Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Request

Would the governor's chief of staff please remove herself from the Capitol?

That is all.


Anonymous said...

For a supposed political "genius", how can Moody not realize the damage she is doing to Rell? If she has the best interests of her boss in mind, she needs to resign. Isn't there someone else Rell listens to that might tell her Moody needs to go?

bluecoat said...

Rell's office isn't denying that Genuario and now even Rell herself have let their feelings be known to the GAE....nothing ever changes in politics and power...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this seem eerily similar to our beloved former Governor, whose term Rell is filling? His office was populated by people who either a) were afraid to say 'no' to the king, or b) were too interested in their own self-preseveration (and the preservation of their perceived power and authority) to do the right thing for the Office of Governor and the people of the state. We know where the story went from there.

Chris MC said...

[Edited repost from the previous thread]:

On the subject of how the Governor is funding her campaign, Mayor Malloy fired this at Rell today:

I am deeply troubled by Governor Rell's conduct.
Months ago, we learned that the Governor's Budget Chief called the Speaker of the House attempting to squash an investigation into the illegal conduct in the Rell administration. We gave Governor Rell the benefit of the doubt.
Today, we learn that Governor Rell herself has threatened both the Speaker of the House and the chairman of the legislative committee investigating the matter, attempting to thwart an investigation that is clearly needed.
For this Governor to threaten legislators into keeping quiet, after vowing to bring a new age of ethics and reform to Connecticut, is heartbreaking.
This is all happening, by the way, in an administration that lacks any real oversight or accountability.
Rell's so-called independent ethics czar resigned months ago -- to be replaced by someone who reports directly to Lisa Moody. The absurdity of that arrangement is obvious to anyone.

Governor Rell's personal involvement in trying to suppress Legislative attempts to perform their proper oversight function is not justifiable on grounds of political partisanship.

Threatening the Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the GAE with disclosure of wrongdoing demonstrates just how cynical the Governor really is about "ethics" in Hartford.

One of two things is true about Governor Rell:
1. She has personal knowledge of wrongdoing in the capitol but, because of her desire to avoid a pitched investigation of her Administration, beginning with her Chief of Staff, she has kept quiet about it. So she is knowingly withholding information of wrongdoing both in her office and without.
2. She has no personal knowledge of wrongdoing in the capitol outside her office but, because of her desire to avoid a pitched investigation of her Administration, beginning with her Chief of Staff, she is abusing her office in a vain attempt to strongarm the Legislature into neglecting its oversight function.

At a minimum, two inferences are unavoidable:
1. Lisa Moody is guilty.
2. Governor Jodi Rell knows it.

As TG points out in the previous thread, the Governor is threatening the Speaker with disclosure that certain Dems are also guilty of similar conduct. The Speaker doesn't appear to be concerned about that.

This would mean that if she does have such knowledge, the Speaker doesn't.

So, Governor Jodi Rell also has personal knowledge of wrongdoing outside her office and hasn't reported the violations; then, regardless of party affiliation, she is complicit in covering that up as well as what Lisa Moody is guilty of.

Which doesn't make Moody any less guilty (as CGG points out), and implicates Governor Rell personally and directly in conspiring to coverup violations both inside her office and out.

It should be only a matter of time before someone outside of the blogosphere wants to know what Jodi Rell knows, how she knows it and when she found out.

Chris MC said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor Miss's a good thing she has spent all these years being nice to people and forging strong relationships. I'm sure there will be a huge outpouring of support from the people who want her to stay right where she is.

CC said...

I agree with all the criticism of the Governor's chief of staff.

That said, I wish to use the occasion of these most recent events to point out the serious lackings of our criminal prosecution setup. Our state does not elect local prosecutors or a statewide prosecutor, a system we seem to feel removes politics from the criminal justice system. HOWEVER, when you consider that the man in charge of deciding whether to pursue Moody -- Chief State's Attorney Chris Morano -- is himself up for reappointment by a commission largely controlled by Governor Rell, the failings of our system are revealed. I've always believed that most attempts to strip politics out of such positions simply result in creating a smaller (often closed) group of people to whom the party in question must strive to serve politically. Here, that group of people -- The Criminal Justice Commission -- is largely controlled by the Governor. Morano's efforts will therefore be conducted in such a context. IMHO, better to have the populace be the people with the ultimate check via the ballot box.

CTKnows said...

Anybody wonder where the memo with the comments came from? Someone Moody threw under the bus, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The other side of this is, the partisan caucus of a single legislative committee is second guessing the criminal prosecution decision of the State's attorney. They've already called him in once, and are now going to send him a second chance to prosecute. G-d help anyone who runs afoul of a legislative committee, if we are now going to let the prosecution be driven by the politicos.

Chris MC said...

Anonymous quoth:
The other side of this is, the partisan caucus...

Nope. That isn't the other side of it.

