Friday, April 14, 2006

New Team Members

I'm pleased to announce that I've selected five co-bloggers/team members for Connecticut Local Politics! It wasn't an easy decision. A lot of excellent talents emailed me--in fact, all of the emails I got were from people who would have made wonderful additions to the blog.

Unfortunately, I wanted to keep things to six people: two from the right, two from the left, and two from the middle (myself included), which left five slots to fill. I chose these five people for many, many different reasons, but the underlying factor was what I thought they could bring to the blog. I tried for a diversity of opinions, backgrounds and interests, and for geographical diversity (although I didn't quite get it).

If you emailed me but weren't chosen, don't sweat it. There will be other opportunities. Slots may open up, and I may, if the demand is there, increase to eight slots at some point in the future.

I think you'll be pleased with the team. I know I am.

In any event, here are the new additions:







Each of these people should have an email invite sitting in their boxes right now. Please help me in welcoming them to the front page! I'm looking forward to seeing what they post, and to see how this site grows and changes because of their addition.


MikeCT said...

I, for one, welcome our new overlords! (For the literal-minded: just kidding!)

cgg said...

Ha! Overlords. I like that. Now all I need is my own evil laugh. Thanks for the welcome, and a special thanks to GC for elevating me to Overlord status.

Paul Vance said...

Great picks!

Right Reverend Republican said...

Bows down to the overlords. I look forward to working in an underground sugarcane tunnel. haha!

Good luck guys! I wonder if I can out-right the right wing guys...

Eddie said...

OK, Genghis is GC, which also stands for "good choices." Guess that means Turfgrrl is TG, Disgruntled is DG, Gabe can be G or GG, CGG needs no introduction, and we'll have to put Quinn in a $3000 suit for GQ.