Monday, July 03, 2006

Lamont: Building Exclusion One Bit at a Time

A few weeks before the Democratic Nominating Convention, Ned Lamont visited the Weston DTC pitching his candidacy in an earnest way. Where Lamont has been well received in small towns, many in eastern Connecticut, his message has not appealed quite as well closer to home. Nor, after a glance at the delegate map of the convention does it seem to resonate much in the urban corridors as well.

That night revealed two things about the Lamont campaign and what they didn't want to emerge as an issue. The first concerned Lamont's membership in the Round Hill Club. A few days before, according to Lamont's scheduler, he had resigned his membership to the club because he did not want it to become a campaign issue. The reasons for it becoming an issue vary, according to people who were there than night. The Round Hill Club does have a certain reputation, that actually much of Greenwich has, concerning just who can become a member. Perhaps it is better expressed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who wrote in a preface to his book:

“If Greenwich is the Republicans’ Mecca, then the Round Hill Club is the Kaaba. In the foyer I passed beneath an oversized photograph of Senator Prescott Bush, a former Greenwich resident and the current president’s grandfather. Somebody pointed to an anteroom and commented: “That’s where George met Barbara,” referring to the president’s mom and dad. It was the club’s annual meeting—always well attended—and as I stepped to the podium I looked out over a sea of skeptical faces, the faces of affluent conservatism.” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy

Membership to an exclusive club in Greenwich for a successful businessman is hardly a contentious issue. It just so happens that it is common knowledge that this is the Bush family's club, and according to Vanity FairPrescott Bush, grandfather to George W., was once president of the club.

Maybe such coincidences wouldn't be so interesting were it not for the campaign Lamont is running against Joe Lieberman. Since the Lamont campaign is so fixated on Senator Lieberman's rhetoric about all things George Bush, perhaps they don't want it known who Lamont actually hangs out with on the golf courses, cutting deals and otherwise engaging in country club business.

The second item that the Lamont campaign wished to downplay was the business record of Lamont. Some business people, like George Soros, align their business interests with their politics. That is quite an admirable thing to do and It is generally a good indicator of one's political philosophy, though not necessarily one's political affiliation.Lamont Digital Systems, according to its web site, Lamont Digital Systems builds and operates advanced telecommunications networks for college campuses and residential gated communities serving over 175,000 subscribers. Residential gated communitiess are not quite the type of housing one expects from a liberal thinking executive, especially in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Senator Lieberman has a long record of support for the people who don't live in gated communities, and don't belong to exclusive Greenwich country clubs. The blogsphere would have you believe that Ned Lamont would never support a single Republican agenda. Except of course, if there was a digital video system in a gated community involved.


MikeCT said...

That was the most substance-free post I've seen here all year. You've really hit bottom. If that's the best Lieberman fans can come up with, Lamont will have no problem. Best of luck to you and Independent Joe.

TrueBlueCT said...

Can you tell us why you like and support Joe Lieberman? Then could you tell us if you are a registered Republican, Democrat, or unaffiliated voter?

I think these are fair questions for someone who is working so laboriously against Lamont. Where do you stand in all of this?

ProgCT said...

I don't know if Lamont belongs to such a posh club or ever did and given Turfgrrl's previous posts I can not give her the benefit of the doubt. But at least this post wasn't full of obvious lies like some of her previous ones. So its an improvement but its not hard to improve over her previous posts.

TrueBlueCT said...

She's truly laughable. At first I thought Genghis should boot her. Now I hope she sticks around.

justinh34 said...

It's amazing that a post can be that long and still fail to make single point. The closest it tries to come is at the end:

"The blogsphere would have you believe that Ned Lamont would never support a single Republican agenda. Except of course, if there was a digital video system in a gated community involved."

But what exactly does a "Republican agenda" have to do with "a digital video system in a gated community"? How are they "involved"? This a ridiculous post.

justinh34 said...
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TrueBlueCT said...

If you're going to let Turfy be the official anti-Lamont front page poster, will you allow me equal time?

I've got a good piece together about the $574,000 in speaking fees the Liebermans pocketed over the last five years. And to think that "speaking fees" were one of Lieberman's big issues against Weicker in 1988.

ctblogger said...


you are by far one of the worst bloggers I've ever read.

With the biggest story in the country happening right now, this is the best you can do?

What happened to this blog? The biggest story in the country happened today with Joe making his cut and run move, I'm getting calls/emails/IMs from anyone who has anything to do with the Democratic Party in the state, and freaking CNN just mentioned my blog, and here at one of the first blogs that covered Connecticut Poltiics, we haev a "blogger" who is allowed to post this trash.

Genghis...come on man. You're better than this.

ctkeith said...


This was what you were working on.

Why don't you go look and see which of the two men trying to win the Aug. 18th primary has more Greenwich millionaires on his donor list.

For someone who got themselves put on a zoning board to do political favors in order to increase their buisness you don't seem to bright.

turfgrrl said...

Really guys, respond to the facts in the post. Debate why it doesn't or shouldn't matter.

TrueBlueCT said...

No one said Turfy is doing anything under-handed on her town's Zoning Board. I just said it was a weird way to get involved in local politics. Is it a volunteer position? Does one get appointed, or elected?

Anyway, why don't you wait until the investigation is complete before you start making charges.

