Thursday, April 13, 2006

Murphy Raises $335K This Quarter

In a statement released by the campaign today, State Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Cheshire) is announcing that he has raised $335,000 for the quarter, and has $650,000 cash on hand.
More than seven months before Election Day, Murphy had already raised more than any other non-incumbent challenger to Johnson has ever raised in the entire campaign.
Detailed financial reports are required to be filed with the Federal Elections Commission on April 15, 2006. Murphy’s campaign reported that since the start of his campaign less than one year ago:

  • Over 2,000 separate contributors have given to his campaign

  • Over 75% of the total funds raised were contributed by individuals

  • Nearly 90% of the individuals who contributed are from Connecticut

  • “This campaign is building momentum daily,” said Sarah Merriam, Murphy’s campaign manager. “Last quarter, we raised almost exactly the same amount from individual contributors in Connecticut as Nancy Johnson did. We’re proud that 1,750 individual people here in Connecticut have now made financial contributions to this campaign, and hundreds more have given of their time and energy.”
    This is good news for the Murphy campaign. Johnson raised $309,000 last quarter, no word on what she's raised this quarter yet.


    "Murphy Raises Over $335,000 in First Quarter." Murphy for Congress. Press Release, 13 April, 2006.


    TrueBlueCT said...

    Hats off to Chris Murphy! He's doing a heck of a job, and I owe him a check. He's earned it.
    Switching gears, I want to talk about the emails I got from DeStefano and Malloy today. Wow!

    I guess Malloy said something critical about DeStefano's plan on TV yesterday, and at noon time, DeStefano fired back at Malloy via email.

    Then, an hour ago, I get this whiny email accusing DeStefano of playing "slash-and-burn" politics. Crying foul, but about three times as agressive as what DeStefano sent out. Read the intro below and tell me if this doesn't remind you of a certain sanctimonious politicians we all know:

    "Today one of my opponents showed everyone what's wrong with our politics, and he did it in the worst possible way: by practicing the type of slash-and-burn politics that have turned so many people off over the past few years. Rather than engaging in a substantive debate on the issues that matter so much to all of us -- jobs and the economy, health care, property tax reform, education, to name just a few -- John decided to attack me and misrepresent my position, again. Some people will probably say I should just ignore it, but I can't. And I can't ignore it for two reasons: first, because if this slash-and-burn politics doesn't stop, fewer and fewer people will want to participate in elections -- and that puts our democracy at stake; second, as we all learned watching the last presidential campaign, attacks on a candidate's character and misrepresentations of a candidate's positions must be responded to -- swiftly, clearly, and accurately.

    One other note: I'm sorry that John chose this time -- the eve of an important holiday for people of different faiths -- to launch this ridiculous, poisonous attack. I would've preferred to send you a note today wishing you a happy Passover and Easter; unfortunately, John's slash-and-burn politics got in the way.

    Dan Malloy

    CT_Guy said...


    I got both those emails as well. I also saw the Mark Davis interview.

    It was DeStefano who did the attacking. Malloy was being interviewed and was asked about about DeStefano's policy. He said a lot of things, and DeStefano chose to show a portion of his quote out of context, and email it out to I'm assuming thousands of people. He was being intentionally misleading.

    You know, if you pull that in a general election it's one thing, but it really ticks me off to see a Democrat do it in a primary. I know that supposedly Malloy has the momentum right now, and maybe DeStefano is trying to fire things up and pull back, but it was cheap trick in my opinion.

    All Malloy did in response is say exactly that: This was an ugly thing to do, and Democrats shouldn't stand for such petty politics. He was dead on.

    TrueBlueCT said...

    The last time Malloy was "crying foul" in a squabble with DeStefano was over the repeal of the estate tax.

    Having personally asked Dan for a yes/no response on where he stood on this important issue, I've got to say that substantively, DeStefano stated the facts fairly. Malloy wasn't against the repeal of the estate tax, despite the theatrical protestations!

    So again, here, I'd like to hear more about factual differences, and less of the "he said, she said" crapola. What are the legitimate differences between John and Dan on these issues?

    Finally, did the Lieberman guys, (Roy O & Co.), help you all with that communique? It sure didn't sound like Dan's usually steady tone.

    ctkeith said...


    Poor Guys are so desperste for headlines the'll both say just about anything but they're also still too chickenshit to say the 4 words that embrace the base and assure the nomination.

    Repeat after me,
    Commit or Quit Senator

    All those overpaid and under worked staffers and they can't figure out whats right in front of them.

    Patricia Rice said...

    Either Democrats support Lieberman or Bush gets another Republican in congress. Politically, Ned is Dead.

    TrueBlueCT said...

    This country is so ready for an episode of "Mr. Lamont Goes to Washington!"

    2006 is shaping up to be a classic throw the bums out year. Any campaign that can't see and latch onto that deserves to lose. (And it's utterly tragic that Lieberman has made himself into one of the bums...)

    Tom Swan & company are playing everything so, so nice that the Cronycrats are going to look mean and petty when they start the inevitable attacks. And it's going to hurt everyone's internal dynamics.

    I truly hope Malloy, DeStefano and the "Big Three" come to their senses and realize it's time to run squarely against the status quo. Joe is "stay the course", and that isn't going to win us anything.

    C'mon guys, Embrace the Base!

    ctkeith said...

    Patricia Rice,

    You've not made one comment that shows you've got a clue about anything political going on in this state.
    How about giving us the names of say 2 or 3 People with an R after their names who could possibly make a serious run for Senate.

    MikeCT said...

    Chris Murphy has a strong campaign that will grow stronger. As The Hill says, Johnson will face "her toughest reelection fight since 1996, when Murphy managed the campaign of Johnson’s Democratic challenger and held her to 50 percent of the vote." For folks who want to help out, volunteers meet at the New Britain headquarters on Saturdays afternoons, and some old-fashioned phone banking and door knocking will start soon. I would encourage people to get out to see him at April or May house parties, or to come to an April 22 health care forum where he will speak.

    Much as you'd like every Democrat to abandon all hope, forgo a healthy debate, and assimilate into the Bush-Lieberman hive mind, there are too many of us who take democracy seriously and don't make decisions based on fear-mongering. If you want to defend Lieberman, you'll need to present a real argument.

    JTWBlogger said...

    The Meriden paper front page today says that Johnson has 1000 people in Conn. who gave her money but Murphy has 1750. But Johnson has more money. So I guess she has more money from pacs and maybe each of the people who gave her money is really rich and gave more money?