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onceupona time said...

This is probably the post to thank Aldon; I was able to keep my handle; just have a different ID. Thanks Aldon - and i hpoe JDS loses to DM BTW.

fidelcastro said...

the revolution starts now !!!!!!!!!!

Aldon Hynes said...

bluecoat: I am glad you managed to keep your handle and stick around.

I hope we can have meaningful discussions about issues that our state faces, even if we disagree as to which candidate will address the issues most satisfactorily.

So, what about that soda bill? ;-)

onceupona time said...

Aldon: I commented under the last post but here is what was reported in the NYT.

fidelcastro said...

DeStefano has faded...i see he has no charisma,lousy issues,and a terrible staff.Malloy is even worse.Its a shame ( im a dem) that these two are all we can come up with as candidates.

DeanFan84 said...

Fidel old boy,

You must be a Lieberman guy. You know one of those 9% of registered "Dems" who voted for Bush over Kerry.

Me, I'm actually excited about our two gubernatorial candidates.

If Malloy wasn't a DLC guy, (in bed with the corporations), and if his staff wasn't full of Lieberpukes, I'd actually donate to him. He has the balls to win, and he might actually do something about our transportation woes.

DeStefano has been a fantastic mayor, and has really turned New Haven around. And the one-party politics that has plagued New Haven has gotten so, so much better over the last five years.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Yeah, DeanFan, Susie Voigt certainly put a spike in any one-party politics issues, didn't she?

disgruntled_republican said...


YOu said DeStefano has done a "wonderfull job as mayor". How so? In all honesty, I haven't heard much good about him.

I am asking this serioiusly, not to poke at him...and Aldon, you can feel free to chime in here.

DeanFan84 said...

The shameful thing is that Malloy tried such a stunt against DeStefano. Sure, Jorge Perez was upset about the Goldfield coup. But sell out to the Stamford guy?

And from what I'm hearing, Susie Voigt is bravely telling her delegates to "vote their consciences". (Maybe she has no choice, b/c if the New Haven delegation doesn't split for Lamont, DeStefano is dead with the Lamont wing of the Party. You know those of us who are against this nutso war.)

It'll be interesting to see which New Haven delegates choose to support Neo-Con Joe. I wouldn't want to be caught on the wrong side of this "single issue".

DeanFan84 said...

Disgruntled Republican--

If you haven't heard much good about him, you must not have stepped foot in New Haven. (Yeah, I know there are black and brown people here, and that occasionally one gang member shoots another... but if it's safe enough for the President's daughter, it should be safe enough for you.)

And yes, there are grumblings about our one-party politics. But press any New Havener, and they'll quickly admit that DeStefano is the best of all possible mayors.

2indaPink said...

Oh yeah, JDS has certainly lowered the crime rate, cut taxes, and made new haven a desireable place to live.

Uh Oh, I guess I forgot to not speak in antonymns.

onceupona time said...

disgruntled; since you didn't get a straightforward answer there to your question; from GC's link to the left here is what JDS says about himself.

There is no argument that New Haven is a great in many respects and it has been forevr. There is a question about how well JDS actually does though when it comes down to basic govt. stuff.

DeanFan84 said...


Can you help me find out something?

At the Dem State Convention, in what order will the votes be held? Will Lamont/Lieberman come before Malloy/DeStefano? (I doubt our Crony-crat in chief, Nancy DiNardo will let that happen.)

Traditionally, in what order have the votes been held?

What is becoming more and more obvious is that the Lamont delegates will decide the Gubernatorial endorsement. Most of them don't care much about who gets to run against Rell. Instead they care about Iraq, and holding to account those who got us into this unwinnable disaster.

Both Malloy and DeStefano should be careful not to underestimate Democrats anger against the Dem establishment. Falling in line behind Lieberman, especially when he won't rule out an Independent run, could prove disastrous.

DeanFan84 said...

Hey, you Republicans can argue against New Haven all you want.

What you can't argue for is Jodi Rell. Please somebody make the case for her being the greatest CT governor ever! Sorry, but I can't quit laughing on this one.

Jodi Rell, Greatest CT Governor Ever!

