Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Draft Blumenthal?

What's this? Found it as a referring link today.

Kind of an interesting idea. I can't see him running against Joe (or in any other race that would be even marginally competitive)... but if he did, he'd be a force to be reckoned with.

The tagline "A Real Democrat. A Real Chance" implies that this person doesn't give Lamont much of a shot to win either the primary or the general. By August, though, Lamont will have overcome his name recognition problem. He may very well have other problems, but the voters will know who he is.

Update: Never mind. Apparently this is an old site, not a new one. No bearing on Lamont at all. Sorry!

Updated Update: I was correct the first time, as demonstrated in the comments. This is a new site.

Speaking of Lamont and site stats, I'm getting a ton of hits from the Lamont "news" page. That site must be getting incredible traffic. I'm going to watch the Lamont site closely--no major campaign since Dean has been this closely tied to the web.

Since I'm having random Senate race thoughts, I heard a new Lieberman radio ad today about Lieberman helping a worker keep his job. Didn't identify the place he worked, I don't think... any info?


DeanFan84 said...


The DumpJoe guys did that. We were hoping Dick might show some moxie.

Now we refer to him as "little Dick" Blumental. sigh.

Genghis Conn said...

Ah, that makes more sense. I thought it was something new. Well, someone apparently found it and followed it here. I'll assume at this point that you'd rather he stayed out.

TrueBlueCT said...

No, while I admire Lamont, if an established Democrat like Blumenthal stood up, and started to act like they actually care about very important things, (such as sending our young men and women off to die in stupid, unnecessary, and potentially unwinnable wars), who could get in there way?

For the record, I have never heard any of our big league CT Democrats, even in Democratic settings, come forward without solicitation and talk about how stupid and wrong this war is. But hey, it's not their 18 and 20 year old kids dying senselessly, over there.

They must not believe in polls.

TrueBlueCT said...

Joe helped a worker keep his job? How, by pushing through NAFTA and CAFTA with his DLC buddies?

I heard Malloy give a great talk in Branford tonight, but I've got to say I started choking when he began talking about saving CT jobs. (after once again mentioning his friend Tom Vilsack. The DLC chair.)

Has Dan forgotten that it's his DLC wing of the Party, (yeah, and the Big Dog get the blame too), that helped the Republicans speed up the merging of American and third world wages?

Now they're outsourcing not just manufacturing, but services. And these guys think they deserve the votes of American workers?

P.S. Dan might have quit the DLC since I last asked him. But if the DLC should be remembered for anything, it should be for NAFTA & CAFTA, and the screwing of American workers.

Informed Democrat said...

Hey Genghis,

Long time reader, first time poster, here--love your work.

Draft Blumenthal for Senate is for real. I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think.

BTW it's not brought to ya'll by the Dump Joe crowd (not that there's anything wrong with them.)

Blumenthal has the know-how and the elbow grease to be Connecticut's junior United States Senator.

P.S. why do people call your blog CLP when CTLP clearly has more moxy?

TrueBlueCT said...


Informed Dem, I apologize. I really thought your blog was something that was created 15 months ago when DumpJoe launched.

I love Lamont, and have thought it would be great to send a non-career politician to DC. However, if Blumenthal were to enter the race, I'd have to give it tons of thought.

Dick has done a lot of good for CT over the years. And I always thought it was awful when in 2000 Joe conspired to deprive Blumenthal of his Senate seat by running both for CT Senate, and V-P, at the same time. (Joe's selfishness could have cost us control of the Senate!)

I'm just mad that Blumenthal isn't one of our Senators. He is so much better than either of the DLC/NAFTA guys. (look, Dodd is okay. Just not anything special.)