Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voters "Purposeful"

The New London Day is reporting that voters seem a lot more determined this year than usual:
Unlike other years, when voters ambling up to perform a civic duty can be easily loaded down with palm-cards and other campaign materials, this year's electorate seems hell-bent on getting in to the booths, their minds more than made up.

“They're not interested in taking anything,” Clark said. “They're just purposeful. They come in, they know exactly what they're doing.” (The Day)

Turnout has already hit 60% in Griswold, the story says. We're looking at record turnout, I think--better than 2004.

"This Year, Voters Seem 'Purposeful'." New London Day 7 November, 2006.


brickbat said...

Funny the way a complete and total foreign policy fiasco can focus the mind.

Anonymous said...

I went in to vote around noon today, in my quiet precinct in my quiet town. While I was passing the time with one of the election workers (a neighbor), three people came in. One of them had obviously never used a voting machine, or had not used one for years and had forgotten how they work. (We have old reliable ones here.)

Anecdotal, yes. But I've been voting in that same place for ten years and I've never seen a line before. And I've never seen an identifiable new voter before. Not even in 2004. This one's serious.