How many colleges did she drop out of?

onceupona time said...

The best chance for Ned "the cable guy" Lamont to win is for him to go up against Joe and Schlesinger.

fidelcastro said...

dear no lieberman guy like you a progressive

Its a fact that;

1. bought the land to his house at a discount from state party chair george jepsens brother.
2. had work done by contractors on his house at a discount..some of whom received no bid city contracts.
3. Is a DLC member in good standing, the consevative wing's favorite organization.
4. the are DUI allegations
5. Have as constultants roy,betsy, and kathy all who are 0 for 5 in state wide and/or important races.
6 more then 80% of the voters dont know who he is.
7 is likely to not get the dem endorsement at the convention.

1. Questions about the influence of Altieri and others
2. already had a huge campign fine
3. no experience in his staff of running a statewide race and the major positions are filled by new haven toadys
4 shonu ghandi has a rude and dismissive style with no experience
5 he got more insider and contracter money than anyone and owes them
6 the chirisma of roadkill
7 likely to get the endorsement and may win the primary..but be roadkill against Rell.

onceupona time said...

And in the interest of balance: Jodi's has a few sins:
1. has already had campaign finance scandal - Marco Polo
2. the jet ski incident
3. Rowland's running mate
4. kept most of Rowland's appointees on board
5. can't make up her mind on issues like CFR and soda in schools
6. can't get the trains on the tracks

Puh-leez; these people are politicians and part of the INCUMBENT PARTY machines

disgruntled_republican said...


Thanks for the instincts towards you have been confirmed. I ask a serious question but you can't seem to give a serious answer. I did not ask you to tell me about New Haven...I have been there many times. I did ask you for the ethnical breakdown...newsflash, I live in Enfield..."there are black and brown people here, and that occasionally one gang member shoots another" and we have drug problems here too.

Next stop and think that PERHAPS, I have not heard much about DeStefano and wanted to know what he has to offer from one his obvious supporters. I have asked the same of Malloy supporters in the past. Read my handle...notice "disgruntled"...ever stop and think why? Did you ever consider that I may not like the republican candidate(s) and could be looking at other candidates?Se Deanfan, my mother brought me up to be able to think logically and make decisions on my I registered Republican, yes but I have NEVER voted straight Republican in a voting booth and this year will be no different.

Don't bother trying to respond, I will get my answers elsewhere.

onceupona time said...

Disgruntled: the first clue should have been his handle - Deanfan - his hero rarely answered questions and that's why he went down in the primaries as fast as he did - my own impressionof JDS is that he is a fabulous policy wonk, even head of the Ntional League of Cities, but when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal I don't see his policies. What bothers me about Malloy is that while what he did in stamford is generally considered good, it's not at all clear to me what he would do as guv, which is much differnet in that you have 169 cities and towns to lead to some kind of consensus and service in a somewht equal way.

disgruntled_republican said...


Agreed. Plus we have to wonder what he would have done without Moira Lyons sending every possible dollar his way from the state. With DeStefano, I generally have heard more bad than good and there is something about him that sttrikes me...wish there was an option "D".

MolotovCocktails said...

Option D: Maybe you realize they all suck, but you vote for the Democrat anyway, because divided government has done nothing to solve the state's problem.

Really, the problem could be that our leaders are Amman and Sullivan and Looney and Rell.

Put in one of the big city Mayors, and let's see if they have the executive prowess to get the job done. Whatever happens, it has to be better than the failed status quo.

onceupona time said...

disgrunteld: I've made the Moira Lyons connection in the past BUT more power to Malloy for making the best of state money to do what his folks needed - or seemed to need. BUT AGAIN this passing out o pork from the CT Dept. of Corporate Welfare has to stop. I can't beleive the state is even considering building a hockey rink - our debt per capita is the highest in the country and our return on the debt sucks. Some of the debt - the politicians call it bonding - has actually gone to fund operating expenses for our govt. and others who were blessed by the politicians for their past favors.

Brian Durand said...


To get a better idea of what Dan will do as Governor, you could check out the campaign's Issues page, which has Dan's stance on many issues, as well as his plan for what he will do to tackle them as Governor.

