Sunday, April 23, 2006

DeStefano Website Updated

The DeStefano for CT site got an overhaul this weekend. There's a lot more content on the homepage--once you get past this front page, in which the mayor and a brigade of adorable children beg you to sign up for the DeStefano email list. The Malloy campaign had one of these for a while (sans children), but wisely discontinued it. I find it annoying, and a barrier to access.

The homepage itself looks much more professional than it did before, and there's a lot more information. The navigation is along the top, and the page itself is divided into three columns. This is pretty standard design, but it's an improvement over what was there before. They actually seem to have made the site look and feel more like Malloy's site, which is not a bad thing. They take a couple of the things that bother me about Malloy's site and improved on them. I like the three columns, and I like the color scheme.

The site isn't quite fully functional yet, since the blog and the list of endorsements aren't up. I expect they will be this week, if not later today.

The redesign seems to be part of the DeStefano campaign's efforts to reinvent itself as a competent, professional organization capable of defeating Jodi Rell. Other changes have included a new campaign manager and the release of major legislative initiatives. We'll see if it helps him regain some momentum before the convention.


goodbye said...

from his web Destefano's people say "Through this plan, John DeStefano accomplishes what has been needed for some time: He guarantees access to affordable health care coverage for all citizens. And he knows how to pay for it. There are currently $620 million in corporate tax credits, exemptions and loopholes; John DeStefano will reform the corporate tax system to close $350 million worth of loopholes, enough to cover all of the uninsured in Connecticut, which has been estimated to cost $343 million[1]." but this is not how Mitt Romney proposed to pay for it nor is it how the MA Democrat legislature proposed to either - Romney did a line veto on what the Democrats proposed because in his opinion based a numbers crunched at MIT the individual mandate paid for it by itself. That doesn't mean that if we have loopholes that they shouldn't be closed but when MA looked in to who really had no insurance - govt., employer or individual purchased - it was the young healthy single guy.

goodbye said...

I've never been a real fan of Mike Leavitt from Utah who headed up the EPA after Christie Todd Whitman dropped out and who is now at HHS but today on the McLaughlin group he made a brilliant observation about the biggest cause of high healthcare costs - and rmember here that I'm not talking about insurance but the underlying delivery costs. Leavitt held up a pen and said this is the most expensive medical tool on a physician's hands - because some physicians follow best practices while others do their own thing.

cgg said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one sick of seeing politicians with adorable children. That drives me up the wall, especially on the TV ads.

Pataki once ran an ad asking kids what they wanted to be when they grew up, and one kid said that he wanted to be Governor of New York. Then there's a close-up on Pataki as he says " me too." I have never hated a commercial so much in my life.

goodbye said...

Before I go out and enjoy the rain let me comment that only Malloy among the three including Jodi has an "Ask Dan" quasi-interactive feature on the campaign web. I haven't used it because I have nothing to ask Dan, and I know his operatives monitor this site anyway just as a number of state employess do on company time and with a company computer shame on them but I think that shows Malloy is more open to listening than the other two - or at least that is what he wants me to think.

TrueBlueCT said...

I spoke with a Party insider, and he said that despite the outward posturing, DLC Dan Malloy is actively working the "fear" message to help suppress movement towards Lamont and an eventual August primary. The insider also said that no more than a third of Stamford's convention delegates will be going into the Lamont column.

Is this true? Frankly, I have no idea who to believe. Confirmations? Disavowals? Anyone, anyone? The last I had heard, both Dan and Town Chair Ellen Camhi had been telling people to vote their consciences.

The convention is now just four weeks away. Will it be as exciting as I expect, or will things fizzle between then and now?

Genghis and Geek Girl--
I thought I was the jaded, skeptical one. Four times now I have looked at the DeStefano home page, and I don't share your re-action. First, I don't see anyone "begging" to have you sign up for the email list. (The CT State Dem's website has a similar portal and I find nothing wrong with it.) Second, I like the smiling kids, and the fact that DeStefano has worked so hard on New Haven's schools. It feels genuine to me, and not opportunistic. I guess we all have our own opinions.

Genghis Conn said...

For the record, it's the presence of the page itself, not the children, that annoys me! Actually, the use of children as sort of a campaign prop is so common that I barely noticed it.

I don't particularly like the CT Dems portal, either. It's just one more barrier to get through.

Aldon Hynes said...

The idea of a front page that has little content and encourages people to sign up is usually referred to as a 'splash page'. They are generally frowned upon in webpage developement. They decrease the ranking of the website in search engine optimization and have a tendency to drive people away.

Considering that something like 40% of people visiting a website only look at the first page, and over three quarters of the people visiting a website look at three or less pages, a splash page significantly decreases readership.

Rear_Admiral said...

How come there isn't a clearly defined Contact John section?

The best thing about the site is his little video on the front page.

But all in all, I think the site does little to excite. A revamped webpage was an opportunity to do something that would draw a clear delineation between him and Malloy and, once again, Team DeStef came up short.

MolotovCocktails said...

Yeah Aldon. I liked the website better when you were working on it.

I take it from your post that you are no longer on DeStefano's staff?

BRubenstein said...

The war issue is so intense and personal that i highly doubt anyone against the war in a amjor way could be told to vote for Lieberman successfully.

Its my belief though if Lamont gets 15% he should consider it a hge win makes the primary " competitive"

If Lamont gets 25% or more..Joementum is in real trouble and could go down.

BRubenstein said...

The war issue is so intense and personal that i highly doubt anyone against the war in a amjor way could be told to vote for Lieberman successfully.

Its my belief though if Lamont gets 15% he should consider it a hge win makes the primary " competitive"

If Lamont gets 25% or more..Joementum is in real trouble and could go down.