Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm calling it for Murphy.

In Newtown, a town that is one notch above a Johnson base town, it is:
Nancy Johnson 5,027
Chris Murphy 5,379
That is about 52 to 48.

Other races:
Governor -
Rell 8,131
DeStefano 2,382
77 to 23. That is extreme, even here in Newtown.

Senate -
Schlesinger 951
Lamont 3,531
Lieberman 6,082
58 - 33 - 9

Results unofficial, including Absentees.
But there were some unknowns, but not enough make any difference.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Flaherty have to deliver the news on Channel 3. Lotta irony in the air tonight.

Wolcottboy said...

I knew Johnson lost when I saw her results in my precinct in Wolcott at 8:15. She won my district by about 32 votes, lost Wolcott by 8 total.

Clearly this is Johnson territory no matter who the Dem was. She's been here more than Murphy has been, and these numbers just showed the TV made the difference.