Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open Forum

DeStefano and Malloy get snippy with one another.

Newspaper revenues fall. Again.

Scalia was in town.

Lastly, I've only had a few people send me email about joining the team. Please think about it! (Especially if you're a conservative!)


Thomas Craven said...

Re: Malloy / DeStefano sniping........ Malloy is using a good offense as the best defense, not allowing Destefano to gain ground by mistating his position. I felt that Malloy's reference to the previous presidential election, and the subtle use of the word "swift" (ie - Swift Boat), showed that he is willing to call out distortions of his words.

Im thinking that Destefano took a look at his policy proposal and saw some major flaws. As has been pointed out in other threads The Courant reported that

"DeStefano said he would ask the General Assembly to waive several services now required by law, including pharmacy coverage for birth control pills, three-day hospital stays after a Caesarean delivery and at least an overnight stay after a mastectomy."

I am shocked that Michelle Jacklin had her hands in this policy proposal. Would any female legislator in thier rights minds vote for this?

Im guessing no.

However at the end of the day this Destefano's policy, not her's.

If any of you were listening to Colin McEnroe this afternoon, he was discussing it and called it something like "the stupidest proposal i've ever read."

Well said Mr. McEnroe.

Aldon Hynes said...

For those of you with strong feelings about health care, I would encourage you to visit LifetimeTV's petition to Stop Drive Through Mastectomies

They note that Rosa DeLauro was one of the co-sponsors of "The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2005" which would ensure "that a health care provider cannot limit hospital stays for a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery to less than 48 hours".

TrueBlueCT said...

Blue in CD2--
You do know that the last time Malloy accused DeStefano of "distorting his position", DeStefano was dead on correct.

How do I know? Well I asked Malloy for a yes/no answer to where he stood on the repeal of the state estate tax. He rambled on about it, (and complained about DeStefano misquoting him), but he never said he was against its repeal. In fact, after the forum, he came up to me and made a point about how it contributed such a small amount to the State's budget. You call that intellectually honest?

So I'm going to give DeStefano the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Thomas Craven said...


You fully read John DeStefano's Universal Health Care policy proposal, and after doing such you are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?

Lets hope the majority of constituents in this State are not willing to afford Mayor DeStefano these same benefits.

TrueBlueCT said...

Blue, it's the beginning of a long dialogue. On its face, I like DeStefano's proposal more than Dan's, but anyway, all this dog-fighting about who's got a better healthcare plan is probably good for us.

I mean it's not like Governor Rell is trying to get everyone into the system.

P.S. Dan says-- Shame on DeStefano ruining everyone's Easter/Passover holidays?? What lame-brained consultant decided to throw that line into this argument. So incredibly Liebermanesque.

TrueBlueCT said...

Oh, and I forgot. Why does Malloy isn't Malloy against the repeal of the CT Estate Tax? Can I get a straight answer? Is he really one of those "Dems" who agree with the Republicans that America's rich folks are getting a bad deal?

Great Santini said...

Newspapers are pretty much over. And for those of you who are so anxious for universal health care, this veteran of being a patient in the military health care system has one thing to say - it's a great system unless you're sick.

Brass Tacks said...

Meanwhile, over at the Capitol, Donnie Williams, Chris Murphy and other Senate Dems decide to put a fine point on the weekend by attacking Insurance Commissioner Susan Cogswell, who is undergoing emergency brain surgery, on a THREE YEAR-OLD REGULATION dealing with medically necessary imaging!!!

Hey, Donnie, I know holiday weekends are slow news times and you're losing all your bills, but come ON. You couldn't wait until she was out of the hospital!?!?

What the hell is wrong with you guys???

Call Don Williams him his caucus owes Commissioner Cogswell and her family an apology. 860-240-8641

Guy that never posts said...

I just read Dan's email, I think he is right; John DeStefano did ruin everyones Easter and I think it is a shame that all across the land, young children will awake on Easter morning to find not a single piece of candy, because John DeStefano's Healthcare Plan killed that loveable bunny. I also notice that no where in DeStefanos plan does he mention coverage for bunnies. You might have stolen Easter DeStefano, but next time we will be ready, and we will make sure you dont steal Christmas.

MikeCT said...

Sherri Vogt, an Army vet and former teacher, will announce her Democratic challenge to new incumbent Republican state rep Mike Alberts, who defeated another Democrat by just 48 votes in 2004. The announcement party is being held at Hank’s Restaurant, 416 Providence Rd in Brooklyn on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30pm. The 50th District represents Woodstock, Hampton, Eastford, Pomfret and Brooklyn. Her name is pronounced Vote, promising opportunities for some alliterative, if repetitive, campaign chants. More about her candidacy will likely be available from the Brooklyn Dems.

The Brooklyn DTC voted to give 2 delegates to Lamont and 1 to Lieberman, according to their minutes (PDF). Vogt is one of the three delegates to the State Convention - it's not clear from the minutes whether she is supporting Lamont or Lieberman, and she was a little skittish on the subject.

Something in Danbury is bringing out the worst in people (could it have something to do with Mayor Boughton's anti-immigrant campaign?). Nancy Johnson is reportedly meeting with some wingnuts, and neo-Nazis are coming to town. Fortunately, Ned Lamont will clean house there on Monday.

Congratulations to Manchester for passing a living wage ordinance. Other cities report success with their ordinances.

CTObserver said...

And despite all the noise and fury, Rell's numbers don't change.

ctkeith said...