You can also read our press release page, which is sortable by category, to get more info.

Finally, if you have a specific question you want answered, click on AskDan and email Dan directly to hear his take.

onceupona time said...

And did I forget to mention the MASH unit was bought with state bonding. Never mind that Rell and the rest of them are whining about port security where something could be brought in. And never mind that we have almost as many public hospitals in this state as we do McDonald's franchises. And who is going to staff the MASH unit? They can't think past their stinkin' noses but they can spend, spend, spend. I wonder who got the sales commission on the tent?

onceupona time said...

I've already looked at his issues page; and I have problems with his naivete - e.g.his answer to spiraling healthcare costs is for the government to pay for more people to have it; I'm not opposed to taking care of the poor and even understand the concept of preventative care BUT none of that lowers the cost of insurance for the 85% that already have it.

As I've said in the past he's probably the least most offensive alternative.

2indaPink said...

In fairness to Republicans, they never elected Jodi Rell...they elected John Rowland and an elderly social secretary.

Jodi hasn't really stood for election since 1992.

disgruntled_republican said...

2indapink -

Interesting name and great point.

onceupona time said...

Yeah, but the Republicans asked her to run and she never suggested to herself that maybe it would be best for the state and the party that she retire gracefully after landing the misguided plane.

And for fidel, the progressive who doesn't like Joe apparently anymore than I do but for different reasons, according to the New Democrats/ DLC here Joe is a progressive to. Personally, I like Progresso soups - and that has as much relevance to the debate as giving people labels - just cal them names like Commie Pinko - that suits me better.

disgruntled_republican said...


The problem is, who else would the Republicans have run? Lou Deluca? Jodi was the only option.

onceupona time said...

Why did it have to be a politician already in Hartford? But if that's the universe for candidiates, McKinney represents me in the State Senate and while I have some issues with what he's done locally I'd take him over Rell in a nano-second. He'd be even up with Malloy or JDS all things considered and I don't think he'd be afraid to call in tough advsors. The GOP bosses hate labor unions but they run the party like a bad one - time and grade is everything.

disgruntled_republican said...

It could only be Jodi because the Gov's mansion is all they have left and they aren't willing to even risk loosing it.

onceupona time said...

I know; and that is my problem with the state GOP, it isn't about what's best in the long run, it's about what's best for the party. Jodi has no real vision; she has no real plan; she does a fabulous job putting out fires that get lit in the press; but have we really gone anywhere under her stewardship? I'd say all things considered the answer is no.

2indaPink said...

It's not like the state GOP has much choice! There is no "election" of a chairman anymore. He's appointed by the Governor and serves at her pleasure. Something about 'biting the hand that feeds you?'

onceupona time said...

Your helping to make my point that Jodi did what was best for Jodi. She was, and still is, embarassed about the Rowland scandal. She should have cleaned house - and I htink I'm right that McKinney was qouted as saying he was surprised she did not do that - but instead of cleaning house she's doing what I did with my first apartment just before a date - swept dirt under the rug, hid stuff in the cabinets and closed the bathroom door!.

onceupona time said...

And I might as well add that it was the thought that counted and the bottle of wine with the fancy cork that always did the trick.

onceupona time said...

They think that more people are taking the train and leaving their cars at home here but it is more likely that there are just more people living in the suburbs. ConnDOT hasn't a clue but they keep the thoughts going and serve up that bottle with a cork whenever they can - and it's not just Jodi, the Donkeys do it too.

DeanFan84 said...

Thanks guys, like I said before,

Jodi Rell, Best CT Governor, Ever!

Ready to solve our transportation woes! Ready to push through property tax reform! Ready to make us anything but last in job growth!

Um... um... um...

CTObserver said...

Speaking of positions, where are JDS and DM on the death penalty? It came up on Rell's watch, and may come up again. I don't see anything on either's website.

turfgrrl said...

