Sunday, July 16, 2006

"High Road Beats Rell"

Interesting new site out there, which grades the two Democratic candidates for governor on essentially how well they can stick to the issues without attacking one another. From the front page:
An anonymous Malloy supporter and an anonymous DeStefano supporter will review the messages from the two candidates, as reported in the press and press releases, as well as in the form of TV ads, mailings, etc. The Malloy and DeStefano supporters will jointly award each campaign 5 points for each message supporting Democratic values or opposing the Republican agenda. Each candidate, however, will lose 2 points for each message that attacks the other Democrat. Below are notes and, where available, links recording each of the points awarded to or taken away from each campaign. Only items occuring after the Democratic State Convention are counted.

So far, both candidates are in a dead heat. Looks like the site is still evolving, though, and it'll be interesting to see if either comes out ahead.


Don Pesci said...

What about Israel?

John Fahan said...

I am organizing Stratford for
Malloy and he will take the town on
August 8th. Dems have to be sure to
get this one right because it will set the course for the party in this
state for years to come. Dan has the
knowledge, skills, and committment
to move CT ahead. He is not satisfied that thousands have no healthcare. He is not satisfied that
our tax structure is antiquated and a burden for CT familes. He is not
satisfied that our children are not
performing well on test scores. Dan
has a proven track record as a fiscally responsible Democrat who has maintained Stamford's Triple A Bond Rating. He has invested heavily
in Stamford's schools while keeping
taxes below the rate of inflation. He has guarenteed a pre-school education for all Stamford children.

Connecticut must be strong and prosperous again and I am confident
you will see the right choice is
Dan Malloy.

Fmr. Rep. John E. Fahan D-6 Stamford

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

High Road Beats Disclosure / Education

Personal attacks are stupid, but this approach chills comparative attacks. And also prevents the primary process from properly vetting candidates.

I know that this is well-intentioned, but it better fits the rules for running for 6th grade class president than the Democratic nomination for governor.

Larry said...

My only question is, "how does Dan Malloy plan to do become satisfied?' Every time one of his supporters posts on this site or any other site, they just spew empty rhetoric. There are no real answers. Sure anyone can be dissatisfied with the state of healthcare and education in CT but just saying that isn't enough. How will you solve the problems you acknowledge exist? How much has Dan invested in Stamford schools?

I heard that Dan actually raised taxes around 40% during his stay as Mayor. I heard that Dan fired a bunch of experienced cops so that he could rehire more cops and say "look at all the cops I' ve hired." And, I' ve heard that Dan has used eminent domain to force private businesses out in favor of someone else’s private business.

It is really boring and patronizing to read all these empty posts about Dan Malloy. I haven't seen one thing that shows he would make a better governor, not in his ads, not on this blog, not anywhere. Dan Malloy, as well as all his trolls on this site, and others, can't site one damn thing in favor of their blind adoration of a political operative candidate.

Show me something with substance, something with meaning. Otherwise, I and probably a lot of other people will have to support DeStefano.

John Fahan said...

I do not know what the Mayor of New Haven has accomplished. As for the Governor, how many people could even name who she was when she was LT. Gov? I bet not many And now she is
the greatest thing since sliced
bread? She does not even comprehend
the legislative process as Speaker Amann has noted.
I know Rell does not belong there and DeStefano cannot beat her. The choice is Malloy because he
can win and because he has a great record. He has created thousands of affordable hosuing units. Every developer is required in Stamford to set aside units for affordable housing.This is a first in CT. Another first is that Stamford is the first municipality in CT to
offer universal preschool education. This is not empty rhetoric and Dems should get on board with a winner.

John Fahan.