Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Open Forum

The New Haven Independent has an article about a Lamont rally with plenty of YouTube footage embedded into the story. This sort of article, in which text, pictures and video are integrated (almost) seemlessly, is the future of online media.

Check out CT News Junkie for a three-part series on Rob Simmons' long military history.

DeStefano levels one last charge at Rell. Meanwhile, the Courant reports on the apparent success of the Rose Garden campaign.

The Norwich Bulletin endorses Rell.

Meriden's Record-Journal talks to 5th District voters (I bet you forgot Meriden was in the 5th District, didn't you?) and finds a lot of people have yet to make up their minds.

The Day endorses Lieberman, as they did in the primary. The Danbury News-Times switches, endorsing Lamont.

Campaigns are out in full force today. What else is happening?


Gabe said...

Whats going on? This. Survivor to play Eye of the Tiger with the Lamont campaign.

Connecticut politics is now complete.

Anonymous said...

It's Rell political ads all day, every day on TV. Why so few DeStefano ads?

And why does CT, a true democratic state, have a republican governor?


cgg said...

I spent the afternoon dropping off flyers for Tom Drew. Campaigners were in fact our in force. I saw several groups of canvassers and of course an endless array of lawn signs.

Anonymous said...

DeStefano has no ads because he managed his campaign so poorly, he's insolvant and no one will give him stuff for free. (He's learning that the rest of CT is not like New Haven.) The rest of the state is saying 'If he can't manage his campaign money, how the hell can he manage the state?'

Shadow said...

DeStefano and Rell are both horridly inadequate candidates. Vote Cliff Thornton for Governor.

justavoter said...

Danbury News Time endorsement of Ned Lamont was excellent I am sure Lieberman is now angry at them for switching and for good reason one of which is his support of Bush and the Iraq war.
Lamont will get alot of votes from that papers endorsement.
Also with the states other important newspaper the Record Journal voters in the towns these papers represent will vote for Lamont because they present the facts of how Lieberman has not represented the will of the people but has been more concerned with is power and stay the course at our expense.