I don;t understand why MetroNorth is eating the 50% cost of diesel fuel. It would seem that proactive management would pass through the costs as a fuel surcharge, like FedEx and UPS and just about every airline does. The thing is, long term those fuel costs are not going down, so who exactly is subsidizing this, or if the profit point enables them to eat the costs, why hasn't Metro North been investing in the lines?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Glad you think so. So do about 85 percent of the rest of the people in the state, including 75 percent of Democrats (see the Q poll here.)

The best part, though, is where it finds the approval ratings for the Mayors are lower than ... (wait for it) ... George W. Bush:

Bush: 31
DeStefano: 15
Malloy: 6

Doubtless you'll tell us it's all a popularity contest and nobody knows who these wonderful candidates are yet ... which is quite an achievement for two guys who have been running for governor for two years (and mayors of two major cities for a decade or so), isn't it?

Anyway, do keep up with the shrill personal invective. It's worked well so far.

onceupona time said...

turffgrrl: before Rowland cut a deal with Pataki in NY, Metro North costs were split 50/50 and for what I think were obvious reasons; now they are 35/65 in favor of NY; do you know where the money that CT residents who pay income taxes to NY goes?

And for DF, I didn't make your case in anyway shape or form. What is the property tax releif proposal form JDS and DM? And as for last in job growth - thank you Kevin Sullivan and Moira Lyons and Dan Malloy, not to mention Alex Knopf and Joe ganim, who benfitted as mayor from the CT Dept. of Corporate welfare fiscally reckless policies and programs that still exist with the consent of the Donkey majority in the Genearl Assembly.

turfgrrl said...


It's not surprising that Rowland would cut a bad deal with NY and Pataki. He was probably thinking of sucking up for the eventual Pataki run for president. The more I think about how Metro North is run, the more incensed I get. It's an embarrassment that the strongest economic region in the world (our NYC -> Boston corridor) has the train system it has. Even lowly Las Vegas is adding a monorail to their transportation problems.

What fiscally irresponsible programs are you referring to courtesy of Alex Knopp and Joe Ganim?

onceupona time said...

The Knopff stuff goes to tax breaks including subsidizing the most recent move of Diageo from Stamford to Norwalk, which BTW pushed the Route 7/ merritt Interchnage issue even more. In Ganim Country it was all kinds of things, in addition to the arena and the ongoing subsidy of the millionaires that own the Bluefish baseball team as a hobby, there is Steele Point.

turfgrrl said...

That's really interesting about Diageo, since they have been in financial trouble for awhile now. Plus I heard that they reneged on the number of jobs they were moving to Norwalk. Their marketing departments, for example went to NYC.

Under Ganim though, Bridgeport began to look better. When Trump wanted to put up his casino I thought that was most likely a bad idea. I wish they would've brought in the Ford Motors deal with a delivery port.

I suppose one could argue that all these mayors benefited from strong real estate fueled economies that moved opportunities along sprucing up things along the way. I tend to think though that of all of them, all being adjacent to I-95, Stamford with its budget surplus and improvements comes out ahead.

DeanFan84 said...

Breaking News!

Lieberman staffer Ken Daglierre says Windsor's Sunday morning meeting with Senator Lieberman will be open to all Democrats! This is fantastic! Thank you Ken.

From MyLeftNutmeg!

I'm going to respectfully ask Senator Lieberman why he hasn't ruled out an Independent run. If Joe won't commit to the August primary, and its results, that really says something.

We all know how destructive it would be to the Dem ticket if Joe pulled out in June or July.

fidelcastro said...

who can eat more donuts at a sitting...kendaglierre or rick melita?

onceupona time said...

Turffgrrl: the CT Dept of Corporate welfare run by James Abromitis, one of Rowland's high school gym class deputy commisssioners that was promoted by Jodi Bells is always going around shoring up faltering businesses when no bank would touch them with a ten foot pole in the name of JOBS. What he is not responsible for is the big picture of overall job growth in this state that is having the lifeblood sucked out of it because of all these giveaways to the opportunistic and their politically connected allies. The Diageo deal had bi-part support for it from the Norwalk delegation led by Genuario when he was a state senator and bi=part opposition from the Stamford delegation who was losing them led by McDonald. The argument was that there was no room for them to expand in Stamford and Westchester County was wooing them - ALL BULL.