Monday, July 24, 2006

Representative Johnson Calls for 'Soul Searching'

This morning, Representative Nancy Johnson (R-5th) became the latest member of Connecticut's GOP elite to take a shot at Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger's collapsing campaign. The article, which appears in the NewsTimesLive, is posted here.

Representative Johnson now joins Governor Jodi Rell, GOP State Party Chairman George Gallo, and Representative Christopher Shays in calling into question the Schlesinger campaign's viability. Adding to the insult of the GOP hierarchy's apparent lack of faith in Mr. Schlesinger's ability to win in November (or even continue on for that matter), Representative Johnson had very kind words for Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman (without going so far to endorse him).

The question becomes, other than Mr. Schlesinger, who is this Republican love affair with Senator Lieberman hurting most? According to FoxNews, the answer is the Democrat Party. But doesn't this hurt the GOP as well? While Senator Lieberman should be commended (and not discarded) for his bipartisan politics, he does not really represent the overall ideals of the typical Republican. This race just keeps getting more interesting by the hour. . .

Sources (UPDATED)
NewsTimesLive, Nancy Johnson Praises Lieberman, Challenger Has Some ‘Soul Searching’ To Do, by Fred Lucas (site last visited July 24, 2006)

FoxNews, Democrats Lose If Lieberman Is Defeated Party, by Peter Brown (site last visited July 24, 2006)


bluecoat said...

TG: Gabe used to go bannanas on bloggers who didn'y know how to post a link so GC posted what is now linked on the HELP button above. I can only assume gabe is going easy on a fellow contributor to CLP. In any event

is the relevant template to do a link PUT HERE WHATE YOU WANT TO APPEAR HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE

as for a comment, I would have liked to see a strong Republican take a risk and run in this race from the very beginning; hate to see AS's trouble but my hope is that if makes the choice to step aside the GOP doesn't endorse Joe; as I have said in the past Republicans in the vein of sitting US SEnators Grahma, Warner, McCAin, Spector, Snowe, Collins, Chaffee and a few others could appeal to the center voters in CT.

BRubenstein said...

Johnson all but endorsed Joementum and Shays has.....does anyone need any more evidence about how important Joe the Republicn party?

ctkeith said...

I think True Gentleman,Fox News and the DLC just all crapped their pants together.

ITS THE WAR,STUPID and there ain't anybody with an R after their name thats safe.

Lamonts going to Lead the Democratic Party in Ct to a sweep and anyone with a nose for politics knows it.

The True Gentleman said...

Bluecoat, I don't know what you are talking about. Both sources have links in the story. See the last word of the 1st paragraph and the word Democrat Party in the third paragraph - they are a different color so that you know it is a link.

bluecoat said...

Shays endorsement of Joe before AS even came on the scene goes to my problem with the CT GOP; they don't put up strong candidates to knock out incumbents; to me there a couple of things at play here including no bench and nobody willing to take a risk - I beleive that is bad for our democracy even if the GOP doesn't seem to see it as bad for the GOP. It appears that GOP candididates, like Shays, have their jobs and their consituencies and they play a holding game - for too long and until it is too late.

bluecoat said...

TG: I can't click on your links and go right to the source like I can with the other contributors; the HELP button shows what I mean I hope anyway.

bluecoat said...

Sorry TG: I was wrong now I see how you do it; you just don't link at the source at the bottom; I have a slight color blindness problem so if the link in the text is short/one word I sometimes don't pick up the color differential from the regular text.

The True Gentleman said...
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The True Gentleman said...

No problem, Bluecoat. I just wrote a scathing e-mail saying make sure you know what you are talking about before you lecture me, and now I feel like a jerk (so I deleted it). In the future, I'll also include the link in the "Sources" section to make it easier for everyone.

bluecoat said...

TG: no problem and no bis deal, I never saw the e-mail and I wasn't looking for any kind of favoritism or sympathy anyway for my slight learning disability. ((((::-)))

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

bluecoat said..." ..
including no bench ..

Johnny did little (nothing) to build the party.

He didn't trot around with local candidates and eat his ziti like a good politico in CT is supposed to.

