Monday, April 10, 2006

Open Forum

There's more to life than Lieberman-Lamont.

For example, there's nationwide immigration rallies.

There's also rat claws in your fajita, but maybe you shouldn't think about that too much.

What else is happening?


TrueBlueCT said...

The Malloy/DeStefano "battle" continues.... Boy have both these guys failed to connect. What I find incredible is that neither Dem has bothered to embrace the base of their Party, which is staunchly anti-Bush, anti-elective war. (as are many moderates, and a growing number of Republicans.)

No wonder none of the Lamont delegates seem to care which one of the two they vote for. What strong argument can be made for either of them, when both act like bureaucrats and ignore the elephant in the room.

Hey John! Hey Dan! Don't you realize your candidacies are longshots at best. And your plan for pulling people away from Rell is what? A fracas about who secretly supports repeal of the Estate Tax? C'mon.

Let's turn 2006 into one giant referendum on Bush's failed presidency, Iraq, Republican corruption and those who want to "Stay the Course". Give us Democrats a turn at the helm!

Honestly, if we CT Dems got together on a throw the bums out message, we might actually win something. And yeah, I'm talking about jettisoning the out of touch, not-necessarily a Democrat guy.

Lieberman's schtick gives so much political cover to Rell, Shays, Simmons and Johnson. Ever wonder why these pols survive in a blue state like CT? Could it be because of Joe?

MikeCT said...

Obscure candidate of the week:

Let's count the hands of everyone who knew that Stephen Miller is running for Congress against Chris Shays! Miller, who is nothing if not outspoken, will run as a Green and address campaign finance reform, health care, and the war.

This prolific guy not only has a campaign blog with subjects such as "Is Bush a liar or a mental case," he also has a personal blog called "Screwed Again". The latter blog is an "online home for rational citizens to share ideas that will counter the hypocritical propaganda avalanche generated by the government’s media to brainwash citizens into counterproductive, self defeating reelection of officials paid off by corporate bribes." Whew! There's some light reading for you.

He may have an image challenge: "Mr. Miller’s candidacy does have a potential hindrance because he has been convicted of extortion. Mr. Miller said his trial and conviction came after he was the victim of a Wall Street fraud and he tried to set a trap for those who had defrauded him. He added he is not afraid to discuss his conviction, which he claims was the result of jury rigging by a federal judge."

Miller details his case against the federal government's case in his self-published exposé, Just Cause Just Facts : Government Corruption Beyond Weird. This page-turner begins on a dark and stormy afternoon: "On December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, 1994, at shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon there were six F.B.I. agents standing on the steps outside my apartment with their guns drawn preparing to arrest me for an extortion charge..."

I'm hooked! What's next? "I asked them not to lock my cat, Knucklehead, in the apartment because he might starve and to please bring him and the boxes of cat food upstairs to my neighbor for his new home. The agents pleasantly carried Knucklehead and his food upstairs." Thank goodness! Sorry to give away the plot. Read on.

Aldon Hynes said...

Mike, what is more frightening is that both Kim and I knew that Miller was running against Shays. Discretion being the better part of valor, let me simply say that I will be supporting Diane Farrell in that race, but that I really wish he were running for Senate. I would love to hear a Miller debate Streitz.

MikeCT said...

Aldon knows all!

Today's blog entry from Miller is particularly deranged:

There are two ways to predict my ability to help our cause if elected this year.
1a) as the lone Green Party member I will be part of no coalition and no hierarchy. That gives me free reign to attack the entire body. Because there is such an irrational set of circumstances (similar to the sale of ports to Dubai) I will turn everything on its head. The commotion will energize citizens throughout America who will in turn force the drastic changes we need to make immediately.

2) I would be as useless as Bernie Sanders who is one of the few really good guys elected to govern.
What I intend to do can’t be done by anyone but me. I know how to blow the lid off the capital. If you give me a chance I will be happy to show you the documents I possess that substantiates a colossal story that needs to see the light of day.