Monday, April 24, 2006

Gloomy Monday Open Forum

Blogger is being stubborn. So publishing today has been delayed.

Lieberman's been traveling around Eastern CT asking for votes. People aren't seeming that receptive to his message, which seems to be "We disagree on Iraq, but we still have a lot in common." Iraq is just too big an issue for a lot of people to let it slide, I think.

The Green Party nominated its slate this weekend. There's an article in the New Haven Advocate about what Connecticut might be like under a Green government. Hint: lots of pot.

What else is happening?


IfThere'sGrassOnTheField... said...

Laura Bush is in-state. But no press coverage?

Go_Huskies_2006 said...

I heard on the radio this morning that Mrs. Bush is here to do a fundraiser for Shays and Johnson. Is that right?

Go_Huskies_2006 said...
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TrueBlueCT said...

Lieberman staffers are accusing me of "following Lieberman all over the state".

The truth is that I've seen Joe just twice this year. That's right, just twice. (And Joe is still too scared to take a question from me.)

The first time I saw Joe was two weeks ago in Windsor. This was Joe's first public CT event of the year, and my reason for going there was basic, -- I want Joe to rule out an Independent run. The sign I held, (knowing I would never be allowed to ask a question), was simple. It read: PLEASE RULE OUT AN INDEPENDENT RUN.

Anyway, I think we all know what happened at that forum. Joe essentially said he wouldn't be bound by the will of the Party, and that he might run as an Independent in the Fall, despite the disastrous consequences that would have for other races.

Still fearful of a Lieberman Indy run, yesterday I attended Joe's second "public" event of the year. My new sign, read: PLEASE COMMIT TO OUR DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY.

And this amounts to making waves?

What is hilarious is that Joe has sent out moles to as many Lamont events as possible. Yet if I quietly show up with a polite sign, calling for Democratic unity and a commitment to our Party processes --it bothers Joe and his staff enough that they have to start spreading half-truths?

It'd be one thing if I was there as a disruptive force, (and gosh knows, a handful of us could shut down these "public appearances" if we wanted to.) But no "Kiss" buttons were handed out, no lists of tough questions, and no sheets listing Joe's top ten sell-out moments of 2005. (Yeah, it's more than just the war.)

Nope, just a little silent witnessing and a sign asking Joe the one real question. "ARE YOU REALLY A DEMOCRAT?"

TrueBlueCT said...

P.S. I forgot to include the part about staffer Kenny Curran, who tried to intimidate me by shoving a video camera in my face. Shame on you Kenny. Shame.

Bergs said...

I had great news this morning, via a email! This is just the beginning for Nancy Johnson. Wait till that donut hole gets hit by the Seniors who purchased plans for Rxs.

According to careful before-and-after polling, our Caught Red-Handed ads this month dramatically succeeded to "shake loose" Congressional races that were previously seen as safe for Republicans.

We targeted races where Democratic challengers were polling behind entrenched Republican incumbents.
After our ads, those Democrats are now winning.
One "safe" Republican, who ran ads responding to ours, even went down 10% in the polls—a huge shift.

Here's the bottom line: The 2006 elections are way too important to leave in the hands of the Democrats alone. If we want to win, we've got to break these elections open ourselves. These amazing results show that we can do this together.

Just looking at one of the Congressional districts—the fifth district of Connecticut—here is what we did together:

Before the ad ran, Republican Nancy Johnson led Democratic challenger Chris Murphy 47% to 46%. After the ad Johnson is down 41% to 51%. That is a HUGE shift.
The shift was even bigger among Independents. It went from dead even at 45% to 45% to Democrat Murphy leading 55% to 35% over Johnson.
Among women voters the Democrat had a 1-point lead at 46% to 45% and now he leads 53% to 38%.
Among seniors over 75 the Republican went from being up 55% to 38% to being down 38% to 58%.
It gets even better because incumbent Republican Nancy Johnson was forced to dig into her own pocket and spend $70,000 on an ad attacking MoveOn members. Even with her own ad running at the same time as the MoveOn ad she plummeted in the polling.

