Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rell Campaign Touts Lower Fairfield County Support

Advocate/UCONN Poll Shows Rell More Popular Than Malloy; DeStefano Unknown

A recent poll commissioned by the Stamford Advocate, which shows that Gov. Rell's popularity is strong down in lower Fairfield County, is causing the Rell campaign to suggest that the governor is more popular than Dan Malloy even in Malloy's own backyard. From the article:
The new poll showed Rell more favorable than her Democratic rivals in Greenwich with 79 percent having a very or mostly favorable opinion, and in Norwalk, where 82 percent view her as favorable. Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, holds a 68 percent favorable rating in his home city compared to Rell's 57 percent.
The poll shows 80 percent or more of respondents in the three communities don't know enough about Democratic gubernatorial hopeful John DeStefano Jr., the mayor of New Haven, to give an favorable or unfavorable rating.
"I think it's clear, even though this is Mayor Malloy's back yard, Jodi Rell is still extremely powerful and strong politically in the area," [Associate Director of the UConn Center for Survey Research and Analysis George]Pettinico said. "And clearly, New Haven Mayor DeStefano is very unheard of in that part of the state, at least at this point."(Coleman)
This poll isn't that helpful, given that it simply measures how much people like or don't like a candidate rather than whether they'd actually vote for him/her. Malloy is actually more popular than Rell in Stamford, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Still, the Rell campaign, in an email to supporters today, claimed the poll as a victory:
Here’s some interesting news from over the weekend that you may not have seen: a University of Connecticut poll of residents in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich commissioned by The Advocate of Stamford that finds Governor Rell more popular than Mayor Malloy in Malloy’s own back yard!

Equally interesting is the lack of support for Mayor DeStefano – so many people said they were so unfamiliar with him that pollsters could not calculate any rating for him. (Poll)
The governor's campaign has rarely mentioned her rivals--this sort of mild swipe at them (especially the part about DeStefano) may be a sign that her campaign is getting more aggressive as the conventions approach.


Coleman, Tobin. "Poll shows Rell's popularity with residents." Stamford Advocate 9 April, 2006.

"Poll Shows Rell Dominating Malloy in His Own Back Yard!" Jodi Rell '06. Email to Supporters, 11 April, 2006.


turfgrrl said...

I wish they'd of asked about the favorability rating of a non existant candidate like Mike Black or Jane Green, and see what those favorability ratings were. Also I wonder how the impact of cablevision offering phone services, cell phone number portability etc meshes with the phone polling results. I would think that any person who still has a landline is no longer representational.

Genghis Conn said...

The point about landlines is a good one, and I'm sure pollsters worry about it (they should).

Then again, maybe the sort of people who have traditional land lines as their primary telephone connection are more likely to vote anyway.

It wasn't a great poll. Favorability ratings are so squishy.

CTObserver said...

Does that make JDS and DM "non existant candidate[s}" also?

fidelcastro said...

this is now an unwinable race....the candidates (malloy and DeStefano) and their staff have made the race an unwinable one.I hope they are happy now.

2indaPink said...

DeStef and Malloy are reportedly planning on blitzing the beaches this summer to capture the only thing that can possibly help them win this campaign....a photo of Lisa Moody in a bathing suit.

DeanFan84 said...

I thought we were going to refrain from personal attacks against staffers. Please, let's not go down that road again...

ctkeith said...

Hey Fidel,

Stick a cigar in it.

6 months ago all the political geniuses here were sure Lieberman wouldn't face a primary too.

Take your best guess but NEVER think anything in politics is OVER before a campaign even begins and remember, Nov. Election campaigns BEGIN on Labor Day.

fidelcastro said...

keith..i love ya but the factis both candidates are lousy...almost as dumb and inenpt as Chris Mc.

Im not getting personal here..just factual.

DeanFan84 said...

Please stop with the personal invective against another blogger.

You are getting personal here, and it's against the rules.

Is this what you want your blog to be??

P.S. If you want lousy, try Jodi Rell. She will never, ever address CT's real problems, let alone solve them.

MightyMouse1 said...

Don't believe your own polls, Governor.

This one has not even begun and I believe that a primary allows two candidates to dominate the press.

Patricia Rice said...

If Lieberman leaves the Democratic party you can add about 30-50K votes on to Grandma Rell's line. Go ahead Ned Heads, make the Republicans day!

DeanFan84 said...

Joe's a good Democrat. He won't bolt. He'd rather go down on principle!


disgruntled_republican said...

Was away from the computer all day, just catching up...interesting covo here.

Mightymouse1 - Gov primary would work if there wasnt an incumbant being primaried on the Seante line. Do you remember who was on the undercard when Evander Hollyfield beat Mike Tyson? (Not a great comparision but you get the point)

Deanfan -

Glad to see you are starting to play nice? What did the wife put in your coffee this morning? J/K.

For the people calling on GC to remove posts...remember that he said he won't be able to check in for 7-8 hours at a clip sometimes so be patient with him, I am sure he'll take them off when he comes back!

Patricia Rice said...

GC: Just a comment, it maybe more civil but I think when you allowed the anonymous posting, there were more post and more excitment. I hope you will consider going back to the old way. I have a feeling some are hesitant to share information this way. I know there are good arguments to keeping it this way but just ask yourself, which way was more fun? Just my opinion!

MightyMouse1 said...


Good point about the dueling primaries, it should be a cautionary tale to the Lamont supporters. This could only serve to elect Jodi Rell.