Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Zarella Withdraws Nomination

Following the revelation by State Supreme Court Justice David M. Borden that former Chief Justice William Sullivan had delayed the release of a controversial case to help his nomination, Justice Peter Zarella asked Gov. Rell to withdraw his name from nomination for Chief Justice:
Zarella said it was apparent that lawmakers would not hold a public hearing on his nomination this legislative session, which ends May 3. That would mean his nomination would not receive final action during the session.

But Zarella, a West Hartford Republican, did not rule out being a possible nominee after the session ends. (AP)

There are all sorts of questions, here, about what happens next; but what I think is most likely is the following scenario:

Rell could nominate Zarella or someone else for an interim appointment for chief justice after the legislature adjourns. The General Assembly's Judiciary Committee could then hold a public hearing and vote to confirm the nominee until January, when the full legislature returns for the 2007 session and could vote on a permanent appointment. (AP)

Whether he'll be confirmed at that hearing is debatable, as his role in Sullivan's delay is brought to light.

This nomination fight has consumed a number of needed ethics and campaign finance reforms, unfortunately. We'll see if those bills re-appear as amendments.

And we'll see whether Peter Zarella ever becomes Chief Justice.


"Zarella wants Rell to withdraw his nomination for chief justice." Associated Press 25 April, 2006.


ctkeith said...

Zarella should Resign,

At the least withholding that Decision was unethical.

It seems to me it would be equiuelent to withholding evidence in any court case.

Rowland and Rell have the exact same ethics as Bush and Cheney,NONE!!

haleheartbleeder said...

Rell (verb) - To be perplexed, surprised and disappointed by that which you should have known.

Origin: CT, from the complacent or complicit administration of a governor by the same name.

Ex: I can't believe I backed through the closed garage door. I really Relled that one.

ctkeith said...

The Ceif justice of the Ct. Supreme Court(REPUBLICAN) and the Judge named to replace him as Cheif Justice(REPUBLICAN) conspired to withhold evidence from the legislative committee charged with the confirmation of this new nominee.

If thats not enough for EVERY STATE JUDGE ALIVE TODAY AND EVERY STAT LEGISLATOR to demand both of these creeps resign there is no such thing as ethics in this state.

BRubenstein said...

Judge SUllivan gave the order to not release the decision on 3/14 3 days before Rell nominated Zarella....and yet he claims he didnt know about the nomination until 3/17/06..Rell claims "surprise" also....there are 2 things we need answers to...

MightyMouse1 said...

Keith, Sullivan is a Democrat. Which doesn't make what he did any better.

ctkeith said...

Mighty Mouse1,

Sullivan was appointed by Rowland,supported Rowland, helped raise money for Rowland and Ruled in Rowlands favor against what he knew was the right thing to do.

The Asshole might have filled out his voter registation card with a D but he's an R as sure as Rowland and Rell are.

DeanFan84 said...

Someone put a microphone in front of Rell. I want to see her to lie to the camera, once again.

At some point her ignorance about the inner workings of her Party starts to worry me.

Mr. Reality said...

Great language Keith!! Way to make your point.

BrassBoy said...


First of all, name calling and language like that is really unneccesary. I think everybody gets your point without it.

Second, Justice Sullivan has been a life long Dem and it is not something he just filled on his voter registration card. Simply supporting Governor Rowland, someone you obviously have an irrational hatred towards, doesn't change that. Or should we call all of the Dem legislators who cut deals with and supported Rowland over the years R's as well? I would be careful before answering, you'd be surprised how many there are still in Hartford.

And third, you obviously don't know Justice Sullivan. The man has never ruled contrary to what he felt was right and was a correct interpretaton of the law. Just because it differs from your leftist view doesn't make it wrong, just different. But seeing as he was the Chief Justice, his interpretation is the one that mattered.

ctkeith said...

Rising to the position of Cheif Justice and then usung that position unethically to withhold onformation from the Legislators charged with the duty to confirm your successor indeed proves the term ASSHOLE not only fits but may be too tame.

The old fart deserves to lose his pension fof this.

Queer_As_A_2_dollarbill said...

I find it interesting that the Judiciary Committee apparently "did not have enough time" during this session to have hearings on Justice Zarella's nomination, but they do apparently have PLENTY of time to conduct hearings into this mess.

And no one has alleged that Zarella knew anything about Sullivan's actions. So enough with the inuendo.

ctkeith said...

