Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Other Primary

My Left Nutmeg is reporting that there will be a debate next week between John DeStefano and Dan Malloy, shown live on Channel 8.

This time, I don’t think it’s going to be simulcast on C-SPAN and MSNBC. The day after won’t see a fury of blog postings and editorials claiming that one candidate or the other emerged victorious. No one will be commenting on the fit of Dan Malloy’s suit, or the tone of John DeStefano’s voice. Very little ink will be dedicated to the ideas the two men put forth.


First, it’s July. Who really thinks about politics in July? Secondly, even if you are thinking about politics now, chances are you’re much more interested in Lamont-Lieberman than in DeStefano-Malloy.

There’s a reason for that. On most issues, the two men just aren’t far enough apart to form the sort of passionate followings that Lieberman and Lamont have. Both candidates have a pretty progressive record, and espouse progressive causes. The only debatable points seem to be which one is more progressive or electable than the other.

Lastly, the conventional wisdom suggests that, barring a sinkhole swallowing Brookfield, Jodi Rell will crush whoever happens to be luckless enough to win the primary. Which is probably true. People like Jodi Rell, mainly for reasons having little to do with actual policy. Worse, now Rell actually has money. When one of the two Democrats emerges, exhausted and financially depleted, she’ll be waiting with full coffers and an approval rating somewhere in the 70s.

Maybe then we’ll start paying attention. But probably not before.

Which is too bad, in a way. Some of the things they have to say are pretty interesting, and are worth discussing. For example, we probably should have a debate on uncoupling education funding from property taxes. We ought to talk about universal health care, better transportation and smarter job growth.

But we won't. We're not ready yet.


TrueBlueCT said...


53% DeStefano
47% Malloy

And I predict that if Selfish Joe campaigns through November, (as he is threatening), Dems win nothing after a very ugly Fall.

ctkeith said...

Will you ever learn GC,

Given the fact of how wrong you and the Conventional wisdom have been on everything since you started this blog why the hell should anyone believe your view of the future will be any more correct?

I'm still predicting A Dem sweep of the house seats,Lamont as our new Jr. Senator and that a Dem Governor is not out of the Question no matter which man wins the primary in that contest.

CHANGE is going to be the theme once Labor Day rolls around and thats EXACTLY what my non- political neighbors and freinds were looking for over burgers and fireworks at this past Saturdays 4th of July celebration cookout I attended.

CTKnows said...

ctkeith... does that mean CT house and senate change R or is your change one way to the D side?

CTRevolution said...

I think it's a mistake to think that Rell is very safe in the election. Both Malloy and DeStefano would have a chance at beating her in the fall. Her approval ratings and matchup numbers are steadily declining, I would expect them to be much lower in the new polls. Especially now that people know who the democratic candidates are. People approve of Rell in comparison with Rowland, when she starts getting compared to Democrats, there's no doubt that her numbers will slide.

Janet said...

People are starting to take notice that Jodi Rell is a do nothing governor who waits for things to happen and then reacts to them.

She is not proactive, and that's the top quality that a governor should have.

Being able to sign or veto a bill that the legislature gives you is not leadership. That's all she has done so far during her time in office. She has not been proactive on anything, she's only been reactive.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Right, Janet ... other than a $1.3 billion Transportation Initiative -- the first time something actually got DONE about the issue in 20 years -- and campaign finance reform that she had to drag the Legislature to, kicking and screaming, and a stem cell research fund and reform of the State Ethics Commission and other ethics reforms and a record increase in special ed funding and new money for early childhood education and the first new construction at the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill in 65 years ... other that, you're right, what has she done?

Mr. Reality said...

And if she was being more proactive Janet you'd be saying it's election year politics. The funny thing is that all I have been seeing from Deomocrats on this bored has all been very reactionary. I have heard very little about what Democratic vision for the future is.

If DeStefano and Malloy have a vision I would really love to hear it. But they don't and that is why they won't win. But you can't see that because you are blinded by you Democratic glasses.