Did Turfy ever come clean as to whether she is still getting paid by Fusco Corp for developing/maintaining their website? And did she go on the record as to her relationship with Lieberman campaign treasurer Lynn Fusco?

TrueBlueCT said...

There you are. I'm happy to engage in honest political debate. Would you start by letting us know what you are registered as? And is it true that you worked on one of your local Republicans' campaigns?

cgg said...

The Round Hill club stuff has been around for awhile, since before the convention in fact. It didn't hold then and it won't now, and that's despite how much Lieberman supporters have been whispering (and shouting) about it at their DTC meetings.

Nice try though.

As for Lieberman's supporting those of us who aren't the country club set, our soldiers in Iraq certainly aren't in that economic class. I would argue that Joe doesn't do much to support them though.

BRubenstein said... ROUND HILL Club one of your clients? Or are you a member or is one of your clients a member?

LMAOOOOO is this the best you have?

Thecitizen said...

This is the most laughable post I have read.

As a voter just getting interested in whats happening .
I think The Lieberman blogger needs to wake up and smell reality and the real issues that affect us.
The more i read blogs from Lieberman supporters Its good to know Ned Lamont will win in the august primary because of the grassroots support we has Dems are giving him.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

ctkeith said... "
.... got themselves put on a zoning board to do political favors in order to increase their buisness.....

I don't have a dog in this fight.

However, I did spend the better part of 2 decades on a zoning board and would sue (more likely I'd just beat someone to death with a baseball bat) over such a charge were it ever made against me.

The above withstanding; I have seen such behavior a few times and when possible I took action. (no charges, just got the offender off the board (thinly veiled threats of newpaper stories, etc.))

Unless you're prepared to support such a charge it should be retracted as such behavior is thankfully rare.

Just for the record:
I haven't a clue who you or Trufgrrl "really" are; nor do I really care.

Chris MC said...

You know, ACR, you are the kind of guy I can respect. I hope that doesn't offend you.

I could tell thirty years of stories supporting that comment, including how many times I have turned down going on PZC in two different towns.

turfgrrl said...

16 posts thus far and not a single one defending Lamont! Must be something in the koolaid, eh?

ctkeith-- now wouldn't it be ironic if I call brubenstein to go after you for posting such a libelous comment? Withdraw the comment or back it up, because you are treading into areas that will get you into trouble.

truebluect -- ok then, engage in the questions. Is it ok for a purported liberal to make a living off gated residential communities? Is it ok for a purported liberal to socialize with republicans at an exclusive club?

brubenstein -- no, but you already knew that. (all questions)

stamfordpartisan said...

I happen to disagree with you on the Senate primary, but I share your discomfort for what I see as Lamont's "cultural republicanhood". The guy has inherited wealth sufficient to make future generations as far as his eye can see exempt from the bill-paying drudgery that most people face. Lieberman, on the other hand, is in the bottom half of the top percent, with regular rich people who will be able to buy houses for their kids, but probably not support them idly at a country club. Ah, well.

Remember that 8 years ago 20% of general election voters in this election voted for a pedophile. We seldom have the choices we would like, but change is good.

stamfordpartisan said...

A caveat: Dan Malloy is a great choice to have. CT needs him. He will be a great governor and our state will prosper and be more equitable in that prosperity than today.

MightyMouse1 said...

Maybe that is Lamont's plan for employment, I see there are waitstaff positions at his Country Club. Does the phrase limosine liberal resonate with anyone?

CTAnalyst said...

According to people who were at the Weston DTC meeting two months ago that you are refering to, there was no such comment by the scheduler.

You really need to stop making up your bullshit. MikeCT doesn't go far enough. This post is not content free, in is an example of the continuing trend of Registered Republicans that support Lieberman to provide false information.

turfgrrl said...

ctanalyst-- You are so out of touch with 4th CD politics you must hail from Washington D.C. How's the flooding?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Chris MC said... "
I could tell thirty years of stories supporting that comment..

I'm sure - but you'll probably agree that while such self-serving behavior does occur it's usually noteworthy due to the fact that it's not common.

I've longed to make betrayal of the public trust by any office holder (paid or not) or gov't. employee to be high treason.

While I'm generally opposed to capital punishment (get the wrong guy, plus it costs twice as much as a life sentence) it seems in order for that handfull of misfits that are willing to sell their position (and soul) down the river at our collective expense.

I suspect we'd only need to hang a few of them every few years before everyone got the idea.

We could sell hotdogs, balloons...make a pretty festive day of it!

Chris MC said...


Yep. And it is so very easy to get personally sued for merely doing your civic duty (that and the time commitment are the biggest concerns of people considering serving on that Commission), never mind if you actually did damage someone's interests for personal gain.

What was implied, to be diplomatic, about turfgrrl is probably across the line, and that sort of comment shouldn't go unchallenged, if it is made at all.

And don't let me miss an opportunity to mention here that Malloy put in place proceedures and practices that prevent the sort of thing that Mr. Ellef and friends had going at the capitol. Had we had Malloy's system in place, it never would have happened.

Dan Malloy = Government we can trust.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Had we had Malloy's system in place, it never would have happened."

We shouldn't need a system.

What we need to do is pay stricter attention to where we dig up candidates in the 1st place.

We should look to our communities service organizations and churches for those that seem to keep showing up and working and cajole them into running.

Those without the "volunteer gene" disappoint us too often.