Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lamont "Appreciative" of Blogs, Bloggers

An in-depth interview with Lamont, in which he comments on his relationship with the blogs.
I’m very appreciative of the blogs. I’m coming at this race as a bit of an outsider, with not high name recognition, and who cares passionately about the issues, but when I talk to the mainstream media, it’s all about process and money and delegates. It was the blogs who said, “Hey, there are compelling issues out there, and let’s see how Lamont stands.” Whatever the blogs’ reputation, they opened the door to more serious discourse than the mainstream media did. (Golson
This is the potential of citizen-driven media. There are issues that Americans care about, and if the mainstream media won't talk about them, someone else will.

The interview is worth a read for anyone interested in the Senate race.


Golson, Blair. "Ned Lamont: The Truthdig Interview." Truthdig. 25 April, 2006.


MikeCT said...

I got a mailing from the Lamont campaign today. Not a fundraiser or a message targeted to existing supporters, but a voter mailing contrasting Lamont's views with Lieberman's record. Also quoted some media coverage and supportive editorials. Presumably targeted to registered Democrats, it has several pages and is entitled "Finally, a Senator who will stand up to George Bush." That's my first mailing from any campaign this year and I think it is Lamont's first direct communication to voters, aside from media interviews.

BRubenstein said...

Lamont gave a great interview and was very thoughtful. It is refreshing to see that quality about him, rather then a craven Lieberman who only talks to folks like delegates when he is in trouble.

As ive said before...if Lamont gets 15% of the convention delegates the primary will be a horse race and if Lamont gets 25% of the delegates or more..say goodbye to Joementum.Additionally if Lamont does well in the petition drive...say gets 25,000 signatures...he should use that a base for "prime voters" as i think he or a winning candidate will need 100-125,000 votes to win a primary.

ctblogger said...

Ned commented about the impact of blogs yesterday in Monroe singling out ConnecticutBLOG and Lamontblog for their coverage.

Blogs are the way to go. I love to reading this blog as well as the big ones in CT. Hopefully, other blogs will follow my lead and video to their lineup. It's one thing to write but to write about a event you were at WHILE providing videoclips is the way to go.

Check out my blog later tonight and you'll see what I mean...

TrueBlueCT said...

I'm one of those "angry" bloggers. Only ever since Ned Lamont appeared, I'm not that angry anymore. CT Democrats now have a choice. Maybe they'll decide that we're better off sending Lieberman back to DC for another term.

But at least we have a choice, and some semblance of accountability.

Thank you Ned. Thank you Swanny. A whole lot of faith has been restored by you guys' courage.