BTW Lamont whole campaign has been based on his reaction to the Iraq war...

The True Gentleman said...

The Dems have a vision, remember...just last week Mayor DeStefano proposed widening I-95 between Branford and Rhode Island. Oh wait, that was a dream, wasn't it? Maybe he can tax the rich to pay for it...

bluecoat said...

JDS's transportation plans were more about a better focus to get things done than new spending if you know what was already passed by the GA for Rell to sign off on

GMR said...

I don't know if you can say that de Stefano doesn't have a vision. He certainly seems to think he can do a lot:

Universal healthcare.

Reduced property taxes by raising the taxes on the rich.

A wider 95 from RI to Branford.

Commuter rail going everywhere: along 84, from NH to Hartford.

More parking at metro north in Fairfield County

Fewer trucks on the roads through freight rail and barges

A new airport authority that would do something for Hartford airport, although I'm not really sure what.

Re-establish freight trains across the Hudson river in NY.

High speed ferry service to LI and NYC.

Equal pay for equal work for state contractors, meaning I guess that a state agency is going to review everyone's salaries to make sure it's all fair.

$300 million in energy rebates.

Create 75,000 jobs in the next 10 years "by making Connecticut the national energy leader".

While some of these things may have merit, JDS is really not very specific how he's going to pay for it all, other than some vague comments about it falling on those making over $500,000 or Walmart. But if money were infinite, then we could bask in the sun knowing that JDS was going to provide us with everything we needed or wanted.

bluecoat said...

ADANR: every initiative you list shows Rell has spent money, big whoop!!!!

disgruntled_republican said...


That's weak and you know it. They are all things that have needed to be done for some time now and they have been ignored by Rowland, Weicker and the state legislature until she forced the issue.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Bluecoat: Well, I don't know that reforming the Ethics Commission and new ethics rules cost that much, though there may well have been some one-time costs associated with clearing out the deadwood.

But to the extent you are correct, I would note that (1) Her first phase of the transportation plan required almost no bonding at all and (2) the Rocky Hill improvements are almost entirely paid for by the feds (and are desperately needed) (and, wouldn't you agree, well-deserved?).

And God knows, there's nothing Johnny and Danny have proposed that wouldn't cost as much or more.

Gio said...

Rell wins a landslide.

No Ct Congress Critter loses.

Joe retains.

My predictions--see you in November.

MikeCT said...

In addition to the Gubernatorial forum, you can also reportedly see Lamont, Murphy, and Lieberman in New Britain that day.

s p a z e b o y said...


I've updated that post, after receiving an e-mail from the local DTC chair that he's working to convince the organizers to push the forum back to July 26 so that Malloy/DeStefano can participate. If that happens and all candidates arrive, New Britain will be the place to be.

bluecoat said...

what I said was not weak at all; it was true; there is lots of waste and inefficiency in CT govt. and Jodi has left it alone...everything she has done involves spending not innovation..

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Right, bluecoat - no innovation in the single-portal system for contracting, no innovation in ECS overhaul and unfunded mandate reform, and certainly no reform in getting rid of the car tax ...

bluecoat said...

the car tax was eliminated?? Wow, Jodi really did pull the Democrats along. That's Gr...eat...and good spin too ADANR

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont will not be our next Junior Senator when Lieberman beats him he will be lucky to be dog catcher in Greenwich.

I want to see this anti-war, anti-american lose big so we never have to hear from him or you anti-war idiots ever again.

Anonymous said...

Lord Lieberman is the Dean Scream of 2006

Anonymous said...

Malloy 55%
DeStefano 44%

Lieberman 53%
Lamont 47%

Glassman 59%
Slifka 41%

My Predictions are Malloy,Lieberman and Glassman win!!

DeStefano gets to go back to New Haven,Lamont goes away FOREVER!!!that anti war piece of trash and Slifka gets to continue being a ceremonial mayor in West Hartford