Rob Simmons eats his ziti; Nancy's pretty sick of ziti but shows up anyway; sometimes she drags poor Ted along too. (probably the only way he can see her when she's in CT is to go with her someplace)

It's important for those in office to use whatever "wow" attraction they might have to enable and empower those in the trenches....and to eat their ziti damit!

Witness Bill Clinton today in Waterbury; he'll probably have some ziti......

Bill knows how important it is to show up with and for your friends; Jodi gets it and she'll eat her ziti was just Johnny that didn't comprehend the whole thing and thus left us with a weak bench.

dumbruss said...

"While Senator Lieberman should be commended (and not discarded) for his bipartisan politics, he does not really represent the overall ideals of the typical Republican."

Why should he be commended? Is bipartisan politics a good thing? I'd argue (based on the garbage the Republicans have been pulling off the past 6 years) that the answer is usually a resounding "no."

MikeCT said...

You can find a partial transcript of her WNPR interview and listen to her near-endorsement of Joe Lieberman on the LamontBlog. Nothing surprises me anymore about the sources of Lieberman's support.

She gave Joe similar praise in the March 2 Hartford Courant:
Rep. Nancy Johnson won't rule out having Republicans back Sen. Joe Lieberman's re-election bid, but she's also not ruling it in. ..... Johnson will not say whether or not Lieberman should get a GOP nod. "Joe and I are very good friends.... Joe has a lot of support among Republicans and Democrats. But if there's someone in the [Republican] Party who has credibility, we need to take a serious look at that person." On the other hand, Johnson said, "I can't say that we have an obligation to field just anyone"

So if no one credible is on the GOP line... should the party back Lieberman? "Joe has made an effort to serve the community and cut across party lines... I see more and more of that cross-party trend in cities and towns."

Is that a yes or no? "I have a lot of respect for Joe Lieberman. I support Joe in many ways. But the parties have an obligation to try and create debate."

She has also stuck up for him on Iraq (or was he sticking up for her?) and he joined her (not Chris Murphy) in a Waterbury parade.

Neither she nor Shays is even pretending to support the Republican nominee anymore. Why bother when there's already one in office?

CC said...

Rep. Johnson and Rell are showing why there is absolutely no bench in state Republican politics. They blast the Schlesinger campaign and have absolute no alternative candidate. How does that make any sense? Plus, what did they say about Schlesinger at the convention?

bluecoat said...

ACR: Johnny's been gone for two years; there should have been a strong GOP candidate for US Senator and there wasn't; talent has nothing to do with ziti - or rubber chicken!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

MikeCT said... "
even pretending to support the Republican nominee anymore. Why bother when there's already one in office?

Joe's no Republican.

That said he was one heck of an AG here and he's no jerk either.

CC said...


You said: "Neither she nor Shays is even pretending to support the Republican nominee anymore. Why bother when there's already one in office?"

I firmly disagree with your statement that Sen. Lieberman is a Republican. His voting record shows he is anything but; he opposed the ban on partial birth abortion, opposed drilling in Anwar, opposed the Bush tax cuts, just to name a few very basic conservative issues. He is liberal by any objective analysis.

Brassett said...

ACR is 100% correct about "eating the ziti." Rowland failed to do it and when he got in trouble, there was nobody in his corner. With the exception of a few diner tours, Lieberman has not been very good about "eating the ziti" in recent years. His most notorious failure on that front was the 2004 Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner, which he missed while he was on the road raising money for his presidential bid. That stuff won't hurt you when you're riding high, but when you're in trouble, people remember.

Anonymous said...

"Democrat" is a noun.

"Democratic" is an adjective.

Persons who use "Democrat" as an adjective--i.e. "Democrat Party"--expose not only their own imperfect grasp of English but their slavish adherence to Fox News and RNC talking points.

Gabe said...

bluecoat - I wasn't going easy on a contributor - I wasn't home! Anyway, I do tend to email contributors about things rather than going to the comment board. That said, I do have a bug up my ass about linking, I don't know why, but I'm sure I will figure it out on a psychiatrist's couch one day...

I'm with anonymous above. The name is the Democratic Party because of (1) grammer and (2) parties get to name themselves, they don't get named by Fox News.

