Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Open Thread

"You'd have to be stupid to vote for Lieberman. And then they make it hard for stupid people to find him. It's not fair!"
Colin McEnroe

What's happening out there. Are there long lines? Are you having trouble voting? How are the optical scan machines? Any thoughts?


way2moderate said...

The optical machines are proving to be no particular trouble. In fact, most of the problems reported thus far have been related to problems involving the old switch-and-lever machines.

The fire alarm went off at Crosby High School in Waterbury this morning which caused the polls to close briefly. But even that was handled in an orderly fashion.

way2moderate said...

Fairfield County is tracking slightly behind the state average, which is likely to change when those voters start to get off the trains.

Middlesex County is tracking the heaviest -- significantly ahead of the rest of the state.

Anonymous said...

I just voted here in little Darien and turnout has been steady -- with my polling location reporting 50%+ turnout as of 5pm.

Anonymous said...

One Newtown senior citizen's comments on optical scan voting: "Much confusion with paper ballot - ballot clerk was on her second page of people turning in ballots because they had marked the wrong box. Set up like tests where you fill in the oval with a black marker that is in the booth & then feed the paper ballot into a computerized counter. I told the gal at the computer that I didn't trust the machine & that I thought it was really shredding the ballots. I wonder how Gram handled it - could be a problem for people with poor eyesight and/or shaky hands. Met [someone] who said he mistakenly filled in ovals for 2 people for the same office."

Anonymous said...

Word is, for reasons unclear, Stratford Republicans are working against Debicella for a Chris Jones Win in the 21st Senate seat being vacated by Doc Gunther.

Anonymous said...

The new optical scan paper ballots in Montville- Very easy to fill out and feed into the machine.

No problem at all easier then the old machines IMHO I have been using for 22 years.