Vogt doesn't deserve a single Vote no matter how she votes at the convention.
What an idiotic answer to the simplest question in the world.I bet she's voting for the guy who said the results in the 04 New Hampshire Primary put him "in a three way tie for Third."

Maybe she should start her own blog.

bobby seale said...

gc..the Rev WIlliam Sloane Coffin who died yesterday deserved a posting here...he was Yale's chief minister and a world famous political leader....he was active in ct politics also and lived in ct for over 20 years.

In order to move need to look clearly backward...

Gary Holder-Winfield said...

Personally, I think the Destefano team should be more concerned with explaining things like the Courant story on their health care plan than trying to distort what Malloy meant when he responded to the impracticabilty of the Destefano plan.

Wrath of Conn said...

Yikes, from today's Norwich Bulletin

DeStefano's plan worries some women

At some point you do have to wonder, what were they thinking?? These women's issues are things that our (Democrat controlled)legislature worked hard to push through, and DeStefano's plan would roll them back? Didn't they know they'd be alienating a huge chunk of voters?

Wolcottboy said...

Those services covered are a burdeon to the many other services already covered by insurance carriers.

Birth control is certainly an elective rider that allows members to do what they want whenever they want with sex / abortion, etc. depending on their whim. Having sex without producing a child (contraception, abortion, etc) could be allowed by some insurance carriers and dropped by others to keep the larger picture costs down. Yet, these are required to be covered by law.

These procedures are a stark difference to the EMERGENCY and necessary life-sustaining procedures necessary to prolong life: ER visits, surgery, cancer treatments, physical therapy and rehab, convalescent care. There's no way to avoid these services if we need them. No one checks into a rehab facility just because they're bored one day.

Elective procedures like the above electives should be classified like elective surgery - facelifts, augmentation etc., that wouldn't be covered by insurance.

DeStefano made a good decision, possibly reaching out or at least hearing some of the recent complaints made by Catholics. And a good business decision for the Insurance Capital

ct_poster said...

But I'd argue that it's not that simple -- for instance, ER visits or other major medical procedures might be necessitated by people's having engaged in "elective" behavior, no? Like smoking, eating unhealthful foods, etc.? And from my own experience, birth control isn't always a black-and-white issue of "elective." Some of us would have erratic periods or get them for 15 days or more each month without it. Who's the arbiter of whether that counts as "elective," especially after one is married?

Chick Who Never Blogs said...

I would also like to point out that birth control is oftentimes used for medical purposes, not simply for birth control.

Wolcottboy said...

CT Poster-

Birth control is covered under prescription programs and where such a drug would be neneficial to control a condition such as yours (which I'm unfamiliar with, but have heard of) woudl clearly need a medical reason other than 'convenience'. It would be considered medically necessary and I'm sure insurance companies would cover that.

Chick who never blogs- Sorry, I'm not too familiar with contraceptives used for non-reproductive/ family planning purposes. Can you give an example(s)? I know that blood clots are very common side affects of contraceptives and would believe that most medical problems that can be treated birth control could also be treated by other medication.

superD said...

Pharmacies don't seem to have an issue with filling viagara prescriptions and I don't see Mayor DeStefano's plan calling for an elimination of coverage for this "medication".

Limiting hospital stays for masectomies (which Rosa DeLauro worked hard in Congress to extend as did our legislators here)and for caesarian births is ludicrous. These extended stays work to ensure that ER visits one or two days later aren't needed, and to protect a woman's health. What is interesting is that all of the rollbacks affect WOMEN.

And I don't buy this "listening to Catholics" line -- give me a break. Religion has no place in legislation AT ALL -- and certainly no place in politics. Caring for citizens, and ensuring that they receive the medical care they need and deserve does have a place. As a woman, a mother and a VOTER, Mayor DeStefano's plan makes my blood boil. He should be ashamed, and as I said in an earlier thread, Michele Jacklin should also be ashamed to have been part of this.

ct_poster said...

Looks like the DeStefano team is updating their much talked-about health care plan -- the link to it on their site goes to an "Access Denied" page on my browser now. Unfortunate choice of words for this particular error message, though...

Right Reverend Republican said...

SuperD, so are you saying that unless it works on feeding the homeless and working for whatever 'rights' movement has the microphone that day, that religious groups have no say in everyday life?

That's the whole POINT about religion - to influence how we live. To live a moral life. Jews have their own bent on medical ethics. As to Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witnesses. Catholics are very definitive on life vs. death. And they have texts and philosphy that back up these views. For secularists, we have.. what? Science?

Science explores the secrets of the world in the microscopic and physical senses. It shows what CAN be done, while religious codes state what SHOULD be done in order to promote an orderly society amongst ourselves.

Anyone see the Ten Commandments segment on the History Channel Thursday night?

superD said...

Right Reverend:

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, as there is no religion -- Catholicism, Judiasm, Islam, etc. that should dictate how I live my life.

What's interesting is that when the Catholic's (and I am Catholic) lobby the legislature, its not to secure more dollars for the homeless, help the poor find affordable housing or seniors healthcare benefits. Rather than working to better the lives of others, as one might expect, or on behalf of those who are unable to care or fend for themselves, they advocate on behalf of their own political agenda -- against civil unions, against victims rights, etc. They involve themselves in the laws that govern our land....and area where they -- as set out by our forefathers, should not be involved.

They're right to influence how we live should happen in the churches and synagoges, temples and mosques. Religion has no place in politics and government, and when we open the door to allow it, ultimately we will all be sorry.