop they make whether it is in Shelton, Jewett City, or any other small town they will be mentioning Malloy names. If you don’t think that carries any weight in a primary election you haven’t made to those small town dem gatherings in a while.

Anonymous said...

Don't bust on Willington. If you are ever in the area, Willington Pizza on 32 is worth a visit.

The parade of insiders endorsing Malloy has been going on since January. What seems to be overlooked is the fact that these insiders are more interested in retaining control of the party machinery than winning an election. I see a replay of the 94 Curry-Larson primary when the rank and file voted for Curry in spite of the determined and intimidating instructions being handed down from the party leadership.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Blumenthal is from Stamford? As is Lieberman. No news here, just patronage.

Anonymous said...

These are very big endorsements - and if they are a month old, so what? What matters is that they hit the paper today. And I tend to agree with Chris MC - the 2nd biggest endorsement in CT (after Chris Dodd) is Blumenthal.

That said, the endorsements don't win you a race. They can however put you over the top if its really close. And ultimately, I think this is a very very close race. No one is paying attention to it. I just don't see how anyone can trust any of the polls. They just aren't solid enough.

Moreover, you have to believe the campaigns internal polling is closer than anyone knows. Because if its not, why else would John DeStefano go so negative towards Malloy in his recent mail? The lastest couple of pieces have been very nasty. A man who is leading by 20 points doesn't need to do that and won't because they can win without taking the chance to annoy all of the people they will need in only two weeks.

Finally, if its about organization organization organization...then JDS better hope his team has improved since the Bad News Bears performance I witnessed at the State Convention.

Thomas Craven said...

This is no big deal...the constitutional officers support the party choice

Thats not true at all.

If it was, you would have seen Susan Bysiewicz publicly support Mayor Malloy as well.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time Susan Bysiewicz took a position on anything? She wants to run for governor too someday so she's not going to alienate anyone by endorsing a candidate. She'll take the safe road and wait until the primarys over. Thats what she does.

BRubenstein said...

Susan B ran one of the worst campaigns in modern connecticut history...she was timid as a mouse and frankly when she went to town committes and spoke about her liking " clean air and water" it bored everyone.The proof is in the pudding in that a constitutional officer, known state wide, was blownout by 2 mayors in very short order to a degree that she couldnt compete in fundraising or anything else...She will need to be very bold from here on in if she is ever to be taken seriously again.

BRubenstein said...

John 12:23 AM...No one votes for such an important post as Governor simply because a constitutional officer mentions their name...people vote for candidates for all sorts of reasons....but hearing Nancy Wyman explain DM's virtues isnt one of them.

Genghis Conn said...

Bizarre about Bysiewicz, considering the no-holds-barred campaigns she has run in the past. You're right, she should have walked away with this thing.

BRubenstein said...

anon 10:24..a couple of the small ones are...but JDS certainly has 95% of the total labor base of the party..and ive checked with the labor co-ordinator of the race and they are working hard for JDS.

Anonymous said...

This idea that it's all about labor is a joke. Curry had labor 2 and a half times when he ran for governor. How'd that work out for him.

Congrats to Mr. Malloy on a few more great endorsements. These officers didn't have to endorse anybody but they did. And, they chose Dan Malloy. A "headline" for a day. I don't think so. They travel around the state every day and will talk Dan up. That's what support is all about.

It's going to be a close race and when three high ranking and somewhat influential dems support you that's nothing to sneeze at.

Congrats, Dan. Can't wait for another "headline" on August 9th that Dan Malloy wins the Primary.

Anonymous said...

Dan Malloy and Mary Glassman will win their respective Primarys on August 8th along with Joe Lieberman and then we will not have to here about Ned Lamont or Tom Swan any longer.

Also no more Dumbass for America group started by a bunch of Lefties which hasnt done anything since they have been in existance and soon will not be.

I cant wait until August 9th when the papers read Malloy,Glassman and Lieberman win the primary and DeStefano and Slifka can go back to their respective citys and continue to be Mayors and Ned Lamont can go back to his Greenwich empire and curse out Lowell Weicker for ever talking him into running for US Senator.

We all know Weicker is a chickens*** or he would of run himself and I am sure he knows If he had run Lieberman would of kicked his butt like Joe will kick Ned's butt in the Primary.

You DFA Losers and Liberals DO NOT Speak for me and I have a right to my opinion and if you dont like it too bad.

NoRighttoanOpinion said...

I just read my constitution, both federal and state, and nowhere does it grant or even infer a "right to an opinion."

I am writing to T.R. Rowe and Bill Finch to ask them to support a bill that would make having an opinion a Class C misdemeanor, and expressing an opinion a Class B misdemeanor.

I ask all of you to support me in extinguishing the right to have an opinion.

If it's unconstitutional, just follow the Hillary Rodham Clinton path and pass a constitutional amendment to the defective first amendment.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Way our way is the Right and Only Way.

Once Again You Liberals DO NOT speak for me and I WILL NOT Let you speak for me.

I will continue to blast Left Said Ned Lamont, Tom I need a decent Suit Swan and all you Dogfood for America people It is called freedom of speech It is a concept you DFA and Liberal Types just cant grasp or understand Because your minds are blown from smoking too much reefer in the 60's.

Maybe you Liberals should spend some time in a library and should learn that everyone is allowed to express themselves not just the Liberals or The Dogfood for America Types. It must be that DFA as someone said here a while ago just a mailing list Because if you were as passionaite about Dogfood of America as you are Ned Lamont i am sure I would hear some response to my remarks.

But that is why DFA is going into oblivion it was just a fad like Rubex Cube

Anonymous said...

Its "Rubik's Cube, you pinhead.

John Fahan said...

Malloy closed the deal with these
endorsements. I heard through the grapevine the Rell campaign is preparing for a Malloy win Aug 8th because they know he will be a serious
challenge for her.

John Fahan

NEchick said...

Remember that all this support follows the Q-poll that put DeStefano ahead by 20 pts. State officers have a vested interest in reinforcing the will of the party. If they didn't, it would restate what the rest of us already know: party politics has NOTHING to do with what's important to everyday people.