Thursday, April 06, 2006

Streitz Eyes Middletown Straw Poll

--Hat tip to "Freedom Rider," who sent this along

Paul Streitz's Senate campaign is looking to win an upcoming straw poll in Middletown, partly with the help of people from out of state, according to an email message allegedly sent by his campaign.
he straw poll in Middletown will have the candidates speak, the newspapers will cover and the 11 o'clock news will have the story. Our opponent Alan Schlesinger is expected to be there.

The vote is among whoever shows up. So the more people we have concerned about immigration, the more likely we are to win.

"Immigration Control Candidate Wins Straw Poll Against Party Establishment"

If we have a victory, that is the kind of headline we could receive and it would be national news, on to all the internet sites. And send a chill up and down the spines (do they have any) of Senators and House members. If we lose, we have to make excuses.

I know that for some of you it is a good drive, but we expect some people from New Jersy and Massachusetts to be there. This is important.("Straw Poll")
Strange that he would be bringing people from New Jersey and Massachusetts to a Connecticut straw poll.

Hopefully the more moderate Schlesinger will draw a decent amount of support. Interesting that he'll be there... I wonder when he'll announce?


"Straw Poll--GOTV--Get Out the Vote." Email message. Streitz For Senate. 5 April, 2006.


The Rear Admiral said...

What it should really say is:

"Come one, come all! If you leave Alabama now, you can get here just in time for our pre-game cross burning! And after we win the straw poll we're going to the Taco Bell to lynch the night manager! It's fun for the whole family."

Disclaimer: No one with a full set of teeth will be allowed into the voting area.

Streitz hates illegal immigrants, but apparently has no problem with people voting illegally.

disgruntled_republican said...

Please dont take this the wrong way but you are giving legs, however small they be, to a meaningless...ummm...whatever the hell this is supposed to be. The guy is out there. I have issues with the immigration policies of this country but not to the extreme this guy does. And in all honesty, if the election were between him and my dog, my dog would win.

bluecoat said...

This has as much relevance as the latest Newton charge. Ernie was a small time operator. Both 'events' aren't even blips on the radar screen.

bluecoat said...

The Senate is nearing a deal as reported by the AP here on the immigration issue so that could take away some of this guy's thunder, which is hardly even a fart anyway.

And it isn't CT Local but here anyway is something on Scooter Libby's latest stuff.

Genghis Conn said...

Yeah... but it's been kind of a slow day.

That Schlesinger guy is going to be there. He might be worth meeting.

Anonymous said...

Streitz makes Schlesinger look like a rock star. He's the best opening act around.

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 113 -

I have to thank litterally had me laughing out the point a co-worker wanted to know what was so funny. Thanks, I needed it.


I agree, certainly worth a chat with him.

the rear admiral said...

Bluecoat: Actually "farts" are a key piece of Streitz's campaign. Among his myriad presentations is one where he illustrates the sharp reduction in U.S. ambient methane levels if Hispanics and their "gassy" foods are sent back to Mexico.

I thought I heard he had a lawsuit pending against Goya for this.

bluecoat said...

in the daily pork report here from the NHR on-line is HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Nearly five years after an elderly Oxford woman died of inhalation anthrax, the state Wednesday dedicated a new mobile field hospital in her memory.
The $8.25 million dollar hospital, funded by state bond money, includes a series of tents and is roughly the size of a football field when all 100 beds are set up.

The hospital is designed for any situation where people need to be quarantined because of anthrax, another biological agent or a chemical agent.

It can also be used for large-scale disasters when emergency crews expect to be on scene for a long time, like the collapse of L'Ambiance Plaza in Bridgeport in 1987.

"We can go anywhere. We can set up anywhere," said Dr. J. Robert Galvin, commissioner of the Department of Public Health. "This is a fantastic facility. There's nothing like this currently in existence in the United States."

Would the hospital have saved her life? No. would NYC or DC want one or need one? Not that I have ever heard of. Team Rowland lives!!!!

bluecoat said...

