Friday, April 14, 2006

Fundraising this Quarter

Here's how major candidates did:

Lamont (D): $712,611 ($371,500 from candidate's own funds)
Lieberman (D): $947,356

DeStefano (D): $415,000
Malloy (D): $570,000
Rell (R): $900,000(est.)

2nd CD:
Courtney (D): $274,688
Simmons (R): 222,500 (est.)

4th CD:
Farrell (D): $514,595
Shays (R): $372,000

5th CD:
Murphy (D): $335,000 (est.)
Johnson (R): $436,373.90

This is mostly according to the FEC's really excellent, searchable, usable (hint, CFIS) database. However, there is an AP article just published, mostly focusing on Lamont's donation of over $370,000 of his own funds to his campaign, as well.


"Lieberman challenger Lamont gives $371,500 to his own campaign." Associated Press 14 April, 2006.


DeanFan84 said...

So Lamont brought in more than any other Democrat? (snicker..) Pretty good for a month's effort and no active fundraising.

truth squad said...

Genghis, any way we could get cash on hand numbers too?

DeanFan84 said...

Man, Joe Lieberman's got a ton of cash. On what positive message will he be spending it?? LMAO!

DeanFan84 said...

Meanwhile, this is assuredly Tom Swan's favorite movie!

Genghis Conn said...

Cash on hand numbers? Those who have filed have them at the FEC site.

You can search the FEC database.

RumorHasIt! said...

That if and when Joe cuts-and-runs, (retreating to November), he will be recruiting some has-been Dem to wage an ultra-negative Primary campaign against Lamont.

The real 2006 story is, "How low will Joe go", in his desperate attempt to hold his Senate seat?

middlesexist said...

Republicans in trouble. I think its remarkable that Joe Courtney and Diane Farrell are actually outraising Simmons and Shays, and even more remarkable that Chris Murphy is more than holding his own against Nancy Johnson. Hat's off to Ivy Mackin and Anna Morozovsky

MikeCT said...

The Corner Report breaks down Chris Murphy's numbers since the start of the campaign - over 2,000 contributors, over 75% of funds raised were contributed by individuals, and nearly 90% were CT residents.

In contrast, as of last year,57% of Johnson's contributions are from PACs, and 92% of those are from business interests, particularly health and insurance industry payoffs for her service as Chair of the Health Subcommittee of Ways & Means. Over half of her contributions are from out of state.

For skeptics who doubted that Nancy Johnson eats kittens, she was caught "red-handed" purchasing catered puppies as appetizers from Dogs R Us! What's next?!

MikeCT said...

Joe Courtney calls ex-spook Simmons on the carpet for his continued silence on the White House role in the outing of a CIA agent.

Courtney said Simmons initially reacted with outrage after Plame's name was leaked three years ago, calling it "a matter of life and death." But he said Simmons subsequently "reversed" himself after White House officials were shown to have been involved, reportedly saying the controversy was "much ado about nothing."

Chris Healy, Simmons' campaign manager, is apparently taking lessons from Sean Smith and Chris Shays on how to position their candidates as the most arrogant and smug on the block: "First, everything Joe Courtney knows about foreign policy he probably got reading spy novels, so we don't need to be lectured about that.... Certainly Rob Simmons' career and credibility is second to none in intelligence matters and, quite frankly, it's sad that a guy who has to get a foreign policy lesson from Nancy Pelosi in Washington is now questioning him."

Straight out of the public relations playbook of Chris Shays, who famously insisted that anyone who has not visited Iraq has no right to express an opinion about the war: “Diane Farrell doesn't know the first thing about what is going on in Iraq. I don't think she has been there or met with Sunni, Shia or Kurds. For her to start expressing an opinion just blows me away.”

This is the same foreign policy authority who said, “anyone who thinks that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

truth squad said...

mikect, informative as always. i look forward to your link to the analyisis of the lamont campaigns burn rate.

truth squad said...

hey genghis, an idea for a front pager may be the 8th district senate race. the dems have a really really great candidate and the repub incumbent may be in for a close race. have a great weekend, a happy and healthy passover and easter to all fellow bloggers.

Tony Anchillo said...


Lamont didn't bring in more than any other Democrat. More than half of what he brought in is from his own funds.

bcmule said...

How about any thoughts on any of the other Senatorial races, esp. the 16th, the only open seat.

Don Pesci said...

So then, where's all the cash coming from? Who's buying whom?

JTWBlogger said...

Seems like all 3 repubs should be worried based on these fundraising results. Shays and Simmons got outraised and even though Johnson has lots of money, she doesn't seem to have any support here in Conn. Money is great but if I had been around for 20 years like her I would be worried that some young guy had twice as many Conn people giving him money as I did.