Gabe said...

Lamont has a meet and greet at the Hamden Senior Center tonight at 7 - Is anyone planning on going?

Also, Berg, Do you have a link to what you quoted? I would like to see whatever data is available from the poll mentioned...

TrueBlueCT said...

P.S.S. Kenny didn't literally shove a video camera in my face. However, as a Democrat who has voted for Lieberman several times in the past, it would be nice if I could go see my Senator in public, without being video-taped....

2indaPink said...

Berg- are they on crack? Is MoveOn seriously saying that Johnson and Murphy were at 47% to 46% PRIOR to the ads? And now they're saying he's up??? I think I can see why Dean lost -- he put too much faith in whimsical MoveOn polling.

I agree with Gabe/GC--give us a link.

goodbye said...

Bergs, I've been wondering about the donut-hole issue myself - you've got coverage but oops you hit your limit for now, come back when you spend some more, gotcha there seniors - it hasn't been talked about as far as I can tell.

Go_Huskies_2006 said...

Whoa those poll numbers are out there! Even if they are within like 10 points of being right it's pretty amazing.

I looked on the move on website after I read this and it doesn't say anything about this that I could find. Did the email have a link to anything?

Genghis Conn said...


The more I think about it, the less I trust that "polling" MoveOn is citing. Was there any citation? A link? If Murphy were leading Johnson by ten points in any poll, I think we'd hear about it.

Very strange.

BRubenstein said... isnt really a Democrat...

concerneddem said...

I have seen DeStefano and Malloy speak on several occasions, most recently, at their debate in Avon. While I understand it is important for candidates to distinguish themselves from their opponents, I am disgusted with DeStefano’s increasing hostility towards Malloy. I find DeStefano’s snide manner and inaccurate commentary about Malloy’s position on certain issues, to be unprofessional and inappropriate for a fellow democrat. I applaud Malloy for not responding in a similar manner. No matter which candidate triumphs in the primary, it will be a tough race against the popular republican incumbent. I think both candidates should remember the predominate goal is to place a democrat in office, and conduct themselves accordingly.

TrueBlueCT said...

I saw both DeStefano and Malloy last week in Branford. The only person to take a swipe was Dan, and it was a little swipe at that.

It takes two sides to tango and neither of these guys are completely innocent. But the contentiousness is not as big as it is being made out to be.

Weicker Liker said...

Those Nancy Johnson poll numbers sound really shaky.

turfgrrl said...


JDS does have a tendency to be snide and snippy as part of his natural state. I think the larger point is that these guys should be working on likability more than they are, and if they must attack, there's a sitting governor who is busy sweeping Rowland crap under the rug.

Go_Huskies_2006 said...

I was surprised that Johnson did those ads against Murphy a few weeks ago because I figured she's an inucmbent and doesn't have too much to worry about but maybe she has a poll of her own saying she does have something to worry about? That would make her doing those really negative ads a lot more understandable.

Also my coworker who lives in Litchfield has gotten campaign mailings from Johnson already.

I still don't think it can be totally accurate that Johnson and Murphy were tied before those ads but if Murphy was only a few points behind it starts to make sense that Johnson has been doing ads and mailings already.

goodbye said...

turffgrrl in referring to Jodi sweeping crap under the rug might be referring to this headliner in today's NHR: Two of the more controversial figures in state government during the scandal-ridden years of ex-Gov. John G. Rowland’s administration were Arthur H. Diedrick and William A. Aniskovich. text link here or maybe this one: Justice alleges ruling withheld to help Zerella nomination that has a link here

Jodi liked Johnny and she still sees him as a past mentor.

KerryGuy said...

The Taco Sullivan hold on that decision is a huge problem for Zarella. Rell usually runs away from controversy, so I bet she pulls the plug and doesn't renominate him for the CJ spot. This will end up being bigger news than anything else hitting today.

FrankS said...

