Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Looking For a Little Help

Over the past sixteen months, this site has grown beyond even my wildest expectations. It's taken me to places I never thought I'd be, and given me the chance to interact with political people from all over Connecticut. But even a good site can be made better, and I'm always trying to think of ways to do just that, especially as the elections draw nearer.

This line of thought has brought me to the conclusion that I've taken Connecticut Local Politics as far as I can by myself. I've recently started a new and more demanding job as a reference librarian, and I'm finding that I don't have as much time to spend on the site as I used to. Keeping up is starting to wear me thin, and it's showing in the quality (and crankiness) of my writing. I've been missing things lately, and I feel a step behind. That bothers me.

Couple that with the fact that more and more political stories are happening all the time, and it becomes more obvious to me that I can't continue to do this alone, much as I would like to.

I owe it to the people who read this site to try and make it the best site it can be. So, with that in mind, I'm now opening a search for at least two, possibly four, other team members of this blog. A team member would be able to make "front page" posts like this one, and would be expected to do so at least three times a week, preferably more. Team members would post original reporting as well as commentary, analysis and research. I'm hoping that we could do a lot of original reporting from events all over the state this summer and fall: starting with the conventions.

I'm looking for a diversity of opinions, so I'd like to have at least one person from the left, and one from the right. I will keep posting from my perch atop the fence. If enough qualified candidates are interested, two from each side is also a possibility, as is another moderate.

I'd like for team members to be people who have posted here for a while, and have demonstrated not only good writing skills but courtesy and thoughtfulness. If this describes you, and you're interested in joining the team, email me with your username and political orientation. I encourage anyone who's even remotely interested and has some time on their hands to apply!

Email me at jeenaone (at) Gmail (dot) com.


TedLaMont said...

GC It would help folks to consider your kind proposal if you also give us some idea of the possible time committment per week/month..

Genghis Conn said...

I have no idea. I spend about an hour or two a day working on the site--maybe more, depending on what I'm writing about. It probably wouldn't be the same for everyone.

I suppose the best answer is "as much or as little as you think you can spare." Without it driving you nuts.

TrueBlueCT said...

Why don't you just put out regular calls for submissions? If I remember correctly, the only guest poster was that Porkbuster guy from Ohio, (who laid out an attack against DeLauro).

Also, why not ads? Take the money man, take the money.

Anyway, I nominate MikeCT and Gabe from the Left.

Genghis Conn said...

No ads! And Porko wasn't actually a guest poster: I just reprinted some of his stuff, and then he came into the comment section all by himself. Such a big fuss for what turned out to be nothing at all...

I actually did put out a call for submissions before the elections last year (I think it was in September) and no one responded! So I've been hesitant to do that again.

Come on, regular posters! Email me! I promise it won't eat your life too much.

ctkeith said...

I'd nominate Quinn For the guy from the right but I'm sure Boot camp at Paris Island is going to demand his full attention after he finishes this Semester at that Maker of men Institution,Connecticut College.

CT_Guy said...

turfgrrl hasn't been posting long but everyone seems to like what she's had to say.

Thomas Craven said...

Mayor DeStefano's Health Care policy, and the rights of women

Did anyone else catch this hidden gem in the Courant's coverage of the DeStefano Universal Health Care Policy he has unveiled -

"To keep costs low for the basic plans, DeStefano said he would ask the General Assembly to waive several services now required by law, including pharmacy coverage for birth control pills, three-day hospital stays after a Caesarean delivery and at least an overnight stay after a mastectomy."


Doesnt the JD camp realize that the sitting Governor is both a women AND a cancer survivor. Talk about providing fodder for his own destruction.

How can he possibly ask for the removal of the intense women's rights issues? Some legislators worked long and hard to ensure these rights for women under State law, for JD to ask for thier revocation is really rediculous.

Talk about alienating a cornacopia of groups - the poor, women, minorities. All of them will be disproportionatly effected by this proposed reversal of legislation.

This shows me yet again that Mayor Destefano has failed to provide a policy that will improve the quality of life for all people in CT.

Wolcottboy said...

GC, While having representation from the various political spectrums is great, and would keep checks and balances, geographic representation would be great too. I've seen some reports in Waterbury that come out a day earlier than everywhere else, and I'm sure other papers and news events happen from other areas of the state that could help shape debate and political coverage and progress.

Quinn said...

Ctkeith, I'm a Hartford man, Trinity College.

And DeStefano just played a very sour political note. That's not the sort of thing you propose during a campaign, it'll definietly get picked up by the opponent, who'll waste no opportunity in plastering it all over the airways, preferably out of context. A hospital stay after a C-section or masectomy is probably called for. You'd probably have a bunch of concerned women coming back to the ER worried that their scar isn't healing properly.

disgruntled_republican said...

And even if it isn't called for...who is DeStefano to decide that. He is a mayor not a doctor.

Right Reverend Republican said...

Those services covered are a burdeon to the many other services already covered by insurance carriers.

Birth control is certainly an elective rider that allows members to do what they want whenever they want with sex / abortion, etc. depending on their whim. Having sex without producing a child (contraception, abortion, etc) could be allowed by some insurance carriers and dropped by others to keep the larger picture costs down. Yet, these are required to be covered by law.

These procedures are a stark difference to the EMERGENCY and necessary life-sustaining procedures necessary to prolong life: ER visits, surgery, cancer treatments, physical therapy and rehab, convalescent care. There's no way to avoid these services if we need them. No one checks into a rehab facility just because they're bored one day.

Elective procedures like the above electives should be classified like elective surgery - facelifts, augmentation etc., that wouldn't be covered by insurance.

DeStefano made a good decision, possibly reaching out or at least hearing some of the recent complaints made by Catholics. And a good business decision for the Insurance Capital

disgruntled_republican said...

And what of the positions on breast cancer, certainly not elective and c-section, which DOCTORS decide to do in certain pregnancies? It should be noted not all pregnancies are because contreception did not work. Is it worth the cost of these 2 common medical conditions/situations? I think not.