Monday, July 31, 2006

Gubernatorial Endorsement

We've made our choice for the Democratic nomination for governor: Dan Malloy.

How this works: The team members of the site voted on the candidate they supported, and the candidate with more support was endorsed. An endorsement and a dissent were written and posted.

Why we're doing this: Endorsing candidates allows us to express our opinion on the candidates. Since we have such a wide variety of opinion among team members and readers, we also thought it was important to publish a dissent from the endorsement.

Tomorrow: Our U.S. Senate endorsement.


Malloy: A Slightly Better Choice
DeStefano Dissent


Anonymous said...

So are Republican bloggers voting on a Democratic primary endorsement? Not advice that a Democrat would want to follow, particularly in the case of the U.S. Senate election.

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 1252:

Simply put...No.

Aldon Hynes said...

Are you planning to have endorsements in other primary races? Give the Republicans a chance to weigh in on the 1st CD primary, get thoughts on the different State Legislative races?

Also, the LG race is seperate from the Governor's race. You can vote for Malloy and Slifka or DeStefano and Glassman. Do people here have reasons they are going to vote for an LG candidate, other than who they are running with?

bluecoat said...

GC: based on DG's comment I think you might wish to clarify who the team is that did the voting since it apparently wasn't the whole team; and your endorsement is really by judging process rather than consensus building (or executive decree) that comes out of the news papers; nothing wrong with that but that does appear to be the way it is..

disgruntled_republican said...


The endorsements posted are the endorsements of CTLP. We were all able to vote, or abstain. The majority vote got the endorsement of the blog with a dissent opinion added. In most newspapers their is a editorial board that votes (I know as I have sat in front of them 3 times at the the endorsement 2 out of 3 times). As they write on many more races they usually dont offer a disent opinion...we do and think it serves all candidates better.

I hope that clarrifies a little bit.

ctkeith said...

Without GC even Explaining the idiotic way He did this I can tell you Every Republican Voted for Line A.

Why Shouldn't they? If they can't vote for a Republican they get to Choose The DLC Twins which is another wa of saying REPUBLICAN LITE.

Republicans , Greens and Unafiliated don't get to vote in a Democratic Primary and their opinions don't count Until AFTER August 8th either.

bluecoat said...

DG: it clarifies what CLP is doing a little bit but it doesn't change my opinion - and my opinion is just my opinion.

disgruntled_republican said...


Did you not read my comments at 12:53. And the other republican is on vacation so think again. Are you always a jerk?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Yes, he is. It's really all he has to offer.

bluecoat said...

by process of eliminatin then: GC, Gabe and Turffgrlll are for Malloy and cgg are for JDS; the only surprise there is Gabe, i thought he would have gone for JDS. chazam, chazam, chazam.

bluecoat said...

some AB and U to D data just for campaign strategy and tactics geek, BR, for a few select cities and towns fromtoday's Stamford Advocate

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 4:58 on his point, but I add this:

Why on earth would a Republican want to support Lamont or Lieberman in the primary? It's clear that Jodi Rell wants to run against JDS and Alan Gold (or any other Republican) needs a three-way race to win in November.

If I was a Republican looking to hang on to the Governor's mansion, I'd be praying for JDS. He might as well be Ralph Nader.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What was the breakdown here? I know that CGG, who by all account is a liberal Democrat, endorses DeStefano. Who did Gabe, Turfgrrl, and the rest vote for?

Genghis Conn said...

I wrote the majority of the Malloy endorsement, so it should be clear where I stand. I leave it to the rest to make their votes public or private, as they will.

Chris MC said...

CTLP endorsed the better candidate, and the better executive, and the better politician, and the better man for Governor.

It is plain that the one Democrat the Republicans fear is Dannel Malloy, and he has consistently demonstrated why.

Malloy not only embraces truly progressive positions such as civil unions and gay marriage and campaign finance reform, but he uses his prominence and political influence to advocate for them. Malloy was there testifying before the Legislature's subcommittee on behalf of civil unions, neither of his opponents did. Malloy was on the floor of the Legislature whipping votes for campaign finance reform, neither of this competitors was.

Malloy doesn't just talk about the need for universal health care and bringing more jobs to Connecticut, he does something about it. He's covered over two thousand children who didn't have health care in Stamford. He's created five thousand new jobs in Stamford. He's competed effectively in a globally competitive marketplace to make Stamford one of the world's centers of international finance.

While his opponent for the nomination takes credit for improvements due to the investments Yale University in downtown and Yale's influence in the East Rock section, Newhallville and Dixwell and other sections of town are regularly on the news with shootings and other violent crime, just blocks from the Yale perimeter. And that is just the violent crime.

Malloy has turned downtown Stamford around, making it a safe, vibrant area with activity day and night; mixing residential, commercial, corporate, and cultural uses.