Finally, I saw this on another thread (color me OT), but decided to address it here because the other thread scrolled away:

Continuing to make the unfavorable comparison between the Democrats today ("they have no plan!") and the GOP's Contract On - er With America ("they had a great plan for change!") reveals a basic lack of grasp of history and a laziness with regard to search engines. Two seconds with Google and you would find that the Contract With America was not released until 6 weeks before the election (AKA not in July).

Gabe said...

ACR - Maybe I should be a politician, because I could eat Ziti every day for the rest of my life!

MikeCT said...

I'm afraid you'll have to argue with your Congressional delegation about whether Joe is a Democrat or Republican. Regardless, they love him to pieces, and Shays will endorse him no matter who your party nominates.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Gabe said... "
Maybe I should be a politician, because I could eat Ziti every day for the rest of my life!

You could be both enormously popular and enormous at the same time!

FrankS said...

Having just attended the Clinton appearence for Lieberman, as a guest of a friend, it was a large crowd, Clinton spoke well and will probably be reported favorably for Lieberman. The distraction of a rather disrespectful conversation between Ken D and Sean Smith at the side curtin while Clinton spoke took up much of the later dinner conversation for our group.

Lieberman spoke a length about his democratic party history, quickly touching on Iraq and moving on, adding little.

ctkeith said...


FYI,Joe Lieberman wasn't at the 2005 JJB dinner either.His excuse was he was at a Fundraiser in NEW Jersey if you can believe it.

I passed out almost 300 "Kiss Buttons" to people at the entrance inclding a dozen to John Edwards who was the Keynote Speaker.He laughed so hard he almost pissed himself when he saw my buttons and the sign I was holding with Liebermans infamous Quote

"Bottom Line,I think Bush got it right"

I knew that night in 2005 Lieberman had very few freinds in the Ct Democratic Party and would be beat if anyone primaried him.

Hell,Half the people there thanked Professor John Orman for throwing his name in the ring,lol.

Anonymous said...

Timmy Upson made a career out of ziti dinners...needless to say he was a larger political force as time went on

The True Gentleman said...

Oh, please forgive me for my poor grammar, Anonymous and Gabe. I must be a moron b/c I typed "Democrat Party" and not "Democratic Party." Oh wait, did I just make another grammatical error by typing "b/c" rather than "because"?

Gabe said...

TG - Give yourself as much credit as I give you! I don't think you made a grammitical mistake when you typed "Democrat Party". And "b/c" is perfectly acceptable shorthand.

Anonymous said...

Let it begin in CT, a true bellwether state. Let it spread nationally. Citizens are tired of do nothing politicians who spend most of their time justifying their inaction and collecting their hefty paychecks.

No more petrified incumbents!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

bluecoat said... "
there should have been a strong GOP candidate for US Senator "

Have to have someone with a high profile in office which after the last courtesy of Johnny bloodbath we don't.

Further, we're broke - Rowland took all the oxygen out of the room.

Jodi's response to the mess Rowland got the GOP into you has worked wonders on her image and ratings but has seriously crippled fund raising.

I'm betting (Alan Gold's giving me really good odds too!) that the voters respond to Jodi's fund raising and the lack thereof from the usual suspects and we pick up a few CT house seats as well as a senate seat or two.

Regardless of who wins the Dem primary the campaign from Rell will be the same, to list the donors of the other candidate.

Voters can figure out who's being bought and paid for and who's not and will respond accordingly.

By 2008 we'll be flush with cash and will probably steamroll.

bluecoat said...

Gabe _ I was trying to be funny but i wasn't and i was wrong too.

MightyMouse1 said...

Chris Murphy must not have been too mad at Lieberman, since he was singing Joe's praises in Waterbury last night.

Anonymous said...

Ned's Liberal Army continues to Roll They continue to spew the lies and deceit so General Ned and his army led by Tom Swan and Keith Crane and the other self righetous Liberals can destroy The Democratic Party in the State of Connecticut I hope you are all proud of yourselves and how this campaign has destroyed this Democratic Party and any chances we have to elect A Democratic Governor by causing all the focus to be on a pretty boy from Greenwich.

Next will see Tom Swan and Keith Crane Run for DSCC and screw that up as well.

The Left Wing in Action What a sad day for Connecticut.