Justice Sullivan has given Rell another problem, by withholding the publishing of a decision on court secrecy, he may have limited any legislative attempts to alter court policies for now

In short legislative sessions, the thought of a long debate on the court practice establishing secret dockets may have doomed any attempts at change, but Sullivan's actions is a direct challenge of legislative leadership authority.

That leaves Rell's nomiation of Zerella hanging.

TrueBlueCT said...

Anyone notice that both the Malloy and Lieberman guys have suddenly disappeared? A whole day has gone by, without one post from the usual suspects. (A summit meeting perhaps.)

Is this a new DLC policy of disengagement? With or without them, us CT bloggers aren't going anywhere...

MikeCT said...

A few comments

1) Can anyone independently verify getting the supposed MoveOn message described above? Unless someone can, I think we should presume it is a fradulent prank, since
* I'm on the moveon list and have not received it
* it is not on their Web site
* the poll numbers are very hard to believe

2) It's rare to find a political fundraiser with a sense of humor. The Simsbury Democrats proudly prefer their corruption straight up.

3) Colin McEnroe takes Bob Farr to task for Farr's continued insistence on quick hearings for Zarella even in light of the new revelations of Chief Justice Sullivan's political maneuvers. Go Beth Bye!

MikeCT said...

Also, John Wirzbicki provides his first hand account of trying to get answers out of Lieberman, who may have finally been forced to give up his friend Sean Hannity.

Wolcottboy said...

From Monday's Waterbury Republican Brass Tacks column: (4/24/06 Sec. 2B)


Member towns of the Litchfield hills Council of Elected Officials, like many others, are struggling with what to do about their voting machines now that the federal government has established criteria and mandated that towns and states comply with a new law intended to make sure everyone who votes has his or her vote counted. Compliance is required by the November 2006 election.
LHCEO and its sister organization, Northwest Connecticut Council of Governments, recently contated their congressional delegation - Sens. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., and Rep. Nancy Johnson, R-5th Dist. - for advice. Discussions were held with both Dodd and Johnson, who visited Torrington recently to meet with members of the two councils. Johnson has already followed up with responses to questions posed by town leaders. Dodd has yet to do so.
But no one ha heard from Joe Lierberman.
"Is Joe Lieberman still a senator from Connecticut? Did we ever hear from him," said Goshen First Selectman Robert Valentine at Friday's LHCEO meeting in Winsted.
"I'm pleased with Nancy Johnson's responding and responding early. She replied the next day to questions. Her quick response deserves credit. I hope Senator Dodd is able to respond in some way also, but he attended a meeting. We never heard from Lierberman," Valentine said.

Quarterly Prophet said...

What is hilarious is that Joe has sent out moles to as many Lamont events as possible.

I think you were one of the people to see this in my diary over at MyLeftNutmeg, but there were two Lieberman staffer/volunteers during at the Haddam speech. These aren't moles, there is no mistaking who these people work for.

TrueBlueCT said...

I went to Lamont's heavily attended event in Hamden tonight. You are right, besides a couple of obvious plants, there were two staffers with Lieberman pins on.

One was very brazenly taking video, and the other was making a fool out of himself trying to sign people up for Lieberman. (lmao.)

Their repeated talking points were that:
1) Lamont is all-spin.
2) Lamont is secretly a Republican, b/c of Tom D'Amore.
3) that Lamont has no real solutions to Iraq.

What amazed me is that both of the young Liebercrats said they would go with Joe if he ran as an Independent. Don't they know who lame of an answer that is? They also didn't seem to know about ANYTHING. I mean less than room temperature IQ stupid.

At the end of the evening, the District coordinator was laughing at them. I guess they got in an argument with two willfull female Lamont supporters, who got so upset with the Liebercrats that they literally whipped out their checkbooks, on the spot, just to show the boys who they were messing with.

For the record, Ned was absolutely on fire! But I'll let Gabe do his reporting before I do.

Quarterly Prophet said...

Damnit, I should have gone. I was only three miles away this time, why did I decide to go home instead of stick around for a few hours?

lefty said...


I got that MoveOn e-mail yesterday and the numbers from the previous post are verbatim from the e-mail. Not sure how accurate they are though