I love the way all you white collar folks protect each other,

If a truck driver at a public works Dept gets caught napping because he has to work 2 jobs to feed his family you want his head on a platter but when one of your very comfortable own gets caught abusing the power put in his hands by you he "just made a mistake and we should take his entire carreer and his wonderful family history into account before we act too harshly"

SCREW YOU LAWYERS,When your caught you should get double the time of the poor bastard who had to steal a loaf of bread to feed his family!

ctkeith said...


This info was given to the committee by another Supreme Court Judge.The Entire Court new and the one who told the committee about it should be the next Cheif Justice.He at least new about ethics and chose to live by them.

Queer_As_A_2_dollarbill said...

So let me get this straight--when a "white collar" person bends or breaks the law they do it with a malicious and deliberate intent. When a poor person bends or breaks the law, they are simply doing what they have to do to survive and shoudl be treated accordingly. I hate to tell you Keith, but not every non-rich criminal is Jean Valjean.

In the words of Jack Nicholson: "Go sell crazy somewhere else, where all stocked up here."

No one's saying that what Sullivan did was right. What I'm saying is that politics are clearly being played on both sides of this issue.

BrassBoy said...

I'm not a lawyer. Not even close. And nobody brought up blue-collar vs. white collar.

But yes, Justice Sullivan has had a wonderful career and family history and has worked very, very hard to get to where he is today.

And he didn't have to steal a single loaf of bread to do it. Imagine that! Working hard, forgoing naps and not stealing to get what you need. What a novel concept!

ctkeith said...


I realize just how many in my party enabled Rowland and hs cronies to rob this state blind and I have a very long Memory,A strong will and as you can tell I NEVER hold my tongue.

One of those in my Party who enabled and Raised money for Rowland was Joe Lieberman.

How's he doin lately?

Queer_As_A_2_dollarbill said...

By the way, I think Rowland may have to relinquish his "Teflon John" title. If Jodi can "sick at heart" her way out of this one, she will have truly earned Teflon status.

(And of course you'd want Borden as Chief--he's a self-described liberal)

ctkeith said...


I brought up blue collar,white collar and your last post proved I was right o the money.

BrassBoy said...

How's Lieberman doing? Not too well with the crazy leftys that make up much of CT Democratic party. But that's par for the course.

Come talk to me when he's not actually re-elected. Something tells me I'll be waiting a while.

disgruntled_republican said...


What's with your hostility. Chill out man, its blog not your death sentancing hearing.... my god man.

And seriously, we do know Sullivan was wrong. We also know it was not illegal. It was however unbeleivably unethical. He should resign. Oh, he already did...oops.

As for Zarella; I would venture to guess that there will be an investigation. If it is found that he is a part of this (you may think he is already, i think we should wait for the process) then I agree that he should resign.

And as for my "collar"...the average public works employee makes more money than I do so back off.

BrassBoy said...

Right on the money? I never drew any parallels between my working hard concept and what "collar" you wear to work. I simply said that more people, no matter the "collar", should look into making an honest living through hard work.

The vast majority of blue-collar workers are dilligent and hard working. As are most white-collar employees. It's the ones that aren't that make the news.

Now if you have some preconceived notion about which type of worker is associated with napping and which is associated with hard work I suggest you examine your own stereotypes.

MightyMouse1 said...

Again Keith, can you remind us who you support in the primary. You are doing a great job with your irrational anger of helping to re-elect Joe. At least pretend that you are able to convince people with an argument not hate filled swear filled diatribes.

goodbye said...

Zarella is a loyal Republican who was pushed up very quickly throught the CT Judiciary by his good friend John Rowland. Zarella pulled his nomination to help Jodi save face. He did what was best for his party not what was best for the state. If he wanted what was best for the state he would have added that he would not accept another nomination. Think about it.

MightyMouse1 said...

Now Red, why would that be best for the State? Is Zarella not capable? We forget that Rell is a Republican and that Zarella is the only Republican on the Supremes. Perhaps she should appoint Harriet Myers?

MightyMouse1 said...

OK, Keith. Now is when you call me either being a Lieberman employee, war monger, Rowland friend or some other name. And I will respond by calling you "simple".

ctkeith said...


IOKIYAR seems to be in effect in CT. too.At least on this thread.

goodbye said...

If Zarella thinks he is the best guy for the job then he should have hung in there and let the other two branches of govt. do their job but instead he bailed out to help Rell. There was no other reason for him to do that. Remember, this is the guy who preaches separation of powers among the branches. That's why I said think about it.

goodbye said...