Aye, aye there Admiral. The Mexicans I have come across over the years in this country work their butts off. And unlike the dumb Americans they won't even touch a bottle of Corona even with a lime in it. Aye keyrumba.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else reading this???

Mr. Reality said...

Why do liberals call themselves progressives? Are you embarassed to call yourself what you really are? Can someone please explain this? I mean if you are a proud liberal why would you want to be considered a progressive? It makes no sense unless you don't want people to know you are a liberal and are using the word progressive as a cover.

Anonymous said...

bluecoat said...
This has as much relevance as the latest Newton charge. Ernie was a small time operator. Both 'events' aren't even blips on the radar screen.

12:35 PM, April 06, 2006

That's the problem. Newton's charge certainly was not irrelevant. The guy held office and took bribes and delivered on those bribes. To minimize that is, well, just plain wrong.
We shoul dhave ZERO tolerance from the kind of behavior -- from Republicans or Democrats.

Anonymous said...

i agree how can you minimize what newton did, he was taking bribes and he had a no show job....please stop excusing his behavior...o wait i forgot Democrats are aloud to break the law it is all for being progressive

Anonymous said...

There is another thread for Ernie Crack Corn's indiscretions...can't we just stick to making fun of Streitz??? Gosh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "Senator Schlesinger"?

This is a dream scenerio for him --major factions in Dem party, nasty primary, popular Governor.... strager things have happened.....

MikeCT said...

Some info on the Middletown Straw Poll, which is a charitable event.

electionwin2006 said...

FYI: Former Mayor/State Rep. Alan Schlesinger will be announcing his candidacy for the U. S. Senate on April 17, 2006 at the State Capitol during the day and in Shelton, CT at Lauretti's Restaurant on Rt 110 at 6:00 p.m.

Chris MC said...

Mr. Reality quoth:
Why do liberals call themselves progressives?

Because the right wing has turned liberal into an epithet, plain and simple. What Luntz and his acolytes and retainers have succeeded in doing is perverting the language to the point where it is difficult to say what any of these terms actually "means".

What is even wierder, at least to people from outside the U.S. I've talked with, is that what is now called a "conservative" in the U.S., is called a "liberal" everywhere else. In fact, some say that "neo-conservative" policies are most closely associable with what are known as "neo-liberal" policies internationally (but I disagree with that).

I'm a liberal for the most part, in the correct sense of the word, although some of my politics are er, progressive. I'd say that the decisive majority of Connecticut people are liberals. But we call ourselves moderates, like "moderate" Republican or "moderate" Democrat.

All that said, some "progressives" are really progressive. Progressive is arguably a better word for the New Left to whom you are referring.

Wolcottboy said...

100 beds is pretty darn big. Would NYC have used that on 9/11? Absolutely. Its a terrorist tool. It could also be used as it was mentioned, for widespread illness control like in the early 1900s. If there were any mass casualty incident, a hospital of that size would be used. Hopefully we have agreements for pretty much the entire eastern seaboard though to ship it if we need to. The country only needs a few of those - as long as it can be in operation within 24 hours would be excellent.

onceupona time said...

the 'tent' was purchased with state bond money as part of Team rowland pork. If it made sense to the feds they would have paid for it. You may wish to look at the portion of NYC's and DC's disaster planning setup that is public info and you would see this is ludicrous for a metro area.

and on the latest Newton scandal it was less than a blip; I didn't refer to what Ernie did.

middlesexist said...

It seems every campaign (including Lamont) other than the Malloy people and that lunatic Streitz is avoiding the Middletown Straw Poll. Is this true?

middlesexist said...

The Middletown strawpoll was an embarrassing joke. The assembled crowd of lunatics and looneys booed whenever the word "Mexican" was uttered. But it was interesting to see Middletown Mayor Seb Giuliano and the Chairman of the Town Republican Committee talk closely and at length with Mr. Streitz. Do they share his views? They certainly seemed to be getting along very well.

DemoBoy said...

I actually admire Schlesinger a little for standing up and running...Maybe he's a republican with some brains...Lamont is a political neophyte and Lieberman has disappointed me. I'm going to skip the senator ballot altogether in protest...Take THAT Joe!