Anyone know how many Conn people gave money to Lierberman and Lamont? That would be interesting to see.

hartford_for_lamont said...

RumorHasIt said:

"The real 2006 story is, "How low will Joe go", in his desperate attempt to hold his Senate seat?"

so true.

Lieberman has really cultivated a monumental sense of self-entitlement that will motivate him to justify doing just about anything dirty to keep "his" seat.

That is why I can't see this being a "nice guy" campaign for very long.

But now Lieberman has to fight a rough-and-tumble two-front campaign, on the left with Lamont, and on the right with Schlesinger, no easy thing to do.

And can you imagine the self-entitled Lieberman now having to go beg & grovel for Dem convention delegates across the state?

I am glad to see Lamont courting the big national Dem contributors. Lamont will have to eventually run some pretty rough big media ads against Lieberman, I suspect.

We all remember how Kerry, by his own admission, allowed himself to be swift-boated for too long without a reply from him.

You have to really watch it with this "nice guy" stuff, 'cause the opposition will use it to stick it to you mercilessly, like the swift boaters did to Kerry.

I suspect Lieberman will be asking Rove for some good dirty tricks ideas.

Lieberman is a really sick puppy who must be watched. I think we got this bastard in a nice box now however with Schlesinger now a player, so I don't fear Lieberman at all.

I know DeanFan thinks that I am being too much of a street tough here, but I have seen Kerry go down being a "nice guy".

I would like to see Lamont run a commercial that stuffs Lieberman's pro-iraq-war stance right down Lieberman's throat 'till Lieberman gags on it, and Lamont may just have enough guts to do exactly that, pull no punches, just shove iraq right down Lieberman's throat.

Such a commercial should conspicuously play Jack Murtha against Lieberman, ie, put Murtha himself in a commercial, ie, "Hi, i'm Jack Murtha. I am a congressman and a 20-year military veteran, and I think that Joe Lieberman and President Bush have it very wrong about iraq. I think that we should quickly disengage from iraq, and I endorse Ned Lamont for senate to fight for this."

We should force the chickenhawk Lieberman out in the open on iraq and get a nice Lieberman the chickenhawk versus Murtha the military veteran thing going, perhaps kicked off with a visit to CT by Murtha to endorse Lamont and trash Lieberman.

We are already seeing Lieberman trying to hide his pro-iraq-war stance in a forest of other issues, like the environment, so I say, let us squarely hit Lieberman right where he is most running away from, iraq.

Let's discuss this Murtha endorsement & commercial idea here, and then I will take it to the Lamont campaign.

DeanFan84 said...

Hartford_for_Lamont writes:
I would like to see Lamont run a commercial that stuffs Lieberman's pro-iraq-war stance right down Lieberman's throat...

Have you met Ned Lamont? What you are talking about just isn't his style.

I understand where you are coming from! I'm angry about Iraq too! However, please understand that the Lamont campaign is staying positive. For November's sake, it's important that the Dem Party sticks together.

However, I know of some groups (like MoveOn) who are definitely going to take Lieberman to task for his role in hawking this idiotic war.

Send me your email and telephone number to . I'd be happy to put you in touch with them.

hartford_for_lamont said...

DeanFan, Lamont has already endorsed Jack Murtha's position on Iraq, I believe, so why not feature Murtha in a commercial?

I think that is a great idea!

Also, were you around in 1988, when Lieberman ran his very successful & very negative "lurking bear" commercial against Weicker? Do you think that Lieberman is not going to go viciously negative on Lamont?

Do you know that Lieberman goon Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez told Lamont to his face not to run?

Where do you get the idea that this is gonna be like a gentlemanly ivy league college toastmasters debate?

I wish so bad that you were right and I was wrong, but I think that Lieberman is a really sick puppy with a sick sense of entitlement who is gonna go bitterly negative on Lamont, and soon.

Weicker Liker said...

Jack Murtha would create problems for Lamont if he stepped one foot in Connecticut.

For one, he is associated with the Cut and Run wing of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Second, Murtha and John Larson are thick as heck. Does a Murtha appearance present problems for John Larson???

Didn't Larson appear at a Lieberman pep rally a month ago?

RedRidden said...

the nod goes to Caligiuri over Zoni in the 16th Sen. the man who took the reins in Waterbury after the Giordano debacle vs. a freshman on the Southington town council?

the way i see it, there's a little too much "ambition" running through Zoni's veins. not even 5 months into his first term, and he eyes the seat -- despite an established state rep [Mazurek]'s intention to run -- simply because Southington would have the most delegates at the convention which he would carry and use to easily overtake Mazurek for the Dem nod...not that this is even an issue any longer given that Mazurek did drop out for precisely this reason.

Anonymous said...

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