Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CT Overall: 30% turnout by noon in some areas

From WCBS:

Almost two of every three registered voters already had cast ballots in several Connecticut communities by midday today.

Dan Tapper of the Secretary of State's Office says turnout in several bellwether towns had reached 30% by noon.

State officials have predicted a turnout of about 65% statewide in Connecticut, where voters are deciding several contentious Congressional races and the race for governor.

Elections officials are checking scattered reports of problems at polling places, but no formal complaints have been filed with state elections enforcement officials.

In West Hartford, a machine was shut down for more than an hour after elections workers discovered it had the wrong ballot inside.

And in Windham, a polling place opened 30 minutes late after an elections worker apparently overslept.


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Paul said...

Shouldn't the first line read "one of every three registered voters"? I'm guessing it was a typo - otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to say the predicted statewide turnout is only 65%....