There is no question that Malloy is the right choice to lead the Democratic Party, both in this campaign season and as Governor of the State.

Kudos for the CTLP bloggers for endorsing him.

Gabe said...

I apologize for the delay in answering, I have no problem making my vote public, but I was out helping my sister-in-law buy a new car (unsuccessfully).

I voted to endorse Malloy (bluecoat, I am sorry I shocked you). CTKeith - I voted Malloy despite his DLC ties, not because of them. I think he would make a better governor. That said, I like both of them and will be supporting the winner of the primary. Obviously.

And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, you will find out tomorrow that I voted to endorse Lamont. Careful readers will have just found out though, because I just wrote it.

Anonymous said...

chris mc said: "Malloy has turned downtown Stamford around...."

Stamford really was the slums before he became Mayor, huh? All those Fortune 500 companies that were in Stamford before he became Mayor really were dragging the city down. Good thing a large corporation like Diagio moved its HQ out of Stamford to Norwalk so your boy could clean the place up. Good thing Stamford has the highest commercial vacancy rate in the country. Please, chris mc, stop drinking the Kool Aid and get a dose of reality. Your boy Malloy takes credit for the jobs created by the prior administration and financed by the State of CT. All the UBS formerly Swiss Bank jobs were the result of a deal that was signed prior to his first election. Get real pal. Want more?

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 9:52-- I voted for the Malloy endorsement. For me though it was never a close call, or a slightly better candidate. Malloy executes a better day to day governance plan largely because he has a more proactive style than Destefano. Connecticut should be at the forefront of economic development given that it sits between NYC and Boston. In the choice between Destefano and Malloy, it was crystal clear who has the better ability to lead Connecticut in a positive direction.

Maura said...

Anonymous 10:48

I guess you've never lived in Stamford if you question the fact that Malloy is largely responsible for a HUGE change in downtown Stamford.

When I lived here in the late 80's, there were plenty of Fortune 500 jobs downtown. And every single person bar the maintenance staff got in their cards and LEFT downtown Stamford when work was over.

Now there's a thriving downtown. Restaurants, bars, safe parks with WiFi, a library that's open for longer hours, cafes with sidewalk seating, and hundreds of pedestrians strolling around. There is high-density housing. People LIVE downtown now, not just work here.

(Holy god I think I agreed with Turfgrrl on something. Scary.)

Chris MC said...

Malloy's accomplishments are a matter of public record. Your spin means nothing.

And that doesn't even get into the fact that Malloy has cleaned your clock for a solid year.

Malloy's record is clear, and people without an axe to grind, "Anonymous", recognize it.

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 10:48 -- Are you suggesting that Dallas and Detroit, with vacancy rates above 20% are lower than Stamford? Care to cite?

Genghis Conn said...

I've heard that Stamford has a NIIICE library.

Chris MC said...

ROFL GC - Oh baby, an honest to god bellylaugh.

disgruntled_republican said...

I refer anyone questioning me on this matter to look at Anon 12:52's question and my response at 12:53. I don't think it gets clearer than that. If you desire further clarrification I suggest you email me (Simply click on my profile and then click email).

CTRevolution said...

The largest union labor in Fairfield county, representing super market workers endorsed DeStefano proving again that DeStefano is the man the working man supports. He's not going to cut the taxes of the rich (Dan Malloy-cutting estate taxes), he's going to help the person who goes home everyday to higher energy bills, higher gas prices, higher property taxes, higher medical costs. That's what this election is about and that's why DeStefano will beat Malloy. Who stands up for the working man in CT, whose the real democrat, it's DeStefano. Malloy brags about Stamford, but when you started at 3rd base don't brag about getting to home plate. New Haven was the real challenge and proves that DeStefano has the the better record.

Maura said...

Genghis - The Ferguson Library system in Stamford is amazing.

They just did a multi-million dollar renovation of one of the branches, out in Springdale, which was in an old farmhouse. Library geeks like us absolutely salivate over it -- it even has a fireplace that you can cozy up in front of and read in an armchair.

The Ferguson Library downtown is a beautiful old building. I consider it the anchor of the entire city of Stamford. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bit run down and a bit commercialized (with a Starbucks replacing the old periodical reading room), but I know some people who really love the addition of the Starbucks. It certainly keeps traffic up.

My mom used to work a block away from the downtown Ferguson, and I spent almost every day of all of my April, February, and summer vacations there when I was between 8-12 year old. (Nowadays most librarians are wary of unsupervised kids, but back then nobody said anything, and I was a good kid. I just curled up in a comfy corner and read half the collection!)

Kate R said...

but does it matter? I mean it's like the flounder and the halibut fighting over who's better able to face the shark (Rell). Come November I'll vote for either the flounder or the halibut, but not with much hope.

Not that you asked me, but Malloy's robocalls were the most annoying events I've dealt with over the last few weeks--and that includes the heatwave we're in.