And MM, your sort of right about the Harriet Meyers analogy because Rell does not have to appoint someone already on the court and I have no idea what ctkeith is saying.

ctkeith said...

Its an acronym thats getting quite popular,It stands for,

Its OK if You are Republican.

It seems to be coming out of Republicans mouths on any number of issues.

disgruntled_republican said...

Did anyone think that perhaps Zarella didn't want to have to go through the scrutiny that is sure to come from legislators who have propably made up their political minds on this already.

They did not even care about the fact that the constitution says that the hearing must commence within 30 days (which was yesterday) so what makes anyone think for an instance they would be fair in this instance?

And I certainly don't see how this is bailing Rell out. It did go public and I am sure there will still be hearings on this so how does that take anyhting off of Rell? Not only will this not go away but she now has to find someone outside of the current Supreme Court to appoint as Chief Justice. (Zarella is in fact, the only Republican and she, certainly won't appoint a Democrat...nor would any Democrat Governor appoint a Republican so don't try saying it).

goodbye said...

I still have no idea what ctkeith is talking about or even what he is trying to accomplish. Name calling has never changed my mind on an issue or a candidiate. Of course, I never had any idea what Howard Dean was talking about either.

disgruntled_republican said...


You need to stop. We are all Americans...take the Dem and Rep aside and we are all Americans. We just seem to have a different philosophy on what is right. Note, I said different, not wrong, not idiotic...different. And it is not OK that he is a Republican...if you refer to my previous post I said just the opposite and would venture to guess not a single person here agrees with you on that.

goodbye said...

Like I said there disgruntled, if Jodi Bells wnats a Republican she can appoint one and it doesn't have to be Zarella because it doesn't have to be somebody on the bench. As far as bailing out Rell it absolutley does because now the nomination is out of play. As for the other hearings in to judicialimpropriety they will involve Sullvan's actions and maybe Rell's but likely not anything Zarella did.

disgruntled_republican said...


I realize she can nominate anyone...was thinking of sending my resume...j/k. I am simply saying that ideally you want to promote from within then promote a lower level uop to Zarella's spot.

I disagree on you assertion that the hearings will involve Sullivan and Rell. Sullivan, yes..Rell, TBD. And Zarella certainly will be there as he is now trhe center of the entire thing. If there is no reason to bring in Rell, they won't and at this point, there is no reason.

goodbye said...

And one other thing there disgruntled, the legislators absolutley did care about the 30 day requirement; that's why they asked Rell to delay it until after the regular short session so that they would have time to do it right. None of them that I know of - like Lawlor and McDonald - said that he was not confirmable. Rell blundered on this as there was absolutley no rush and now we see that Sullivan attempted to manipulate the process so that he could get his guy apponted - and it is not a Democrat or Republican thing - it's the same old CT thing.

goodbye said...

I said "maybe" Rell but I think it is more likely that Sullivan manipulated her too.

disgruntled_republican said...


That may be but I don't really care what they said to be totally honest. Sullivan resigned, Rell nominated his replacement. Once she does, it is their job to make time. Why should she have to wait until it is convenient for them?

And I absolutely feel it is a politics thing. That IS the typical "CT thing".

goodbye said...

It is highly unusual for a Chief Justice to resign abruptly and his replacement announced all in one breath. It's a part time legislature with a defined time limit to its session and they were on a schedule to do certain things and I am no fan of Ammann or Williams. But for instance did you know that the Judiciary committee can not meet while both houses are in session? The only Republicans that are criticizing the Democrats on this in the legislature that I ahve seen are the DeLuca crowd.

Mr. Reality said...

Anyone who can't see the politics in this whole thing really doesn't understand what is going on.

Rell needed to get this appointment through before the end of session. Once Session ends she would have to reappoint after the election and if she were to lose (no matter how unlikely) the next Gov. would get that appointment.

So for the same reason she rushed this appointment, the Dems stalled it. Let's be fair about this. The outside chance that a Dem wins that appointment will be theirs. For McDonald this is even more in his interest since he is assisting Malloy's campaign.

Borden has been passed over three times for Chief Justice so you can see why he has an axe to grind.

ctkeith said...

Hey Mr. Reality,

The one person who did the RIGHT THING in this entire ethical swamp was Borden.

Your assertion that he did it because he had an "axe to grind" punishes the only honest person in this incident unfairly.