Monday, April 10, 2006

DeStefano Raises Over $415,000

The DeStefano campaign is reporting that it has raised over $415,000 this quarter. While this is still not as good as the DeStefano campaign's best fundraising quarter, it's better than last quarter by about $165,000. This is good news for them.

The DeStefano campaign is also pleased to have raised over $3 million in this race so far.
In a campaign finance report filed today, the DeStefano campaign for governor will report that it has raised more than $415,000 for the 1st quarter of 2006, bringing the total amount raised to $3,278,000, the most ever by any Democratic candidate for governor in Connecticut. The DeStefano campaign also has $1,994,797 cash on hand – up from $1,880,000 at the end of the last quarter.

During this past quarter, the DeStefano campaign saw a dramatic increase in funds raised from almost every county in Connecticut – helping to fuel an approximate 60 % increase in total funds raised compared to the last quarter of 2005. In addition, last quarter the campaign increased the number of contributors by approximately 15%. The DeStefano campaign has now received contributions from 5,227 people, up 674 from the quarter before. (DeStefano)
No word from the Malloy campaign yet, I'll update this post with their numbers as soon as they either show up in CFIS or appear in a press release.


"DeStefano campaign tops $3 million mark – 1st quarter fundraising numbers show 60% increase from last quarter." DeStefano for Connecticut. Press Release, 10 April, 2006.


Brian Durand said...

The Malloy campaign press release can be found here. The campaign finished this quarter having raised over $570,000!

Cowtowner said...

what the hell did destefano spend all that money on?

Aldon Hynes said...

So, the combined Democratic Gubernatorial fundraising for the quarter appears to be $985,000 to Rell's $900,000.

I know a lot of people haven't been expecting Democrats to have a chance, but these number show a lot of interest the challenge to Rell.

We may still see an interesting Governor's race after all.

ctkeith said...

Or we may not,

Monica oops, Dinardo may decide she can name the nominee for Governor too just like she has with Lieberman
Nancy Dinardo put new meaning into the word Lieberwhore today.She told all Democrats in the state that she and only she gets to name the Party endorsed candidate.

The only question left is which Mayor will she crown?

I guess that delegate badge I worked the last 2 years to earn is as worthless as dirt now.

fidelcastro said...

big deal about the money...aldon...shanu...and the other genius' made the race unwinnable for DeStefano