Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Haven Closer to Public Funding of Campaigns

New Haven in one step closer to being one of the first test cases of the new public funding part of campaign finance reform:
On the same day of the sentencing of key players in a state corruption scandal, the city of New Haven learned that it has permission to point to a better way to run a government and a political system. The chief of the State Elections Enforcement Commission notified the city that the commission has approved New Haven's request to take part in a pilot program to test out publicly-funded local elections.(Bass)
They'll have to submit a plan by June 1. I'm looking forward to seeing what that plan is.

Speaking of CFR, I'm still holding out hope that some needed reforms to that law will be made by the end of the session. However, the investigation into the nomination of Peter Zarella may doom those reforms until 2007. That would be an awful shame, and a crucial piece of business left undone by this legislature.


Bass, Paul. "New Haven Gets Green Light To Go Clean." New Haven Independent 25 April, 2006.


TrueBlueCT said...

A public thank you to Dan Weeks, Joe Jolly, Elizabeth Addonizio, Carl Goldfield, Common Cause, and Mayor DeStefano!

It's great to be on the cutting edge of electoral reform.

TrueBlueCT said...

O/T-- If anyone wants to know why I became a DumpJoe activist, please click here. The picture of Joe Lieberman, --yuckking it up with his good friend Sean Hannity, --says it all.

Incredibly the picture is from a 11/16/2004 show. That's right. Exactly two weeks after Kerry's narrow loss, there is Joe hanging out with his good friend Hannity, having the time of his life.

What's the matter with Joe that he thinks there is any love to be had from playing to the other side? They don't really like you Senator Lieberman. Truth is you're allowing yourself to be used as a Republican tool.

middlesexist said...

One unfortunate consequence of this may make it harder for New Haven candidates to run for election statewide, lacking the accumulated donor base that they'd need to draw on.

Or not.

It'll be interesting to see either way.

TrueBlueCT said...


The way the plan works is that one would need a wide base of several hundred modest contributions to qualify for the public funds.

More here via My Left Nutmeg.

"According to organizers, the proposed Democracy Fund ordinance would provide qualified mayoral candidates with public grant and matching funds to help finance their campaigns, on the condition that they agree to limit spending and contributions, and take part in public debates. Candidates would qualify for the funds by raising a minimum 200 contributions of between $25-$300 each from New Haven residents. Upon qualifying, candidates would receive a one-time grant of $15,000 to jumpstart their campaigns and 2:1 matching funds on the first $25 of each contribution raised from city residents. Participating candidates would agree to limit contributions to $300 each and total spending to $200,000 in each the primary and general election. If ratified, the system would go into effect for the 2007 mayoral election with an initial appropriation of $200,000 from the general fund."

TrueBlueCT said...

Back to Lieberman's friend forever, Sean Hannity:

If anyone wants to see gross, please go to this page, and click on the Hannity video. Scroll forward to 4:45 and watch as Hannity says to his fellow rightwingers that they will need to unite like never before to stop Hillary Clinton.

And Joe counts this guy as his friend?

BRubenstein said...

GC...remember "clarifying legislation appears to be dead in the legislature for this session and there is doubt that everything from the old passed bill is constitutional....there may be lawsuits filed to test the legality of the legislation...but this is a good start.

JHJOLLY said...

Thanks for the support. We'll be moving forward on the Board of Aldermen with the local ordinance in the next few weeks. For those of you that want more info, here's a link to our Democracy Fund homepage.

We'll try to get a copy of the draft ordinance up there shortly.