One side of this is:
Governor Rell has personal knowledge of wrongdoing in the capitol and has kept quiet about it. So she is knowingly withholding information of wrongdoing not only within her office but outside it as well.

The other side of this is:
Governor Rell has no personal knowledge of wrongdoing in the capitol outside her office and is abusing her office in a vain attempt to strongarm the Legislature into neglecting its oversight function.

It is totally predictable for the Republicans to attempt to reduce this to "everybody does it" and "this is just partisan politics". Not this time. There is a smoking gun - a document with Lisa Moody's edits in her own handwriting on it. This document is, prima facie evidence that Moody misled the committee under oath.

Governor Rell has overstepped her bounds. The only question is how far, and when are we going to get the full story.

Deacon_Bluz said...

Not to put things in perspective or anything drastic like that, but suggesting this is "eerily similar" to the Rowland mess or a "heartbreaking" ethical lapse is just a wee bit over the top.

Just for the record:

-- Lisa Moody does not have any gold coins buried in her back yard.

-- Lisa Moody did not steer contracts.

-- Lisa Moody did not conspire to rig bids or favor campaign donors.

She dood a bad thing. She got punished. Then Representative Eric Cartman and Senator Oscar "Have I Mentioned I Used to Be From New York?" Mayer staged a public shaming. Finding that strangely unsatsifying, they are now hoping for a public crucifixion. Maybe we ought to just fast-forward to an auto-da-fe and have done with it.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:52
I dont know what your talking about. I've always heard that Moody has almost no friends in hartford. That she is rude and vitriolic to her staff and members of her own party.
What do you call the opposite of a napoleon complex?

AnonAndOnAndOn said...

CG: Great observation. This is a NO WIN situation for Morano, who will be boxed into acting on politics by either being more forceful or more timid than the facts might otherwise dictate.

And Anon: God save us from subpoena-crazy committee chairs. The image of Caruso and wild-eyed Meyer as prosecutors is chilling.

The Dems' howling is overwrought here. Period. And it's obscuring the essence of what really is at stake: A sworn witness who at best misled a kangaroo court. That is not an excuse for what MLM apparently did. But it's giving the GOP the ability to cry foul.

If the Dems played it straight, I think Moody would be in clearer peril.

And the big question: Who's out there fueling the agenda and sending the "anonymous" letters?? Any guesses??

Rell is going down said...


I can't agree with you more. I have a friend (actually a friend's grandmother) who is a staunch Republican. She knows I support DeStefano, so she asked me on the 4th of July, "He doesn't really think he can beat Jodi, does he?" So I brought up the Lisa Moody thing, and her response was, "Well, Susan B makes fundraising calls from her office all the time, but we never say anything. That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats." At this point, I figured I should just drop the subject, because regardless of whether you're right or you're wrong, you never come off looking good arguing with an 85 year old lady. But my point is, instead of defending Moody, or even Rell, she came back with, "everybody does it." Once I saw your post, I figured I had to tell my story.

Anonymous said...

Deacon Moody:

Yes, trying to draw equitable parallels between this episode and the "rowland mess" is over the top. But...
---Lisa Moody did coerce subordinates to donate to the campaign whose success her future depends on.
---Lisa Moody did edit, approve, and sign her name to an ethics memo specifically prohibiting the very actions she took. She then made a material misrepresentation (if not an outright lie) that she was not familiar with it, while being questioned by a legislative committee.
---Lisa Moody is reaping all the 'goodwill' she has sown over the past fifteen years.

And to think that two weeks of unpaid vacation over the Christmas/New Years holiday is an acceptable reprimand is 100% silly. Her actions alone cost her subordinates a total of $8,000 in fines...not to mention their legal fees.

Chris MC said...

Lisa Moody's actions aren't even in question anymore, insofar as her conscious decision to ignore the ethics, and play poker with the legality, of distributing invitations and instructing her subordinates to do so. That is what she did. And she more or less got away with it.

So much for the "this isn't a big deal" argument.

Now her personal problem is that she undeniably misled Rep. Cartman's committee, and quite possibly committed perjury. That is a new ballgame for her. But don't take my word for it, nor even the GAE's. Governor Rell's actions tell us plainly that this is a serious problem for the Rell Administration indeed.

How serious? Well, "Governor" Rell has now admitted that she either knows of instances of wrongdoing that she hasn't reported, and has chosen to cover them up; or she is lying about being personally aware of instances of wrongdoing and is abusing the power of her office to protect the wrongdoing of her Chief of Staff.

The issue is Rell's integrity, veracity, and possibly her criminality as the occupant of the Governor's mansion.

Anonymous said...

Belly laughs everywhere. Amann gave the most amusing interview of his career on a radio talk show today. He said the governor had threaten him. Poor little bee-bee. Try to imagine what the backroom conversation might have been like if Amann and the Democrats tried to stiff a governor’s aide in the Grasso administration. Remember Ella GK? ###!!!***

Anonymous said...

Glad to see anonymous posts are permitted again -- thanks!