Monday, July 17, 2006

Constitutional Officers Fundraising - Second Quarter

Numbers reflect the total raised this period. Number in parantheses is the total cash the candidate has on hand. Data from the Secretary of the State's website.

Attorney General

Richard Blumenthal (D) - $87,423 ($87,467.19)
Robert Farr (R) - $16,298.69 ($7,973.49)

Secretary of the State

Susan Bysiewicz (D) - $118,079 ($529,919.64)
Richard Abbate (R) - $380 ($5,307.39)


Denise Nappier (D) - $69,645 ($113,909.32)
Linda Roberts (R) - $10,640 ($8,288.80)


Nancy Wyman (D) - $107,109 ($154,650.65)
Cathy Cook (R) - $13,230 ($7,532.50)


GMR said...

The Republicans aren't exactly lighting the world on fire with their fund raising prowess!

Genghis Conn said...

Poor Richard Abbate had exactly four donors.

Quarterly Prophet said...

Not surprising, although $380 does seem pretty silly. The Republican Party knows not to go for some of these spots. There's giving money to a longshot, and then there's just throwing your money away.

Ebpie said...

Genghis, could you do a post on fundraising in competitive State House and State Senate races?

Genghis Conn said...

I will be working on it.

Genghis Conn said...

9:13am - figures are now accurate.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys know about Cathy Cook?

BRubenstein said...

there are no surprises here on the listed numbers.

Anonymous said...

Genghis I think the 30th district state rep is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I heard that in the 104th, Rep. Gentile only raised $300, while Romano raised $10,000.00

One to watch.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask again: Does anybody know anything about State Sen. Cathy Cook? Any signs she's going to be anything other than a placeholder candidate for Comptroller?

Genghis Conn said...

You're right about Gentile. Whew! Lousy quarter, I guess.

As for Cook, I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that her chances of actually becoming comptroller are slim, but she is the endorsed candidate and will probably make it all the way. Otherwise no cushy state post for her when it's done!

BRubenstein said... are thinking that folks run like Cook and Farr with a promise if they lose that they will be Judges and state employees? How cynical you have become.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the underticket statewide races. Obviously voters aren't paying attention to them -- if they're paying attention to anything, it's to Senate, Gubernatorial, Congressional races, maybe their own state leg. What will the races look like?

CTKnows said...

Cathy Cook will be a Commisioner or Deputy Commisioner if Rell wins. Done deal.

Anonymous said...

Cathy Cook is extremelely well qualified for the job of Comptroller. Check out her website: if you want to know the issues and reasons why our current Comptroller is not fit for the job. Read the recent audit.