Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lieberman Wouldn't Sign Green Petitions

This from the always excellent CT News Junkie:
...By 4 p.m. on August 9, Joe's staff will ask at least 30,000 Connecticut residents to sign a petition to support his right to appear on the November ballot as an independent.

Funny thing is, twice on the Fourth of July, Holy Joe refused to do the same for the Connecticut Green Party at the Willimantic Boom Box parade.

I asked him first to sign in support of the Green Party's right to run a slate of seven statewide candidates on the November ballot, including Ralph Ferucci, the Green nominee for Joe's seat.

Sen. Joe refused, but to get me to stop pestering Lieberman, New Haven resident Martin Dunleavy, who was walking alongside Joe, volunteered to sign.

After Joe and his partner-in-crime Hadassah finished marching, Willimantic Green Jean DeSmet approached him. DeSmet, who beat the Republican to come second with 28 percent of the vote in the 2005 municipal contest for Windham First Selectman, asked Lieberman to sign. He turned her down, too.
Ned [Lamont] signed my petition, as did half of his campaign staff, from campaign manager Tom Swan to field coordinator Rick Melita and on down the line.(Krayeske)

Interestingly, several Lieberman staffers did sign the Green petition. I wonder why Lieberman himself refused? And how can he reasonably ask people to support his petition drive if he won't sign petitions for others? Has he completely lost all his political marbles?


Krayeske, Ken. "Holy Joe Says No!." CT News Junkie 18 July, 2006.


Gio said...

Yet another reason we must get rid of Bush kissing, neo-con, war enabling, former VP candidate, 90% liberal voting record, Dick Cheney's hunting buddy, Joe Lieberman.

GMR said...

In Vermont, Bernie Sanders will not accept the Democrat nomination. He is running as an independent. Yet the Democratic party is doing all that it can to keep any Democrat from running against Bernie Sanders, who is not even an incumbent. There's all sorts of cries not to have a Democrat candidate because Independent Bernie Sanders is running. So why the difference in Connecticut? Why are Democrats not giving the seat to Joe as an independent like they are to Bernie? What ever happened to Party Loyalty?

Anonymous said...

Where's the state rep post?

BRubenstein said...

GMR..party loyalty went the same way as " high button shoes" when Joe started to vote with Republican's and uses his television time to bash the Democratic agenda every chance he gets.How can the party be loyal to a man who recounts that his good friends are Bill Bennett,Sean Hannity,Rush Limbaugh,Bill Kristol,RIchard Perle and the other Neo-Cons responsible for this stupid war.

Genghis Conn said...

Gah! Give me some time. Today sometime it'll be up.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Is this news?

If you are a Senator, and people are running up to you before and after a parade asking you to sign petitions, I'd imagine the rule of thumb is to not sign anything you haven't had a chance to read and closely inspect.

Most political events in New England get a small crowd of LaRouche people getting petitions signed for something or other... most, ignore them as they try to get through the door.

I wonder how much the author was able to speak to Lieberman to explain what he was talking about. Or how much time the Lieberman had to inspect the petitions. The credibility of the entire article comes into play when the guy says he use to work for Lamont before working for the Greens.

I can't wait for ctnewsjunkie's big pre primary scoop- Joe Lieberman hates puppies!

ken krayeske said...

For more on Martin Dunleavy


ken krayeske said...

My credibility rests on my name.

If you choose to berate me, defame me or impugn me, please identify yourself, anonymous.

ken krayeske said...
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bluecoat said...

Labor chieftains balk at Simmons' claim of union support By Don Michak, Journal Inquirer 07/18/2006

Morano withdraws from consideration for top prosecutor's post By Journal Inquirer staff and the Associated Press 07/18/2006 so who will close out the Lisa inquiry?
you need to register with the NHR but the headline is relevant:Home foreclosures in state rise 30%

Rell vows to propose energy policy

BRubenstein said...

Ken Krayeske...Martin Dunleavy used to be a progressive alderman of new haven and a labor organizer here in Ct and he was/is on the DNC as well...I was very dis-heartened to see him supporting Lieberman for President in 2004 and of course now...it is obvious to some of us that his personal relationship to Lieberman means more to him then the so-called progressive issues that he fought for so very long.

Anonymous said...


Get some thicker skin there, buddy. Anon 10:55 raised some legitimate concerns about an apparent bias on your part as well as making a valid point that your article was mcuh further away from actual news and closer to an indulgence in your anti-Joe bias.

His post was fair and didn't even approach "berating" you.

I'm no fan of Joe, either, but he has the perrogative not to sign a petition just as you or I do. The mere fact that he, as well, is asking voters to participate in his petition drive doesn't come close to hypocrisy.

Would you have signed a petition for Streitz while you were gathering signatures for Lamont? I doubt it. It's not productive for you to expect more of others than you do of yourself.

ken krayeske said...

I'll sign a ballot access petition for anyone who asks me because I support the First Amendment rights of all to petition their government for a redress of grievances. I may disagree with your point of view, but everyone who seeks it and does
the work deserves ballot access.

Technically, this story originates from a regular opinion column I write for the small weekly called the Hartford News. It is online (as much as I can get it up there) at http://www.the40yearplan.com

Fair comment? Use your name.

The True Gentleman said...

Ken, what is it that has you so bent out of shape? Is it that this anonymous writer challenged your article and/or questioned your motives?

Personally, I appreciate you mentioning that you worked for Lamont before working for the Green Party. But to slam Senator Lieberman for not signing a petition is quite petty.

And another thing, this blog allows anonymous posts. If you can't handle criticism, don't post or write opinion articles for the public to view.

Patricia Rice said...

Hey Bruce..Don't you think John Olsen is a good Democrat? He is supporting Senator Lieberman too or do you think that he too is more concerned with friendship than party loyalty. Would love to hear your response!

BRubenstein said...

I agree with The True Gentleman...Ive slammed Joementum for alot of things and the failure to sign a petition seems very minor and petty to me.

blueper said...

Yes, I agree with True Gentleman and Anonymous. Insisting that someone "name oneself" after making a critical comment is a loser response.

People post anonymously for various reasons. Anyone posting from work, for example, should definitely do so.

But more to the point. Wow, what a dumb story/discussion. There is so much stuff to hammer Joe on. Why waste print on this?

And if he had signed it, I have no doubt you would have written about how he is, yet again, screwing the Democratic Party.

BRubenstein said...

Pat Rice..as you said before...since i am against the war...for Lamont..i am therefore a traitor and un-american...therefore whatever i feel about olson doesnt matter..

The True Gentleman said...

BRubenstein, you have always participated in the political process in some form or another, and for that, my friend, you are most definitely a patriot and American (even though I disagree with you on almost all the issues)!!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

BRubenstein said... "..
be loyal to a man who recounts that his good friends are Bill Bennett,Sean Hannity,.....Bill Kristol,Richard Perle and the other Neo-Cons ....

Looks like an "A" list to me!